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Zzz Atelier Chiropedic Black Label King $263.20, Queen $223.20, Double $199.20, Single $127.20 + Delivery @ Zzz Atelier eBay


Ozbargain's favourate mattress has returned once again without Jack.

These are regularly restocked so don't freak out if it's out of stock.

Super Firm Mattress w/ Extra Firm Pocket Spring are also good buy.

Some of the suburbs under the below postcode ranges may require additional delivery charges.

QLD: 4208 - 4299, 4306 - 4999
SA: 5118 - 5120, 5170 - 5180, 5200 - 5749, 5825 - 5854
NT: 0800 - 0899
TAS: 7000 - 7999
NSW: 2150 - 2160, 2321 - 2435, 2440 - 2999
VIC: 3210 - 3299, 3330 - 3430, 3630 - 3760, 3810 - 3999 WA: 6000 - 6999

This website may help you determine the firmness of zzz Atelier against other brands you know. https://bedbuyer.com.au/category/mattress-in-a-box/zzzatelie...

EDIT: All size also available as individual listing.

Original PNEST20 20% off 59 Selected Sellers on eBay Deal Post

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  • To get in before others ask the question, I find it a great bed, been sleeping one a few months now, it'd first mattress i've not had to get use to first, I find the sides firm on mine, some have had issues with soft sides, but mines fine, I recommend these :)

    • i have had mine now 2 nearly 3 months and my side and partners are going in now - we have a wave look on our bed :(

      Kind Bed too.. didnt expect this to be happening though from the rave reviews i have read and im not even that heavy :(

      • tried to get it looked at with the warranty?

        • Have been having no response from them for the past month…

          • @chuneeperformance: Hmmm. I was considering purchasing one but after hearing that they don't seem to honour warranty I'm a bit hesitant.

            • @Tacooo: im thinking lodging paypal dispute on this now as i have 2 beds one with slats and one solid base and both have occurred… so its definitely there pocket system etc

              Edit: Passed the paypal dispute date.. so no dispute :\

              • @chuneeperformance: That's a bummer. Unfortunately that's how it is with eBay sellers that don't have a physical location.

              • @chuneeperformance: Did you buy on credit card? If so, you might be still be able to dispute with your CC provider and explain your situation. I did that exact thing with another dodgy mattress company (not this one), and got my money back. PayPal will honour whatever your CC provider decides.

            • @Tacooo: The "Whitehaven - Manly" at Freedom is a good alternative, with 9% off gift-cards and when they have a free shipping promo (semi-regular). The price difference is negligible for me to get delivered in WA.

      • I am having the same issue. No response from their customer service.


          No response from the Store rep, either, who commented on another person's similar problem. They "mustn't have noticed you".

      • +2 votes

        Hi chuneeperformance

        Would you be happy to let us know which avenue which you try to contact us on? We have tried to locate your communication with us without success as we seems to have responded to all recent warranty related enquiries based on our records. Would you be happy to send an email to our customer service ([email protected]) with details of the issues? If you have purchased our mattresses via our eBay re-seller and had attempted to contact them, can you also include record of purchase and any communication trail in the same email, and we shall follow up and assist ASAP.

        Best regards,
        Zzz Atelier Rep

        • How many warranty related enquiries have you had this year?

        • i have replied to your ebay message when i first contacted you regarding the delivery of my item: [email protected]. eBay message or direct contact you would have received this.

          Anyways what is the resolution to a matter such as these?

          • @chuneeperformance: Hi chuneeperformance,

            We have got in touch with our eBay re-seller, who has gone through all their records and have informed us that there is no unaddressed warranty requests on their end. You have indicated that your message were unanswered, and we would need to locate the said message in order for us to step in and assist. We do need to find out the information provided thus far and will likely contact you to request any other information which we may need in order to assist. In order for us to do that, can you please inform us your eBay user ID. You may send us the ID via email to [email protected] if you prefer. Please also provide us your best email address for us to contact you in order to acquire detailed information & photos required for warranty processing.

            Best regards,
            Zzz Atelier Rep

          • -1 vote

            @chuneeperformance: They'll just say it's normal wear. The Store rep hasn't even replied to Pip Squeak's comment (see above), as they did yours. "Detailed information"… get your hoops ready. What a show. Hope you get a fair outcome, though.

      • Had that on my Simmons pocket, but it was nearly 10 years before it did it, plus it's in the pillow top far more than the springs. Clearly I won't be buying this one.

    • The medium soft was agony on my neck and upper back after 1 month. Have a $120 memory foam topper I've added to it now which helps, but I'm going to replace it at some point.

