40% off Selected Workbench Equipment @ Jaycar


just got this in my email. 40% off selected products

0 to 30VDC 0 to 5A Regulated Power supply $99 save $80 https://www.jaycar.com.au/0-to-30vdc-0-to-5a-regulated-power...
Inspection Camera with 2.4 LCD $89 save $60 https://www.jaycar.com.au/inspection-camera-with-2-4-lcd/p/Q...
1000A True RMS AC/DC Clamp Meter $75 save $54 https://www.jaycar.com.au/1000a-true-rms-ac-dc-clamp-meter/p...
LED Illuminated Clamp Mount Magnifier $69 save $50 https://www.jaycar.com.au/led-illuminated-clamp-mount-magnif...
ESD Safe Goot Temperature Controlled Soldering Station w/- Digital Display $179 save $120 https://www.jaycar.com.au/esd-safe-goot-temperature-controll...
180W Ultrasonic Cleaner with Heater $99 save $70 https://www.jaycar.com.au/180w-ultrasonic-cleaner-with-heate...

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    Thanks OP. Paid $99 for the magnifier previously and have been v happy with it. Got another one for electronics bench.

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    I wonโ€™t shop there again……..



      That hurts, watched whole video, he seems a nice hardworking creative guy and felt helpless dealing with a business without any morals

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      But you are seemingly happy to buy from Kogan, Woolworths, Zapals (as being pursued by Oakley, Fenix et al for counterfeiting) and others.

      OzBargain pick'n'mix ethics strikes again ๐Ÿ™„

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      Same here ๐Ÿ‘

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      It was wrong. But, Jaycar announced they stopped selling it years ago!

      This protest still comes up in Jaycar Deals ever since.

      At least Jaycar still sell electronic components, for when I need parts fast.

      Woolies & large businesses have driven smaller producers out of business for a long time - where's the protests??

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      It's unfortunately one of too many warning cases to examine for anyone going into their own business, based on their own design or ideas.

      If your idea is not that original - as in this case of putting together off the shelf modules that may be bought cheaper elsewhere, only value adding your own box & writing a manual (which could be derived from others' similar experiences & online turorials), there is little protection.

      Anyone can make a clone. In this case, they didn't even take much bother disguising that fact. That says the originator would likely not protect their work or it may be very hard to protect.

      Protecting copywrite (all that could be claimed by the originator in this case) & original designs (even when covered by expensive patents) is disheartening & very expensive.

      I've watched one person lose their home trying to protect their design from being copied. In that case, I tried to convince them the relatively small return on their design after manufacturing costs was less that what they were losing protecting it. When you've spent 15 years on your design, judgement may not be that logical.

      Unfortunately, only unpopular or well funded & litigiously protected ideas / designs are not copied.

      Even Coke & other large well known businesses spend a lot protecting their products & designs. But small businesses have won legal cases over unauthorised use of designs - but at a high cost & high risk.

      In my own experience, I have designed (electronic & computer hardware) for others (who benefited far more than I did), sold a microprocessor interface design (just covering my time & costs).
      I've made designs in other areas freely available (authorised my t-shirt designs for good causes) or run paid courses in how to use the ideas (the only time I made a good return). Similarly people generate money online from videos, courses or ebooks - rather than go to the trouble & financial risk of putting together their own product.

      In lecturing at a Uni, I produced a video of my popular 1st year course. It was done as archive for the next year lecture & for personal improvement. When the Department realised this, they tried to claim they owned the rights as it was produced while I was in their employ. Of course that would mean the end of my lecturing gig… so the tapes disappeared. Retaining ownership of your intellectual property rights is vital!!

      It is rewarding seeing a design take off. But my earliest design became so ubiquitous in some areas - years later I was told I could not have been it's originator! I think that meant I had done a good job with the design & let the community spread it without my input - viral can be good๐Ÿ˜€

      Getting into business without proper advice on risks & possible protection (which is a specialist area & usually expensive) unfortunately leads to situations like this. Pity this person ignored common wisdom when establishing their business.


      Change.org petition: We call on Jaycar to immediately remove the Duinotech Experiments Kit from their stores and website. (3 years ago)…
      VICTORY! Duinotech Experiments Kit discontinued!
      In a tweet Jaycar has said the Duinotech Experiments Kit has been discontinued! We won! (2 years ago)

      Unless expensive legal action was taken, that is as much as can be achieved. There would be no certainty of a good outcome in legal action.

      Businesses do take advantage of the vulnerable to maximise their profits (which they are required to do). There are few penalties & little enforcement, so they will try. Challenging it generally requires complex legal action. It's not right!

      The USA is perusing China for IP infringement. I've travelled on a high speed train there that was a copy…
      Banks charge the dead, but just have to pay the money back when caught! Staff were paid bonuses for bringing in that extra income!! Woolies 'pass off' their own beers looking & tasting like major brands, to mislead the consumer. Stores are caught underpaying their staff, but that doesn't stop many of us turning up at 7-11 for our Deals… Strangely there are hardly any adverse comments.

      So what's so special about this case to warrant hatred for years??


    Will never shop at Jaycar again


    Thanks OP! Just picked up one of the lamps (4 left in stock at Alexandria NSW store) and one of the optional 8-diopter lenses (unfortunately, not on sale)

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    If you're buying it, may as well get it from ebay
    $96 and free postage


    Anyone know how to stack these with the 10% off for signing up to newsletter. I could get the code to apply on anything let alone the lab gear?