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30% off SELECTED Logitech Mice, Keyboards, Headsets, Webcams, PC Speakers & Presenters at JB Hi-Fi (e.g. MK220 combo for $13.30)


Deal Updated:

30% off Logitech on SELECTED Mice, Keyboards, Headsets, Webcams, PC Speakers & Presenters.
Please see the link for a list included.


  • Logitech MK220 Wireless Combo ($13.30) (LINK)
  • Logitech M557 Bluetooth Mouse ($34.30) (LINK)
  • Logitech R500 Laser Presenter Remote ($34.30) (LINK)

Don't forget to use your $10 coupon if you've registered a paper receipt online. I got the MK220 deal for $3.30.

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  • My work supplied me with one of these.

    They keys are very small and awkward. Hard to locate the arrow keys without looking at the keyboard. Batteries lasted about 3 months from heavy, use 5 days a week.
    The mouse is very OK. Slightly too small to be ergonomic but won't give you carpal tunnel (for a while at least).

    They are small and light so great for portability but if you're planning to use these for more than a media centre application, I would probably recommend against it.

    • Thanks!

      I've purchased mine to replace my K400R that I was using on my server / as a hot spare. Not for FT use.

      Do these come with a Unifying receiver?

    • If you want a keyboard for a work application then you're much better off with the $39 kogan mechanical (IMO).

      • Which switches would you recommend?

        • Brown. And then adding rubber o-rings to avoid “click-clack” noises from bottoming out the keys.

          • @Davie-1: I agree, brown are the by far my favourite switch type. Blues are too noisy for a work environment (IMO), and reds don't have any tactile feel (which is good for gaming). Browns are a nice middle ground.

  • I've updated the post to broaden across Logitech kit across JB Hi-Fi and adding examples as people find them. :)

  • *On SELECTED items.

    The MX Master is not discounted. I didn't check anything else.

  • I bought 2 of these some time ago. Total junk. Even as a spare I regret the purchase. I've seen supermarket branded combos that were better!

    Note the:
    "Much smaller design, same keys
    The compact keyboard is about 36% smaller than standard keyboards but still has all the standard keys"

  • Price of K400 after discount is still expensive @ $55.
    Compared to $53 @ Office works or $47 @ msy.

    Looks like prices are jacked.

  • Got the MK220 — not bad to pair / use with an Android box i guess!

  • The MK550 was $55.30 yesterday so I went to get one last night. The link to it on the website had been removed by the time I got there and the price scanned at $69… They did say the price had been changed (probly due to error) so did it for $55.. Not a bad keyboard and mouse, my only complaint the rattling mouse wheel, and no light for caps lock (have it onscreen now)…

  • The example link goes to the MK220. does JB hifi do the 330?

    Thankfully the mk270r is on the deal. I do enjoy this keyboard for tv usage.

    Thanks OP

  • Officeworks has temporarily matched their price to prevent price beat.

    • As they always do because they hate their pricebeat policy actually costing them anything.

      Officeworks FTL.

  • will bluetooth version better? in respect of response and connection reliabilty?

    • In terms of connection reliability, IMHO no. Difference in response would be not noticeable in normal usage. BT saves you a USB port and the risk of losing the dongle but you may not be able to use it in pre-OS boot (i.e. before your Windows OS boots). Also, you may not be able to wake up your PC from sleep when using a BT mouse or KB.

  • MK235 mouse comes with a unifying receiver if anyone's after that. Price is better at EBGames (JB's 16.85 vs EB's $14.97).

  • Above Keyboard Combo or this one https://www.jbhifi.com.au/computers-tablets/accessories/logi...
    Which is good?

  • Whoaaaa the Logitech H800 wireless headset on sale is $30 more than I paid from JB HiFi in 2012!

    I actually just crammed a 1000mah battery in it, up from the stock 250mah, and it now lasts days.

  • Tried to order 40 units for work of the wireless keyboards & they cancelled my order.

  • How do you get a $10 coupon that OP has mentioned about?

  • Good price for the K375s multi-device keyboard and m325 mouse! Perfect combo aswell

  • I brought the K375s Multi-Device Keyboard and totally regret the purchase. There's no light on the caps lock, so you're continuously making errors. The Bluetooth connection is poor and always requires fixing, especially after turning off the computer. Would recommend not getting it.

    • That's surprising, I really like mine that I've had for over 12 months with no issues at all. I never use caps lock though, only the shift button.

      • I use the caps lock on the daily for work, so I guess it's my biggest gripe with the keyboard. I might need to change my habit and switch to using the shift button a bit more! Thanks for the tip.

    • Haven't had the connection problems after software/firmware update on the K375s. Have you tried that? Hopefully it solves the issue.

