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[VIC] E10 Fuel $0.167 (16.7c) Per Litre @ United Sunbury


Just a heads up for anyone local who uses unleaded e10, pricing error or glitch, been charging everyone 16.7c all morning. The bowsers are broken according to the attendant.
Check price before filling

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    You reckon it'll be fixed by the time I get there from sydney? :p

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    Hahaha … I'll be surprised if the attendant is still in a job tomorrow!

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      my thoughts exactly.. why not just close the store!?

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        Or at least mark the e10 pump as Out of Order

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          probably doesn't get paid enough to care.

    • I hope he does - he's a nice guy.

      This servo is about a 5 min walk from home. Yesterday We were a bit low om fuel and my wife wanted to stop there and fill up, but I said 'no'.

      The shame burns, friends.

  • damn wish the store was closer to me

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    Best bargain ever!

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        WhhhhaaaaTT???!! That's crazy. I stand corrected, it makes this deal super expensive, lol.

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        I thought that was still too expensive at about 5 cents to fill up my tank, so I decided to hold out that time until the next promo.

        Still have my fingers crossed.

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    Bargain for the Year hahaha

  • they should just remove price from their boards ……. usually indicates no fuel or a glitch in their pumps!!
    Suppose they still want sales in their shop!

    • Yep, there’s more profit in ice creams, potato crisps, mars bars and bottled water. Servos are really just over-priced milk bars with fuel as a sideline to bring customers through the door.

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    Sounds like a good way to get rid of E10 which has been contaminated with water leaking in through the tank…

    • You do know that petrol stations are legally required to fix vehicle damage caused by contaminated fuel?

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        would need to prove it.. could be 18 months with court challenges and legal fees before u saw a cent. not work it if you car is worth 7 or 8K. If 400 other cars had issues, easier to prove but if you shitebox was the only one then you up the shitter

    • Which is highly illegal and the station / brand is legally obligated to fix any damage caused. Plus the fact that if they are knowingly selling contaminated fuel they face rather huge fines for it.

    • the water settles to the bottom and most have the pumps setup to draw fuel from approx 300mm above the bottom and they don't let them run dry.
      Plus they dip for it and its easy enough to get someone in to suck it out anyway so they don't need to get rid of it!

      • Petrol truly tastes crap. Who would want to do that?

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    U recon I can fill a swimming pool in?

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    Still wouldn't touch the stuff

    • Why?

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        I think he means It wouldn't touch the sides at that price.

      • E10 whilst generally higher octane fuel (95ron) tends to be harsher on spark plugs and over all wear and tear not too mention less fuel efficient than fuels without Ethanol .. at least thats what a few mechanics told me. Perhaps certain cars a more prone than others.

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          Pull apart an engine that has run on E85 only for say 20,000 KM then do the same for one that has run on 98RON. Ethanol burns very cleanly with almost no residue, or carbon build up and has awesome knock resistance. E10 will have some of those cleaning benefits, slightly high RON (that's why E10 is nominally rated at 94 instead of regular 91), with the only real downside being slightly less fuel economy which is reflected in a slightly lower price

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            @BlinkyBill: The mechanic said changing spark plugs which were worn out quicker on E10 than normal unleaded was a draw back. Again not sure if it was certain models or older cars that were prone to this or not

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              @Gavman: My 2004 model pug has been on e10 exclusively for 80,000 KM, the plug was fine at 60,000 in and only changed due to changing the coil packs, so plugs were done at the same time. There is a lot of misinformation about Ethanol, a lot of it comes from vested interest groups and filters down. Most modern cars will be perfectly fine on E10. Even some performance cars that are stickered for 98RON are E10 OK, whereas 91RON is a no-no.

          • @BlinkyBill: I can't understand why it would have lower fuel economy given the octane rating (e.g. 94 vs 91) should indicate how much energy you get out of it!?

            • @MrFrugalSpend: The higher the octane number, the more compression the fuel can withstand before detonating. E10 is 10% ethanol, and ethanol is about 1/3 oxygen. Therefore, compared to normal 91RON fuel E10 contains about 3% less energy. But it's also a bit cheaper.