  • Can anyone compare this, the Ecosa and/or the Koala brand ones?

    • Sure. Koala and Ecosa are all foam, this has springs.

      We had a Koala, returned it. We have an Ecosa - It's no good when you have a bad back.
      We have a single ZZ for my 3 year old. I sleep on it regularly. And find it very comfortable.

      • Thanks for that. Mind expanding on the "It's no good when you have a bad back"?

        • I had a herniated disk in my back and when lying on the Ecosa I wasn't able to move due to being on this enveloping 'cloud'. Just didn't allow me to move easily. Otherwise I was pretty happy with it.

          Our Koala was just that little bit too firm - the wife did not like it at all but much happier with the Ecosa. shrugs

      • just curious, why did you return the Koala?

  • My housemate got the super firm version of this (queen) and she found it too firm. But then again it was her first time ordering a mattress and have yet to really break it in. I find that the mattress is well made for it's price and would recommend it.

    • The super firm looks to have a 9/10 firmness rating and only 10 Years of warranty with NO pillow-top.
      The chiropractor endorsed one doesn't list the firmness rating, but does have pillow-top and extra warranty pushing 15 Years.
      I wonder if a super-firm is better for someone with a bad back - thoughts?

      • I've got a dodgy back and I love the super firm mattress. It shocked me a bit at first how firm it was, but after one sleep I was sold. I couldn't go back to a softer bed.
        In terms of the warranty, I doubt I would even use a mattress that long. Any mattress would be pretty thrashed at the the 10 year point with nightly use. But that's just my opinion. Who knows, we'll probably be sleeping on zzz beds that are just lasers by then.

      • Just got super firm a week ago. No specific pillow top as such but it is padded, you're not on bare springs :) I'm a big guy so went for the firm because I sink in to overly soft beds, also back can be bad. The mattress is not like sleeping on a cloud, but it's comfortable and I don't wake up with a sore back.

      • It seems they are out of stock of the SuperFirm Queen now…oh well - lets hope more stock goes up!

    • I find this one too be quite firm.
      Many say it's on the softer side.

      That's the biggest problem with this mattress - no try before buy.

      But I love it

    • I'm finding the super firm too firm as well. Admittedly I am a side sleeper but have generally liked firm beds over ones that are too soft. I'll try a topper and see how I go.

  • Why are the super firm ones cheaper? I thought they would be more durable

    • No euro pillow top so cheaper in raw material and cheaper to manufacture.

      We got this one and consider it a great buy, 4 months in. You can always get a thick mattress protector or memory foam if needed later.

  • What kind of fitted sheets do you guys use/recommend on these? I have the queen and with a mattress protector, queen fitted sheets are not big enough. I just bought a pair of king fitted sheets and they are longer on the sides, but still don't cover the whole mattress on the top and bottom.

    • Regular queen fitted sheets worked fine for me.

    • The queen sheets I've been using on previous thinner mattresses work great on mine.
      At first I thought the thickness would be an issue, but it's a perfect fit (yes yes, that's what she said)

    • It is a thick mattress and we found our standard queen sheets only just fit. We purchased a deep-wall queen fitted sheet (50cm) and it fits perfectly.

  • Hmm damn, I just bought a Queen of this https://www.mydeal.com.au/queen-double-king-single-mattress-...

    Anyone know much about mine? Hoping I didn't make a mistake :(

    • looks good at the very least. so hard to tell though unless you find in depth reviews

    • Hi SuBw00FeR

      I got my cousin to buy 2 queens of these ones from eBay a year back. At the time he was looking at $600 plus mattress (each). He has nothing but positive reviews of these. I have tried them, they are medium to firm mattress. I find them very comfortable. Having said I haven't slept on them. Bonus they come with 2 pillows which are quite nice too. Please make sure when you open them don't use them for 24 hours and then they are good to go. I believe all these boxed mattress have a strong smell to them when you open them but in few days it goes away. I hope you enjoy the mattress.

  • Queen or king? Whadda we reckon people?

    • Queen unless you absolutely need king, King sheets are very expensive.

    • King all the way

      Who ever complains that their bed is too big?

      Yes King size sheets are more expensive, but go IKEA, cheap bed linen there.

    • If you have room, get the King, no doubts.

      I regret not getting the King when I moved recently. Only factor for me was that I already had hella expensive queen sheets

  • Just bought a double with their bed base for the spare room. Hopefully it doesn't end up wavey like some of the reports here 🤔

  • -3 votes

    People will spend one or two thousand on a phone but not on a mattress where you will spend a third of your lifetime. If there's one thing I'm prepared to fork out big money for, it's a quality mattress, not this junk. No offense, OP.

