Telstra F&F Samsung Galaxy S10 128GB + 30GB Data + Peace of Mind Data - $84P/M ($69 Plan + $15 Handset 24M Lease Contract)


Hi all,

Friend gave me a heads up on this deal as she has been looking to upgrade her S8. Lease plan so won't suit everyone.

  • $84 p/m for 24m. ($69 F&F plan plus $15 for handset). Samsung Galaxy S10 128GB, unltd calls/txts, 30GB data plus Peace of Mind Data included.

  • S10e is also available on the same plan with $10 handset repayments = $79 p/m.

*New/port-in customers eligible for $10 monthly credit making it $74 p/m for S10 and $69 p/m for the S10e.

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Should be able to request this deal in store if you're not offered it.


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    I find it so deceptive when those Telco companies "lie" about their phone plans:

    The $59/m 12-month SIM plan gives 60GB of data and Peace of Mind, so I fail to understand why the phone plan is $10/m more expensive with only half the data…

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      The $1000 in Hardware cost maybe? :)

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        and you have to return the hardware!

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        What hardware? You are leasing the phone and they are charging you $15/m extra (for 24m) for it…

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          Im clearly missing something here. Are you comparing a sim only plan with no phone vs a sim with a phone? Sure you don't own it at the end of 24 months but what you are using is a $1000 asset with a high depreciation rate. On a equivalent Samsung S10e phone plan (non lease) with PoM data the equivalent plan is $720 ($30p/m) more expensive over two years, so this isnt a bad deal. You would be very lucky to get $720 for the phone 2nd hand after 2 years if you owned it. On the usually Telstra plans for sure you would be better off paying $10 more and owning the phone.

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            @DrLobster: A couple of things worth noting:

            Telstra used to offer the same plan (30GB + PoM) as a 12m SIM only for $39/m:

            The current $59/m SIM plan offers twice as much data as the $69/m phone plan, and only locks you on a 12m contract instead of 24m.

            Even if I take your example: It costs Telstra $1,000 to buy the phone and they charge you a premium of $25/m ($84 - $59) to lease the asset. You are paying them $600 over 2 years to lease the asset. At the end of the term, they only have to sell the phone $400 to break even.

            If you consider that the plan is actually worth $39/m, then you essentially paid Telstra $1,080 to lease the asset and they are already making a profit before even selling the phone.

            Food for thoughts.

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    Hmmm $84 a month to borrow a phone, and you only get 30GB of 4G speed data? Uh no thanks.

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    Why is there a "Handset Cost" element in a Lease plan?
    I honestly do not see the value of leases outside of those that want to swap out a phone every year and that they can write it off tax.

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    One of the strong reasons why Voda + TPG merger must proceed ahead


    Is there any friends and family benefits from Telstra not on a lease plan?
    Needing to again try link up a JB new port BYO gift card with a F&F upgrade.

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    Maybe this time around pay upfront for something like an S10e for $780or less with Boost prepaid on $30/month averages $62.50/month over 24months.

    Or with Belong mobile for even less.

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    This doesn't seem like good value especially compared to the typical JB Hi-Fi Telstra deals.


    S10 no longer available it seems, only S10e


    To me this seems like pretty decent price.

    I have got this offer year ago. Galaxy S8 for $79 a month.

    Today I upgraded to S10 for $74 a month (managed to get $10 discount) and I chose to keep the phone ($380).

    So it costed me 12x79 + 380 = $1328 for 12 months. (I think the galaxy s8 costed around $1100 when new).
    Seems like OK deal to me.

    Now I'm getting new S10 and going to pay $5 less :)
    and I still get to keep my galaxy s8, which I will most likely sell…


      Isn’t this deal for 24m though?


        yes it is,but I upgraded after 12m

        if you decide to keep the phone (after 12 months) telstra charged me $380.

        also I made an error in my previous post.
        I got Galaxy S9 not the S8 a year ago.

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