        • My car is meant to have 95 rated fuel, so I use e10 and save a ton of cash. It has been running fine on it for years. Spark plugs are cheap so who cares if they need to be replaced more often. And if a plug goes bad its not like it can do any damage to the motor, just put a new one in and your back to normal.

          • @Stivo: Usually a plug won't do damage.
            It's not unheard of in performance cars for the plug to run hot and the tip to fracture off = bye bye motor!!!

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    Too bad I can't use this in my 98 RON car.

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      Well technically you can use it.

      • Nope, it's only 94 RON. Would void warranty if problems resulted from it.

        • How can they tell off using 1 tank?

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            @serpserpserp: They would drain the petrol tank and find the e10 inside… duh.

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              @AussieZed: I mean put a tank in, use it once, put other petrol in next time, no problems.

              You 98 RON car isn't going to have a problem from using one tank of E10.

    • Sure you can just add a bottle of snake oil and you're good to go.

    • Yes you can. Don't drive fast

    • Which car is factory specced for a minimum ron 98?

      • Plenty. Hint: it's a V8.

        • BMW e92 m3, HSV supercharged V8s, C63 mercs state a minimum 91 aki/95 RON, they recommend 98 RON, but 95 RON is the minimum approved grade.

          Could be Jeep, Jag or ford, cars I do not know.

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            @Croshema: To be honest, I know that Skoda's for instance have different recommended RON's (Some are RON 95 preferred, Some Say RON 95 minimum, some say RON 98 minimum), but if you read their guidelines and manuals, it states for all these engines, that if RON 98/95 isn't available you can use at minimum a RON 91 and it'll be fine, it even states you can use a RON 91 with a 10% ethanol base.

            So basically they note a lack of performance using the lower RONs but it will not wreck your car.

            Maybe on a V8 performance car this is different, but for the wide majority of cars (Made in the last 5 years at least) it would be what I have said above.

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    I use to work at a servo, first job out of High scool, and leme tell you, it was the Pits.

    I still wish when I quit I spent the last day selling rediculously low Fuel.

    Move the decimal point up a spot

  • this calls for a good old petrol fight

  • It's not a glitch it must be the attendant's (whoever did price change) mistake. I worked at united few years ago.

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    Sadly we will never have these offers in Perth because prices can't change during the day and must be published 2 days before :(

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      that actually sounds like a great idea.

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    Officeworks price match?

    • +3

      Your move Amazon.

      • Don't forget cashrewards.

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    I only have 32 hours left before I get there…,+Victoria+3429/Perth+WA/@-33.9363667,121.263824,5z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m14!4m13!1m5!1m1!1s0x6ad6f9776c84f27b:0x5045675218cce30!2m2!1d144.713889!2d-37.581111!1m5!1m1!1s0x2a32966cdb47733d:0x304f0b535df55d0!2m2!1d115.8604572!2d-31.9505269!3e0

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    Did you vehicle break down or stranded after 100m from the servo's exit point? Possibility contained petrol.

    Price jumped back to now 167 per litres as per Petrol Spy (app). too bad.

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    If only this happened to a 7-eleven 😁

  • Anyone been there in the past 30mins?

    Will take a drive up there if confirm price still the same

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    I probably head to Bunnings to buy 20 x Jerry fuel can (20 litres), fill all cans full, pay and go.

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      Sounds to me like this deal is on fire

  • Wonder what would actually happen if this happened when it did not happen In sydney?

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    Lol Back in the 50's!

  • watch out a fleet of tanker with ozbargain logo is heading your way

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    if only this was a 7-11!

  • When I was a kid, I had a weekend job as a ‘bowser boy’ (pre self-serve) and I clearly remember the price of super being 13c a litre, and people would bitch if the price went up to 15c because the tanker drivers were on strike (how come they don’t strike anymore?) and there was a petrol shortage. Ah, those were the good old days. Hmmm… then again, the average weekly wage was about $80.

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