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C4 Fourth Gen Bundle - 120 Serve + Free Shaker & Duffel Bag $92.04 Delivered @ Protein 247


Hi guys,

Protein 24:7 is having a 20% off store-wide using Code CLICK247
Free shipping over $89 so you need to buy 2 tubs of C4 in order to qualify for free shipping.

For those who don't know, Cellucor C4 is America's #1 selling pre-workout supplement. C4 Original delivers a classic formula for explosive energy, endurance, focus, and pumps.

Cellucor also has the current promotion: "Purchase 2 tubs Cellucor Fourth Gen 60 Serve and get a Free Cellucor Duffel Bag and Shaker!"

Total after checkout for me is $92.04 shipped for 2 tubs of C4 + 1 shaker + 1 duffel bag. This is my second deal submission on Ozbargain so I hope you guys enjoy this.

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Protein 247
Protein 247

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    C4 is the best selling but also probably the most ineffective pre-workout for the serious gym goer. It is severely under-dosed and doesn't contain added ingredients to prevent "crashing" from the caffeine. Although @ $0.75~ per serve its a good price. A proper pre-workout will be $1.5-$3 per serve.

    Also your tolerance will most likely go up (even with caffeine cycling off) before you finish 120 serves, requiring you to double scoop to maintain effectiveness.

    Avoid Fruit Punch, Orange Dream and Strawberry Margarita.


      Yeah I found C4 did nothing.

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      What pre-workouts would you recommend? This is the first time I've heard about this. Thanks!


        buy pwo from overseas, its the only way you will get decent stuff.
        but i couldnt tell ya whats good these days as i still have stuff saved from before the bans.


        I think its largely mental. I get used to a pre workout after a few months and don't like to change. The Arnold series used to be good though. You might have to try a few powders till you find one that suits.

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        Recommendations are based on tolerance:

        Beginner: Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard Pre Workout (similar in dosage to C4 without all the nasty stuff)/Muscle Pharm Assault
        Intermediate: Pathogen, Insane Labz Psychotic, The Curse, Muscle Nation Legacy, No-Xplode, Mr Hyde, Endorush
        Advanced (in order of rank): Ntel Arez, Insane Labz i am god, Redcon 1 Total War, Koala Freak, Insane Labz Manson
        ZYZZ: Anything with DMAA, DMHA, AMP Citrate (Do not use more than 3x a week and for the love of god do not exceed the serving size)

        Cycle usage as 1 month on - 1 month off to keep caffeine tolerance low


        Total War is my favorite, I'm onto my 5th tub. Makes you feel like a god and the flavors are great.


      Agreed, get total war if you want something that will give you ongoing pick up as a pre workout.


      Works great for me. Never tried the old stuff. I also don't drink coffee or anything else that has caffeine so that might be why.


    Are pre workouts really worth the price?


    I drink c4 like its powerade. Body gets used to the caffine quick.

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    I use Total War and it's pretty good and has great reviews - https://redcon1.com/products/redcon1-total-war-pre-workout


      I agree, works for me every time, and I build up tolerance very fast, but not with this one.