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25% off Online (Excluding Special Orders) @ Supercheap Auto


Stack with 12% cashback @ Shopback.

Click Frenzy Sale

  • Sale is 25% Off online - excluding special orders.
  • FRENZY25 code must be applied in cart to redeem offer.
  • Sale excludes tyres, services, the purchase of gift cards, special orders and shipping & handling charges.
  • Discount is off regular retail price - and can't be used in conjunction with catalogue sale or bonus buys.
  • Sale ends 11:59PM AEST Wednesday 22nd May 2019.
  • As the 25% off discount applies at cart, best price rewards will not be generated for previous purchases.

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  • +4

    Online Only potential for price jack, I had this work light in my wishlist

    $12.99 in store price, online it's $14.29, after discount its $10.72

    Having said that doesn't mean there isn't savings, just be careful and buy things which you need and know the price, this might not be a good sale to stock items.

    • +2

      I like this one

      $19.95 then with 25% off, it's wait for it $19.95

        • Discount is off regular retail price - and can't be used in conjunction with catalogue sale or bonus buys.
        • +1

          yeah, but it actually allowed me to apply to coupon…and did some interesting maths

          Coupon FRENZY25
          Coupon Number: FRENZY25
          Click Frenzy Sale (-$10.75)

          Subtotal $42.98
          Discount - $23.00
          Shipping -
          ORDER TOTAL $19.98

  • +6

    "buy things which you need and know the price"


  • Pretty decent price for a Sony XAVAX1000 $384 become $288

    • +1

      Doesn't work on that one, says "Not Applied" and stays at $384.

      • Yeah.. i didn't try it out this morning.. my bad

    • +1

      Recently (on eBay SCA) Sony XAVAX3000 $499.
      Now $649 on eBay and SCA website.

      Very convenient.

  • +1

    Thank you, picked up some transmission fluid, engine oil and coolant.
    No price jack observed on Penrite transmission fluid - got 25% discount

  • +1

    I got the Nanocam reverse camera/mirror setup 2 weeks ago for $69 on catalog sale, was reduced from $99.99

    today with this sale it is $114.95 excluding discount!

  • Got a battery. Nice timing.

  • Can you click and collect or shipping only?

    • I was able to order something for pick up.

  • Does anyone know if the $10 club credit work with this deal if I was to sign up as a member?

    • I'd like to know that too. I'm guess you'd have to purchase the card first to get the credit in one transaction and then do another transaction to be able to use the $10 credit on the stuff you want to buy? I've added the card to my other items and there's no credit so I assume that's the case?

    • Should do. I was given the option of using credit when checking out.

    • Sweet, can confirm I just signed up, received the $10 credit and applied at payment.

      Purchased the Big Green Sucker for a total of $21.24. I realise it's been $20 in the past but this is still pretty good.


  • +1

    Can also combine with 8% discounted eGift cards via Suncorp Rewards and 2.1% cash back.

    • You mean 12% cashback?

      • +1

        Damn that increased last night I assume. It was definitely 2.1% for both services when I checked it yesterday.

        • 12% is shortlived, it's now 3.5%

  • +1

    Time for some wiper blades.

    • I want some also but I literally have no idea how or what to buy, i hear tridon are good but they have so many

      2007 Suzuki Swift

      • Supercheap Auto has a vehicle selection feature to make sure components are compatible.

        Also, Tridon has a good website.

      • +1

        If you go instore they also have a little guide sheet, you find your car and then find the right ones on the shelf, if you're having trouble a staff member should be able to help. I'd recommend buying the plastic refill ones as they're cheaper and much easier to install. Installing is super simple, a quick youtube video will explain how.

      • @Benthe bargainer2013 - I bought Bosch ones delivered from the UK all up about $45 for a Mazda.

        If you're after quality and can wait a week or 2 then Wiper blades.Uk is good to buy from.

        • Thankyou all, gonna try uniwiper sale and in future will just go nstore, may also try bosch

          Legends :)

  • I bought a squeegee. Can anyone recommend a washing liquid? This is literally only to wash my rear windscreen.

    • +1

      ajax spray and wipe.

  • Time to buy a new car battery, woo

  • Anyone else having troubles purchasing? I go to submit payment and it says items are not in stock…I look at my cart and every item appears to be available for collection from my set store, i've changed pick up stores and having the same issue.

  • Only thing I need is already in the stocktake sale, so no further discount. Bummer.

    • If the current stocktake discount is less than 25% the code will make it 25% off initial price, so some savings.

  • Anyone recommend a good pressure washer?(always used bucket and sponge)

    • +1

      Bunnings gerni 125.5 titan i believe its called @$150 its great value

      • +1

        Agreed, Been using that for 3 years now with no issues so far, works great, bit loud though.

  • Any deal here for roof racks?

  • Meguiar's Polishing Compound - 473mL - $14.99
    Meguiar's Ultimate All Wheel Cleaner - 709mL - 17.24