expired Watermark Kitchen Sink Mixer Tap WELS 6 STAR 4L/Min $68 (Was $85) @ Oz Homeware eBay


My brother just got one of these and installed, seems like pretty good quality for the price and has some handy features such as:
- shower and columnar water
- pull out spout
- ceramic cartridge

Bunnings cheapest item similar to this currently $105

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    These are useful but the version I had from Bunnings had the black plastic around the button to trigger the shower function completely wear out after a couple of years. It was still within warranty so no issue with that but much easier to take back to Bunnings than an online retailer.


      I guess these items are most susceptible to wear and tear, individuals use may vary. but your right it is easier to get one replaced at Bunnings which will cost you almost twice the cost outlay.


    Does it have the hose you can pull out? Can't go back to the normal tap once I used them in the kitchen

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    These things are rubbish they are prone to fail and will fail. The button to switch the veggie spray is plastic and will fatigue extremely quick, if they had a brass/rubber switch they would be great


      agree, the plastic button cover on will not last more than 6 months as it will be easily wear out and damaged by switching. I had a similar one bought from bunnings. It still works now but doesn't look nice without that plastic button cover.

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