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BYO Telstra $39 30GB Per Month Companion Plan Including Peace of Mind (Min Cost $468 over 12 months, Existing Cust's Only)


$10 off and includes peace of mind, I’ve been trying to get this one for a while over chat and it has been hard to get, now it’s being advertised!! Get it before they change it :)

“If you already have a service with Telstra, you can add on our exclusive $49 SIM-plan and get another 15GB plus Peace of Mind data – at no extra cost. You can also recontract your existing mobile service to this plan, as long it’s not your only service with Telstra (early termination charges may apply)." - Telstra

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    Major point with this deal is its now for recontracting customers including the $10 credit. Recontracting offer ends Sunday 25th 11.59pm at this stage and is online only.

    • This is good news. The only downside I can see is the lack of data sharing. I’m not sure what Telstra expects people to do who have a $5 data sharing sim for a tablet.

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        Unfortunately no data sharing :( And if you don't have any other sharing services you can move your $5 data sim over to the new $5 data sim (is not for new customer only recotracting in the above scenario) which has 2GB included which also doesn't share.

        • Thanks mate - I wasn’t aware of this. I’ll check it out

        • Is it still possible to add a $5 data share SIM to an old plan? Been on the current one for about 3 years and haven't needed another sim until now.

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            @ATreeFiddy: No unfortunately as the old $5 sharable sim isn't a current offer and the plan is only available to business customers in our business system.

        • Do they still have data sharing or are they removing it?
          I want to get a cheaper plan for my phone but I need data sharing


        If you have a DPC on that $5 data sim you have hit the jackpot.
        Telstra will pay out the device if you upgrade your parent plan and the data share sim no longer has a plan to share from.

        • What is DPC? Can you elaborate? Don’t quite understand what you are explaining


          I have two full services on datashare plans ($49 - $10) both under contract (and no device subsidy). Any possible jackpot for me?

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          I have a DPC for an iPad $15 per month with a $5 data share sim which contract ends July 2019. Just signed up to this 12 month BYO sim, is the device pay out automatic or do I have to apply for it? What do I get for my $5 per month now until the end of the contract - 2GB per month?

        • Similar situation to FXD but haven't signed up yet. Can you elaborate on the 'pay out'?

    • Does the $10 credit apply beyond the first 12 months?


      Will it stack on top of any existing valued customer discounts?

  • lack of data sharing. It will keep away of existing users.

  • It took me over an hour to negotiate for exactly this deal a week ago… twice! One for me and one for my wife.
    Nice for those who missed out last time, a much smoother process now and CR will work too.

  • I can't find the link with CashRewards and shopback, it only has peace of mind data as a $10 add on

  • Is there any way to get this for non-telstra customers?

    • I was thinking of activating a random prepaid starter kit but it looks like a no to me.

      This plan is available as an addition to the existing services you already have with Telstra. Eligible existing services include:

      Post-paid Mobile
      Post-paid Mobile Broadband (MBB)
      Post-paid Home Wireless Broadband (WBB)
      Post-paid Fixed Broadband (FBB)
      Post-paid Fixed Voice
      Post-paid Bundle
      Foxtel from Telstra
      Please Note: if you move a prepaid service to this plan you will lose any prepaid credit.

      • I just asked live chat, and they didn't specify the plans, but he said "you need a current post-paid service".
        What about a foxtel trial hmm…

        • Yeah I was looking for a 1month plan then cancel but they're all 12month contracts.

    • I just got this deal albeit without the peace of mind thing. Waiting for my Vodafone service to get disconnected now :D

  • After the year is up, are you likely able to negotiate with customer service to keep the $10 credit ongoing?

  • I have a similar deal but with only 15gb data. Can I switch to this or do I need to be out of contract. I only have 1 telstra product and that is the one I just mentioned.

  • Can probably also ask for the Christmas offer of extra 5GB

  • SO Telstra

    I called you people a week ago and asked for this deal as an existing Telstra customer of over 10 years, but no matter who I spoke to you said I would only be able to access this deal with a new SIM card.

    I gave up my sim/phone number of many years for what?