    • Lol you have a right to your opinion but not having used it the opinion holds little value. Just give it a go. Trust the public who are saying its a lot better than the ones worth a few k.

      Delivery was a bit tedious to arrange as we are regional but picked it up in the nearest city and the queen would be an easy fit in the back of a regular sedan.


        No, I won't trust the public on this matter, but I hope it all works out for you.

    • Exactly my thoughts, if you don't sleep well, your mental and physical health will keep going downhill.


        Thanks for sharing my concerns. A big deal-breaker for me is being able to flip a bed to "even-out" long term wear and also to air it out. A good trick with mattresses, donnas and pillows is to bi-annually face them in direct full sun to eliminate dust mites. All the best.

    • Particularly with mattresses, the amount you pay is not indicative of the quality at all, as there are huge markups in the industry.

      See here: https://www.smh.com.au/business/mattress-comparison-reveals-...


        That is one of the most underwhelming articles I have ever read, including the somewhat misleading video and complete lack of conclusion. I particularly loved the "ads" for cheaper manufacturers, although I will look into the Greywing.

        The video states no two mattresses are the same but doesn't explain what the article does, that they are in-fact the same, just given a different name. Only a couple of store examples/ testimonies are given related to one brand and barely any useful information beyond the issue of mark-ups. Basically, its emphasis was on mark-up, which is standard practice on all goods, and I already know when and how to use my money effectively. There is also no information given about what people sacrifice for a cheap mattress in regards to glues and chemicals they use for cheaper products. Some people are quite allergic to these chemicals. I would assume providing quality chemicals is the last thing on the mind of a cheap mattress manufacturer.

        According to the article you share, it's impossible to sell a mattress at the prices this "deal" is offering them for. So, the question is. What exactly are you buying? A more effective, scientific study is what consumers need. A comparison of materials and evidence of wear across all price-points.

        For the record I got super lucky and bought a five thousand dollar mattress for $100 at Vinnies. I cleaned it, even though it was in great condition, and the best part is the chemicals (that can be a problem even in expensive mattresses) had all but dissipated. I recall watching a Grand Designs video about a couple with kids who are highly allergic to the glues, etc, in products and buy second-hand furniture for this reason. Mind you, about 50% of my furniture is second hand such as my solid mahogany TV stand which I bought for $200 and which retails for $1300.

    • Ha. Well yeah, nice statement if it was true! We've had three $3500+ mattresses over the last 20 years and they were all 'OK' however none of them have met our expectations for the high value of the investment, they all ended up sagging over time and became uncomfortable. I got so jack of it last year I decided to give the last expensive mattress away and purposely go for the cheapest possible mattress I could find which was a King Size ZZZ Atelier. Got it during a 20% off deal similar to this and we've been loving it ever since. Our backs complained a bit for the first day or two but I'd say that was more just the fact that it was different and not 'bad' as such. It has sagged a bit but no more than the $3500+ mattresses did at the same age so we're still extremely happy and once I finish the renos we're going to get the super firm model for the other bed and test that out for a while too. Definitely not junk!

      • -1 vote

        I agree that the expensive ones can also have their problems which is why, as I stated in an above reply, we need a comprehensive scientific study. I hope it all works out.

    • I somewhat agree, but I've found that brand price doesn't mean shit.

      Those thousand dollar phones are from experience inferior to many half price phones from China.

      Mattresses seem to be on a whole new level of bullshit.
      Like many here, I've been sleeping on my +$3000 mattress in the past with nothing but a single decent year of sleep.
      I've also found sleeping on my friends cheap, and even free mattresses to be just as comfy and at times better on my back.

      I decided to try this mattress after countless readings of quality both here and on Whirlpool. I haven't been sleeping in it long, but so far it is extremely comparable to my Sealy (it's past form).

      Even if it doesn't last as long as the Sealy, if rather replace this in 2 years and start again at this price.

      Mattresses seem to be a scam


        Advice appreciated and noted but I would rather gamble on something more expensive, when I consider the chemicals involved in manufacturing mattresses.

        • Fair call. If not for the plethora of positive reviews for this mattress I would't have even considered it an option.

          For most things in my life, my rule is 'if it isn't Japanese or German made, it probably isn't worth it'.

  • How's delivery done? Anyone gotten these delivered to an apartment?

    • Yep.
      They called ahead, used a trolley to bring the box up, had a nice chat and was a totally pleasant experience.

      The box is long, but very compact.

