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Bankwest Home Loans - Fixed 3.48% (CR 3.75%), Variable 3.68% (CR 3.79%) & up to $1,500 Cash Back @ Azura Financial


Bankwest Home Loan – ‘Under the table’ fixed & variable pricing!

Azura Financial is pleased to announce to the OzBargain community we have access to new promotional pricing from Bankwest which is not yet available to the broader market!

For an undisclosed period, Bankwest are offering the below fixed and variable rate specials under their Complete Home Loan Package

Owner occupied - Fixed

2 years fixed with P&I repayments – 3.68% (comparison 3.79%)
3 years fixed with P&I repayments – 3.48% (comparison 3.75%)
5 years fixed with P&I repayments – 3.99% (comparison 4.25%)

Owner occupied - Variable

< $500k Variable with P&I repayments – 3.72% (comparison 3.83%)
$500k+ Variable with P&I repayments – 3.68% (comparison 3.79%)

Investment - Fixed

2 years fixed with P&I repayments – 3.88% (comparison 4.08%)
3 years fixed with P&I repayments – 4.08% (comparison 4.12%)
5 years fixed with P&I repayments – 4.19% (comparison 4.17%)

Investment - Variable

< $500k Variable with P&I repayments – 4.18% (comparison 4.29%)
$500k+ Variable with P&I repayments – 3.99% (comparison 4.10%)

See below for the features and benefits of Bankwest Complete Home Loan Home Package

Bankwest – Complete Home Loan Package
  • $395 annual package fee
  • $220 Settlement fee
  • 100% Offset account with appropriate transaction cards with linked BSB and Account numbers
    - Up to 9 separate offset accounts
    - No monthly account keeping fees
  • No annual fee on Credit Card
    - Choice of 2 Qantas points linked Cards - http://www.bankwest.com.au/personal/home-loans/home-loan-pro...
  • Unlimited amount of Loan Splits
  • Free online redraws and use of all Commonwealth Bank ATM’s across Australia

In addition to these promotional rates, Azura Financial is happy to offer the below cash back rebates to help cover a portion of your switching costs:

< $500k = $500
< $1m = $1,000
< $1.5m = $1,500

To take advantage of this promotional offer, which we expect to only be available for a short period of time, please email solutions@azurafinancial.com.au with your contact details and a broker will be in touch. Alternatively you can contact us directly on 02 8377 3933

Promotional offer qualifying criteria:
  • Maximum LVR 80%
  • Self employed and sole traders are eligible
  • Establishment fee waived as part of the members package for the first year
  • Valuation fee waived as part of members package
  • Credit card and offset account included as part of members package
  • Minimum loan size $150,000

If you don’t meet the Bankwest qualifying criteria we are still happy to review your scenario and honour our cashback offer

About Us

Azura Financial is an independent mortgage brokerage based in Double Bay, Sydney. We specialise in residential and commercial mortgages and have a team of 9 highly qualified brokers ready to handle all your financing requirements.

For more information please refer to our website – www.azurafinancial.com.au


The information provided is indicative only based on the partial information provided, does not constitute a formal loan approval and is subject to a formal assessment. If you proceed with my services, I will review your complete financial position to determine if this product offering is suited to you.
Authorised credit representative 494569 of Connective Credit Services Pty Ltd Australian Credit Licence Number 3889328.

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  • +5 votes

    Marketing, not a deal.

    Been told by a friend recently on Suncorp deals
    - OO var P+I 3.74% with 1500$ cashback
    - Inv i only 3 yr ficed 3.64

  • +1 vote

    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • +2 votes

    Just took the time to switch our loan away from Bankwest, not going back. We really had to push them quite often to get them to offer competitive rates and not grandfather the products we were on to sneakily raise rates.


      I switched from bankwest too. Worst experience.


      Just like all banks, they milk their loyal customers that doesnt lime to move, either lazy, nit aware, or dont want to pay all fees associated with switching.

      AU should learn from other developed countries and off loans pegged to the benchmark rate. Ie BBSW + x.xx%. Will make the comparison process easier.


      Also recently switched away from WankBest.


        Hi psyren89,

        Sorry to hear about your negative experience with 'Bankwest'

        If you'd be interested in reviewing your lending at any time please feel free to reach out.

        We work with over 35 other lenders and will find a product best suited to you.

        Kind Regards,


    Does BankWest loan to Walkerville, Vic postcode 3956?

  • +1 vote

    Why would you use a bank lender as opposed to non bank like loans.com.au


      Loans.com.au is an online broker right? Are they good to deal with? I had bad experience with ubank.


      Hi Amanda89,

      This post on OzBargains is merely an advertisement for one of the most competitive interest rates in the current lending market.

      As mentioned in the offer description we are offering a generous and exclusive cashback rebate for using our complimentary service.

      Here at Azura Financial we work on behalf of about 35 lenders and guide our clients through various mortgage options and help you compare rates, fees and features. We will assist you through every step of the home loan process and will ultimately connect you with a bank or non-bank mortgage lender depending on what you are looking for.

      We look forward to hearing from you soon.

      Kind Regards,

  • +1 vote

    Advertising, not a deal


      Hi Malarkey,

      Here at Azura Financial we work on behalf of over 35 lenders and ensure our clients are always on the most competitive interest rates at the time of their application.

      As mentioned in the offer description we are offering a generous and exclusive cashback rebate for using our complimentary service.

      Kind Regards,


    What is the rate for interest only loans?


      Hi Arctan,

      We are currently negotiating from:
      - 3.84% for Owner Occupied lending
      - 3.49% for Investment lending

      Look forward to hearing from you soon.

      Kind Regards,


        My understanding is that interest only loans, for most consumer lending, is going the way of the dinosaur? Do you provide any/many interest only loans?


          Hi Incipient,

          Amongst our panel of 35 lenders we still work with a handful of lenders that offer Interest Only repayments.

          Kind Regards,


    ..What is a deal at the moment from big 4 & other banks?

    (big 4 is CBA/Westpac/ANZ/NAB)


    So where are people moving to instead of UBank and bankwest?


    I have just moved from Bankwest to UBank today. My LVR was below 80% but Bankwest increase the rate from 3.8% to 4% after 6 months. When I called them and asked to lower it to their 3.8% product I was told I have to apply as a new customer.
    Took their advise and applied as new customer with UBank for 3.59%. Loan settled in less than a month.
    Not going back to Bankwest again.


      Bankwest was also charging me $400 annual fee which UBank is not. But there is no offset in UBank. Since I didn't have a large amount in offset it didn't make sense to pay $400 for it.


    Hi Taw,

    Here at Azura we work with just over 35 lenders in order to find the sharpest rate and product for you.

    We are negotiating from variable rates as low as 3.59% for products with a 100% offset an no annual fee.

    Feel free to touch base in the future as we would love to be of assistance to you.

    Kind Regards,


    Hi Taw,

    Looking forward to it!

    Kind Regards,

    0422 699 383


    Any interest only investment loans?


      Hi Help, Bankwest's investment interest only rates are't that competitive ~4.44% variable with IO repayments.

      However with Suncorp we can secure 3 yr fixed interest only at 3.64% ! If you wanted investment variable interest only, we have rates starting from 4.09% with an offset account.

      Get in touch if you want further information regarding these products.


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