    • Bought 2 keyboards in the last few weeks, neither have a caps lock / num lock light. Very annoying with passwords. I installed Keyboard Leds (free program) to get it on screen and changed windows settings to get a beep when changing. All good (when you get used to it)..

      • I was shocked to see that the keyboard light for these buttons has gone! Almost a headphone jack situation for keyboards! IMHO it serves no purpose removing these type of functions from a keyboard, especially when they're so essential for use. I overlooked it when buying this keyboard, but it's under $50, so I guess it's what you get these days. Thanks for the suggestion on the software, I'll give it a try.

    • I have the K375s too and do get annoyed with the LEDs not being present. I installed the app called TrayStatus - hopefully it will help out with the issue. But I do agree it is something they should have added but I guess they were trying to save the battery life to reach an average of 2 years.

      • I'd rather the LED over a longer battery life! Functionality is so important when it's an essential part of the item you're using.

        Also, what did I miss with the 2yr battery? I've had to change mine multiple times? Ugh! I regret not getting a better model keyboard, but at least it wasn't too expensive. Think I may donate this to a family member and upgrade.

  • no remotes

  • What are the thoughts regarding the Z200? I want a 2.0 set up but willing to spend a little but more if worth it.

    • I've read a few reviews, good for the price. Adequate for moderate volumes in a bedroom or office. Not for loud music or watching movies. Maybe I'll keep an eye out for a 2nd hand pair…

  • What do you guys think of the MK850? I required something for multi-devices and MK850 ticks a lot of the boxes. All my devices are PCs only - Windows, Mac or Linux; no mobile devices.

    Btw, great find OP :)

    • Thank you!! :)
      However no experience with the MK850 so can't weigh in I'm afraid. :(

    • I have one of these and think it's great.

      Unfortunately I bought one for my colleague last week for $134 from Officeworks. Doh.

    • I have one at home and just charged one for work.

      Love it compared to the MK45 I had before. The keys are nice and responsive + the mouse is ergonomic! Add in Logitech options and you can customise the buttons and keys.

      My only gripe is that the power switch on the key is awkwardly on the side and it's hard to know when its on/off.

      • I didn't even know the keyboard had a power switch… Mine's been left on for nearly 12 months and I've only changed batteries once.

      • Would you believe I actually prefer the power switch anywhere but under the keyboard. I have the K375s and that was quite annoying so I'm happy to hear that MK850 has it on the side :)

    • I bought one from Amazon (US) last year before they started charging GST.
      The mouse is great.
      The keyboard not so great; the keys are really shallow and it occasionally won't connect unless I cycle the mouse's connection.
      Sure makes working with multiple devices easy though, as long as they support bluetooth-LE.

      • That's a bit odd. I personally have the K375s and while I have occasionally had a drop out in the connection, it did eventually come back. I would suggest checking with the retailer on the connection front. In regards to the shallow keys, I'm guessing it may be similar to the k/b I have now in which case it should be ok. In fact, I'm typing on the k375s now :)

        • The connection issue happens with the dongle (not Bluetooth) and it has something to do with the mouse being connected at the same time (as cycling the mouse's connection fixes the keyboard).

  • What's this $10 paper receipt thing?

  • I bought Logitech MK345 Wireless Keyboard & Mouse Combo early this week from UMart for only $45.00.

    JB is selling it for $54.60 (after 30% off).


  • Thanks. Just bought the Logitech M557, dongle-free portable (bluetooth) mouse, for $41.30.

  • What's the $10 off thing you were talking about?

    • Ask your receipt to be emailed by providing your mobile number (sounds odd right? :D ), you will receive a text containing a link to the receipt online. Follow the instruction to link the online receipt to your JB Hi-Fi online account, you will receive a code through email worth $10 for future purchase.


    Not on sale at JB but highly recommend M585 mouse, now M590. A smaller mouse with for/back, bluetooth and unifying receiver and programmable switching between 2 devices using Logitech Options app.

  • Can anyone recommend a bluetooth keyboard that I can use with my Sony X90F TV and the PS4 that doesn't require a receiver plugged into a USB slot to operate?

  • Thanks!

  • Anyone has experience with the Z607
    https://www.jbhifi.com.au/computers-tablets/accessories/logi... ?

    It seems to be a good upgrade of its predecessor Z506. It comes with Bluetooth 4.2, playing music directly from SD card and USB. Also, media player control panel and small LED screen indicator on the front of the subwoofer.

    • BTW, I've been using Z506 for the last 4 years. Pretty happy with it. Not sure if this is worth the upgrade.

  • Any idea when this sale ends?

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    What's this $10 paper receipt ?

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