      • The delivery man buzzed and then after I signed walked off. God it was heavy to lift up 3 flights of stairs on my own

        • Reading the comments during the sale I got mine, people (especially in Sydney region) hated the transport company.. I think it's called Hunter Transport or something.
          Seemed mostly negative.

          I had a lovely olderish couple who insisted on leaving it to them. Very nice people. I'm in Brisbane.

          So luck of the draw maybe?

          • @Salmando: I’m in Melbourne. It was Hunter Express. They were pretty decent. They rang in the morning and gave me a 3 hour window. They turned up in that window. The driver just didn’t help lift the bed my apartment. Maybe if I was old he might have

    • I bought this on the last sale and the delivery was not great. This is in SYD using hunter express.

      You can't really book a date ahead because there is virtually no way to get in contact with a human. I couldn't make the initial delivery so rescheduled to another date. They never showed up. They delivered following day but only called me when they were five minutes away. Luckily I was working from home that day because I suspected something like this would happen.

      Check the reviews for Hunter express, some of the comments are quite funny but sadly a true…

  • What is the exact sizing for each type: Single? Queen? King?

    • 183cm x 203cm 52.0kg (King)
      153cm x 203cm 42.0kg (Queen)
      138cm x 188cm 39.0kg (Double)
      107cm x 203cm 32.0kg (King Single)
      92cm x 188cm 28.0kg (Single)

  • The $75 shipping hurts. Somehow I can justify replacing my gumtree cheapo for $220 but not $300.

    • Have it delivered to a depot near you then go pick it up in ur car.

      • Sorry if dumb question but what depot? I can't see the option. I'm rural QLD though so I have a feeling even the depots would get charged

        • Contact via ebay and ask for options for depot delivery. I got mine delivered to Perth depot in approx 59 aud, was abt 200 for home.

          • @sn809: Nice one, thanks for the info :)

          • @sn809: Just ordered to my door in Perth for $69. 6147.

            • @irdonn: My door was about 500K away from Perth they wanted me to pay 200 or near that. So I just picked it up on my next trip to Perth, sat in their storage for a bit but I did maintain full communication with the courier. The courier unfortunately does not have the best of reputations and parcels can get "lost", or have problems with delivery like being left at the door.

              Was not a big deal for me but I know some can have issues and it was superbly packed.

              PS its always good idea to watch a youtube video of a compressed mattress being unboxed first, make enough space and then take adequate precautions and then let it rip cause once it's vaccuum is broken its gone.

  • I still haven't received mine from last post 2 weeks ago. I can't recommend this seller. Was going to get another if mattress was good but I may not even get the one I purchased.

    • I placed my order last friday, just got it this morning. Depends on the area I'm guessing

      • I am in Wollongong. STILL haven't got my mattress. Got a call last week from somebody asking if I received it. Told them NO and still haven't heard anything since. Have put in an ebay cancellation and waiting on refund. Placed my order on the 11th of May

  • The mattress came to QLD in only 2 days - could not recommend it more! Amazing value for its comfort.

  • Any side sleepers using the firm mattress? On one of the images in their listing it seems to recommend the firm mattress to back and stomach sleepers.

    • I'd say not. People claim it to be very firm. I find the black mattress I got almost too firm for my regular side sleeping, I imagine the firm wont have enough give for shoulders

      • +1 vote

        Good question from @cray and thanks for the info.

    • I have the super firm. Too hard for side sleeper but excellent for back sleeper. Bought one of those ebay mattress topper and softened it up a bit for side sleeping and now is great.

  • im a fat tato and a sleep on one of these :)

  • How's it compared to IKEA ones?

  • Is this better than their 5 zoned mattress?

  • I keep going to the link, adding two mattresses to my cart, and applying the code and getting the message "this code cannot be applied to your order." What am I doing wrong?

  • With the extra 34cm - do normal king sheets fit? Anyone have links to sheets they have purchased for it?

  • Thinking of the extra firm mattress. What type of bed base should I get. Will the Ikea bed frames suit? Like this one

    I tried asking Zzz but no response via email and phone/voicemail.

  • @zzzatelier: Are the two following SINGLE mattresses the same? The first one is priced at $199. 2nd one at $159

    https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/SINGLE-Mattress-5-Zone-Pocket-Sp... $199
    https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Queen-Double-King-Single-Mattres... $159

  • Do you guys do disposal of old mattress too?

  • QUEEN - Super Firm Mattress is out of stock already, any chance this will be back in stock for this sale?

  • Any review of it compared to ikea Hovag? Looking for medium to low firm( looking for soft). Tried Hovag recently and liked it.

  • Don't these usually go for cheaper https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/452609
    Why is the Queen $223 and $215 on the other deal?
    If any one could help thanks!