  • Thanks OP, I was on a $49 25GB plan (JBHIFI) with contract until March next year, I just got on live chat and they switched me to this $39/30GB plan with no early termination fee. So 5GB more at $10p/m less, obviously I had to re-sign for another 12 months but I saved $40 switching 4 months earlier.

    • With Peace of Mind data?

    • Yes, did that include Peace of Mind Data?

      Also, WHICH Chat option did you go through? I never know…


    • I just did the same through Telstra 24/7 Online Chat. Took about 20min, and did it all on my phone browser. My existing JB Hi-Fi plan was due to expire next March. I have asked for it to be reconstructed to the $39 plan for 12 months. Same unlimited calls and text, but with an extra 5Gb of data for $10 less per month. There was no early termination fee from the recontracting and I also got Peace of Mind Data. Couldn’t be happier!

      • I also recontracted from a jbhifi deal that expires in July next year. Except without asking he offered bonus 5gig data, so my new contract is $39 a month with 35gig data. Don't think it includes peace of mind.

      • Did you guys have a handset repayment on the old plan as well or was it a BYO plan?

  • Can this be appended to existing plans to take effect at the end of the plan? Eg. Current plan ($59) ends 31/12/18. New $39 plan takes effect from 01/01/19

  • Ok can someone tell me why this might be better compared to my $30/mth Prepaid Max which gives me 8GB per month, a data bank of up to 200GB for all unused data, unlimited calls and sms, and ability to use any prepaid accumulated credit on roaming fees?

    I’ve been thinking of going postpaid but unless you’re the type that uses up a lot of data every single month, the accumulation onto a databank to use whenever you need it and at $9 cheaper per month seems like a better deal?

  • Awesome deal, thanks for sharing

  • I just signed up for the $69 "unlimited" which is just 40gb with peace of mind. Now I feel ripped for the length of the contract sigh.

    Edit: I see there are many better deals as standard now.

    • Sorted. Live chat guy waved my contract exit fee and rolled me into this one. Win.

  • Do you have to keep the "additional service" lets say broadband plan for instance, for the whole length of the contract? Or could I get a better deal for my internet somewhere else in the next while and still keep this mobile plan? P.S - I'm currently out of contract on both my mobile and internet.

    • This wont answer your question but:

      I would check how much you are currently paying. Also keep an eye on this thread: https://forums.whirlpool.net.au/forum-replies.cfm?t=2678442

      Currently Telstra will offer you NBN/Cable connection + Unlimited Data + Maximum data speed + 4G backup from the Telstra box for $79/m. Some people managed to get a casual plan, most of the others have it for 24m.

      You will be hard pressed to get a better deal than that anytime soon (NBN Co has just announced they will not be reducing the wholesale price structure anymore).

  • https://offer.optus.com.au/black-friday?SID=con:home:afeat:1...

    Optus is offering 50GB for $40.50 and 80GB for $49.50

    I don't know how Telstra can be SO BAD with their "offers"…

    • Because people just go with Telstra due to a perceived better QoS

      • I'd very much like to know this.
        I've been here in Oz for 2 years and I've ever only used Optus (living in Sydney), but never had an issue, apart from the usual culprits (train tracks covered by tunnels or other underground areas etc).

        Is Telstra really better than Optus for metro areas?


        • It's not about coverage only but the backhaul links they use for international sites too.

          Like lower pings for gaming or faster download speeds from overseas.

        • for me there’s parts of Optus where there’s dead zones, which makes streaming hard. Originally a large one is next to their head office. At work when I’m many levels up in the air, Telstra and Vodafone has enough to let me stream in HD. Where as Optus tends to struggle.

          I like Optus for the value of money, but if I can get Telstra for slightly more or the same price I’d do it.

      • Significantly better customer service which is saying a lot seeing Telstra isn't exactly great. Optus is horrendous

  • And don't forget your $45 rebate through Cash Rewards.

  • Actually screw it I'm not doing anything wrong.

    All you need is an existing Telstra service.

    You can either add a brand new number, or keep your existing one.

    It says
    IF you’re RECONTRACTING you’ll need at least one other service, so check if you’re eligible here.

    So basically ~ it's one of those "any new" telstra customer can sign up to it and current contracted customers getting shafted.

