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Melbourne to Berlin, Germany from $638 Return on Scoot (and More Cities)


Also can get 15% off your next flight with Scoot when you sign up for their newsletter (bottom of page linked), although unsure if that comes with conditions.

Example from Melbourne: Oct 12 from MEL to Berlin TXL, Nov 4 from Berlin TXL to MEL, both via Singapore.
Each way: $319. Total $638 Return.

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Note: does not include checked luggage or food. This is the cheap backpacker's route to Europe, but if it works for you, it's a bargain price.

Dates from October to November 2019.

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  • +1 vote

    By the time you add baggage (essential for a trip this far) you’ve spent more than going on a full service Chinese airline and almost as much as a sale fare on a middle eastern one. I don’t get why anyone would travel to Europe on Scoot.

    • +8 votes

      Some people (like myself) don't really need more than the 10kg carry-on bag that Scoot offers. Everyone is different though!

      • +1 vote

        You'd take only a 10kg bag to europe? It's not exactly a weeklong jaunt to Bali, you're spending 2 whole days travel…

        • +8 votes

          I only took 7kg carry on baggage with me to Europe and Middle East for 4 weeks. Makes travel a lot easier. You really don't need all the junk that people typically pack if you plan. Just wash clothes in sink every week and you're good.

        • +6 votes

          It sounds impossible until you try it. 3 weeks in Japan, carry on only. 2 in India, the same. Europe last year for 6 weeks, I would have, but needed wedding clothes for a wedding in Scotland :/

        • +1 vote

          I've been traveling with a 7 kg pack (including 2kg laptop) for nearly three years now. It's doable, but tough at times.

          I've flown countless segments on carriers like AirAsia and Ryanair, so it's saved me a fortune in that time, especially as it's X 4 (I travel with my family).


          5 times to Europe, 4/5 weeks each time - one bag. You do it once you never want to go back.
          Just buy a good quality bag (Tom Binh aeronaut - which pays for itself in savings by walking over taxi),
          light jacket with big pockets (ScotteVest) and a scrubba and you are set.


          Sure would, I did a 5 week RTW trip with 7kg of carry on (and a big jacket with a few things in the pockets)

      • +1 vote

        Yep. 2 changes of clothes, laptop and charger, basic toiletries, what else do you really need? Maybe an umbrella and you're golden.

    • +3 votes

      There are plenty of travellers (myself included) that do one bag travel so the carry on only isn't an issue.

      Considering finding sub-1k fares on full service carriers isn't uncommon, I'd struggle to take a long haul scoot flight.

    • +1 vote

      Cary on should be plenty for a lot of people who aren’t going to work or something like that. It’s quite liberating not having to haul much shit around after you.

    • +1 vote

      Why does distance determine your amount of luggage? what a bizarre concept.

      • +3 votes

        The assumptions is that the longer you travel the longer you will be away for and therefore the more stuff you need. No one really has a weekend trip to Europe.

    • +1 vote

      Why does distance have to do with whether u need a bag, surely duration and season is the factor, and also whether you can survive on little luggage

      I traveled 3 months with a little back pack

  • +3 votes

    I really need to post a warning for this type of flight. Please be aware of the flights leaving Australia, and the flights that are transiting in Singapore to Germany, if Scoot flights are delayed in Australia and you miss the transiting flight, you might be stuck in Singapore for more than a day waiting for the next flight. That being said Changi is probably the best airport to be stuck in.

  • +5 votes

    First we take Singapore, then we take Berlin.

  • +1 vote

    I wouldn’t recommend any to fly budget airlines to Europe. You’ll be so cooked when you get off the plane, it’s more like torture than a holiday.

    • +11 votes

      This is OzBargain, not OzComfort… anything to save a buck! lol


      Yeah but I can spend the money I saved on some cheap massages from a hot local gypsy woman.

    • +2 votes

      I've found that being cooked (which occurs even on full service flights for me - I just can't seem to sleep on planes) makes it much easier for my body clock to adjust.

    • +1 vote

      I guess it depends.
      Last year we had to fly last minute to Germany due to some family emergency.
      Best/Cheapest solution we could get from Cairns was Jetstar to Tokyo and Lufthansa to Frankfurt (same return).
      I fly a fair bit for work (domestic and international -lifetime Qantas Gold ;-) ) and have flown to Europe with many different airlines.
      I have flown from Cairns to Bali with Jetstar and fly Jetstar domestically "regularly". And both falls under -what you pay for is what you get (crap!!).
      BUT on that Trip to Japan/Germany last year Jetstar was quite alright. I am pretty sure they use different planes for long haul international as compared to the Bali trip the legroom was alright and they had build in entertainment systems in the seats like any other international carrier (though you need to pay for access). As we had booked via Flightnetwork (which was an adventure in its own) we had full luggage, meals and the entertainment included.
      And I must say on that trip overall Jetstar was the better experience than Lufthansa (in regards to seats, leg room and entertainment system).
      And this comes form a "Tall&wide" German ;-)

      Having said all that, Ihave never flown with scoot…

      Note below: Last Christmas we went with China Southern (Cairns-Amsterdam) and Paid around $800 per person!
      We had about 46kg each (2 pieces of 23kg if I remember correct) and because on our flight to Amsterdam we had more than 8 hours stopover we got (to choose!!) a Hotel (you get a 72 hours visa on arrival in Guangzhou).
      The planes on all legs were clean and seemed quite new. Seats, entertainment and food was not any worse/different than on other international carries and the service was alright as well. Pretty impressed at that price tag to be honest.


      Mmmm. We flew to London with Air Asia X when they used to fly that route and it was absolutely fine. Their food was reasonably priced and we took some of our own. For entertainment, we all had devices and books. Obviously, I would have preferred to go on a FS carrier but it was under $1800 return for 3 of us including baggage and meals…..


    Thai Airlines for $1100 return was great


      I've done Europe with Thai as well. They have good ratings for their economy class. Pity Bangkok airport it not that great but it's not really a big deal if transit times are relatively short.

      Having said that I remember now the transit experience was poor. Lots of waiting in long lines with a baby just for a simple transit to Europe and also on the way back to Australia.

      Transiting in Singapore or Hong Kong is much smoother.


    On the Deals from Brisbane page it says:

    Brisbane — Auckland
    Round-trip, Economy from $219
    Air New Zealand

    Can you show me dates for $219 return?


      Its AirNZ - it will be $219 one way


        Ok must be a mistake on the website then.


          I'm not seeing it? In fact the phrase 'round trip' doesn't appear on that page at all?

          Special offer from Brisbane to Auckland
          from 219
          21 days left
          Special offer from Brisbane to Auckland.

          but yeah, that's one way :/


          Ooh, I see, when you click it and it pops up it says Return. That's coming from one of our data sources. Thanks, I'll investigate.

  • +4 votes

    I instantly started humming in my head:
    From Melbourne to Berlin
    In every disco I get in
    My heart is pumping for love
    Pumping for love
    Cause when I'm thinking of you
    And all the things we could do
    My heart is pumping for love
    You left me longing for you


    And of course, nothing interesting from Brisbane.

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