expired [eBay Plus] Kogan Mobile Prepaid 365 Days SMALL $144.80, MEDIUM $195.73, LARGE $242.10, X LARGE $299.97 @ Kogan eBay / DickSmith


These come slightly cheaper than what is offered by the Kogan website. Never hurt to save extra few dollars.

SMALL $144.80 3GB/month (equivalent to $12.07 per month)
MEDIUM $195.73 13GB/month (equivalent to $16.31 per month)
LARGE $242.10 20GB/month (equivalent to $20.18 per month)
EXTRA LARGE $299.97 40GB/month (equivalent to $25.00 per month)

These are also available via Dick Smith eBay

Original 15% off on eBay for eBay Plus Members, 10% off for Non Members eBay Deal Post

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    Activation must be before 17th July 2019, if anyone else is wondering.

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    MEDIUM $195.73(ebay.com.au) 13GB/month (equivalent to $16.31 per month)

    For that price, if you can live with 10GB/month, you'll probably be better off going with Boost on the Telstra network.

    SMALL $144.80(ebay.com.au) 3GB/month (equivalent to $12.07 per month)

    Boost give you 6.7GB/month for that price, once again, on the Testra network.

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      You mentioned as better off with boost but I just checked they are selling 240gb for $300 means $25. That is expensive

      • +2 votes

        There was a good deal from Coles few weeks ago, Boost 365 days plan with 80gb data unlimited INT calls for $135 only, most Kogan customers already jumped across. Even with discount now, this Kogan deal is still way more expensive from last year BOGOF. Sorry Kogan you need to work harder …


        I just checked they are selling 240gb for $300 means $25

        That's why I didn't list that plan and only the other two

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      I might be blind but I can't find a Boost plan with 10GB/month for ~$195. Can someone please link it for me?

      EDIT: Nevermind! It's their 6 month, $100 plan.


        It's their 6 month, $100 plan.

        That's pretty good value being on the Telstra network if that data quota is sufficient for you.

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          Absolutely. My Kogan plan runs out in July so I'll just set an alert for Boost and hope it goes on sale in Coles again before then.


    I am trying to get this but getting $207 not $195. Does anyone know why?

    • +1 vote

      As mentioned above, 15% off for eBay plus members and 10% for others. That's probably why you got less 5%

    • +1 vote

      Go boost. Better network. Cheaper and much Better value. Also get free AFL/NRL streaming all year. As well as international calls.


        As well as international calls.

        For some reason they don't include Switzerland, so I can't talk to my banker.


    I am also trying boost deal but that's not $10


    Bugger Woolies eBay gift card promo finished yesterday :/…. Could of used that to pay.
    My local was out of $100 cards!
    I looked but could not find the old thread posted a couple a days ago on here!
    My yearly recharge is on only $310.50 non eBay