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Officeworks Accord Mobile SIM Only Plans, from $15/Mth for 3GB, $25/Mth for 10GB, $45/Mth for 30GB


Seems that we have a new MVNO with Officeworks now having an offer for SIM Only and Data Sims

Accord by Officeworks utilises the Optus network. All plans are month to month.

Voice and Data Plans…..

$15 = 3 gig.
$25 = $10 gig plus international call allowance.
$45 = 30 gig plus international call allowance.

Data only plans….

$20 = 7 gig
$55 = 50 gig
$75 = 100 gig.

Pricing isnt crash hot at the moment with Optus direct offering $40 for 80 gig plus streaming extras.

Mods, please move to forums if you believe this is a discussion rather a deal.

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    i cant say this is a deal yet considering aldi mobile gets 14GB with roll over on the $25/month. but we'll see in the future i guess.

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    Username check out.


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      Are you saying this is a Dud deal ?

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        nailed it. Gotta put the ‘jokes bit in. People v sensitive once u start using bold. I guess with great power comes great responsibility

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    It's not competive at all. Should belong to the forum. No free ads here.

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    Saw it earlier. Boost has much better deal


    Officeworks you dun goofed.
    When you are new, you want to have plans that are better than the established providers, not worse.

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    From $15/mth for 3GB

    $12.50/mth for 6.7GB on the Telstra network with Boost.

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    Not a deal but it also seems they've got no idea what they're selling…

    It's been almost 2 years since Optus has operated a 2G network in Australia yet they've got the following in the CIS

    " The underlying network is the Optus mobile digital network (2G/3G/4G)"

    Meanwhile the FAQ section actually contains the following laughable questions and answers:

    "How do I power down my device?
    For iPhone’s or other smart phones, hold down the power button until the slide to power off appears on the screen and then slide the switch until the device powers off.
    If this doesn’t work for your phone then please refer to your manufacturer instructions."

    "How do I power on my device?
    a. Hold down the power button. Doing so will turn your device back on. Your device should connect to its new network automatically, though you may first be prompted to activate it."

    MMS is also billed extra at 48c per message and to top is all off they offer roaming but you won't know the prices until it shows up on the bill up to 90 days later as they are set by a 3rd party (spoiler alert - Optus).


    Will Officeworks price beat by 5% if I find a cheaper plan? :P


    Mods, please move to forums if you believe this is a discussion rather a deal.

    what's to discuss? pretty sure the votes said it all.


    This is not a good deal by a long stretch


    $45 = 30 gig plus international call allowance.

    You'll have a better time on Belong for mobile.

    And OVO for data only services.

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