    They're all on seperate sentences for a reason but the live chat and telstra employees would interpret it differently and try sell different plans etc.

    All I wanted was for them to activate a $2 sim and they dragged it out to an hr for no reason.

    I've done it and it works, order went through no probls unless they reject it cause they interpreted it wrongly.
    They were saying it won't work, they were saying it's called companion plan, postpaid plan only, supervisors saying no, yadayadayada.

    • Well I’m not eligible as I’m (currently) the only postpaid service. So if I went through the process online, what would happen?

      • Who knows, they may deny the claim or cant submit the order through the system.

        Anything that gets through the system is usually "working as intended" in my books.
        The sales live chat people do the same thing, if the order goes through then cool, if not then they gotta figure out why it didn't work, drag out the convo, ask their supervisors etc.

        As long as you're not in a "contract", it could be interpreted as a new service for existing users.

        They're basically just making it harder for people to "recontract" as they're losing value for it, so they wanted at least 2 postpaid services to make up for it.

        But otherwise it's the usual bargain promo for new users that arn't on a contract and lock them in for 12months.

  • So this is only good for current Telstra customers? Otherwise $45 per month for 50gb through JB for new or port in customers looks to be the best offer? Not sure if they are still offering the $200 JB voucher as well but they were a fortnight ago.

  • Wow. I am way over paying for my current Telstra plan (my fault not not staying up to date on plans). I pay $50pm for 5GB…

  • Got this plan a week or two ago when the other deal was going around. Also asked for an additional 5gb and they gave it to me.

    They also told me credit would continue indefinitely (e.g. Until recontract).

  • Was on $39 15gb plan, signed up for this and got the extra 5gb as well

  • +1 vote

    No data sharing no deal!

  • I just got this deal — $39/m with 45gb data in total.

    Basically you take 15GB of data instead of the peace of mind data, which for someone like me who never goes about 38gb in a month is better overall!


    Used the live chat to negotiate the deal :)

    EDIT: i'm a new customer

  • Just here to clear some confusion. Just got recontracted for 12 months 30gb+5gb bonus+peace of mind data for $39. You need to ask for that extra 5gb Christmas bonus. Initially live chat didn't want to give the peace of mind but I linked him the Telstra page. Note some live chat staff is not aware of the companion promotion so they will think you are referring to the normal BYO deal which is 30gb for $39 and doesn't include peace of mind data. Also I am recontracting from an existing JB hi Fi plan within 12 months and there was no fee to upgrade. You do not need another Telstra service, the website clearly says you can recontract your existing number which is what I pointed out to live chat. So in short you can recontract even if you have 1 postpaid service with Telstra.

    • Hey asun88, what is the link to the telstra page for the bonus 5gb? I kept insisting this was a deal, but nobody seemed to know about it.

      Have already signed up, but am going to try and get them to tack it on with the link.

      • There is no link for the extra 5gb. Just ask them to throw in the Christmas bonus. They had no issues doing it.

        • Thanks I cancelled and resubmitted order through live chat no dramas

        • Righteo. Nobody seemed to know about it when I asked them last time.

          Telstra's service hasn't been particularly good so far.

          • @G-Dawg: So I finally succeeded by hassling them via chat to amend my plan. The agent said the 5gb bonus is only available for those who sign up via chat.

    • @asun88: Did you have to recontracted through live chat to avoid early termination fee from your existing JB Hi Fi plan or you just recontracted by clicking the website?

      • Did it through live chat, got them to check that i was able to recontract without any fees before proceeding.

  • To get an extra 5GB (35GB in total) and complete via live chat… Or $45 cashback from CR..

    What's everyone else done?

    • Decided to give it a shot online, given I rarely use 20GB data.. cashback doesn't appear to be active on the ordering site as the URL appends to Bigpond. How do I go about getting CR tracked? Was active on the Telstra site component.

    • Activate a $2 starter kit, then port my main number in as a second service.

      Better than both offers.

      Peace of mind is basically their old unlimited plans that they were trying to promote but optus complained and Telstra got sued lol.

    • Trying for both :) Clicked through CR and then started up a chat window.
      Asked for peace of mind and xmas bonus