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Tamworth Technical Hooded Coat $85 (RRP $770) + $20 Postage @ Reiss


Seems like a great price for a good coat for winter. Most sizes in stock at time of post.

4.20% cashback via Cashrewards: https://www.cashrewards.com.au/reiss

Free postage over $400

From description:

The Tamworth coat in grey is both contemporary and functional in design. Cut in a technical fabrication to a funnel-neck it features front pockets, button and zip fastenings and a clever pack-away hood. Layer it over a sweatshirt and style it slim-fit jeans for an easy, off-duty weekend look.

Pack-away hood
Funnel neckline
Button & zip fastenings
Long sleeves
Buttoned cuffs
Fully lined

Composition - 100% Polyester
Lining Composition - 55% Polyester 45% Viscose

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  • +51

    *Composition - 100% Polyester
    No way a pure plastic coat is worth this much

    • +1

      It is when you can rock it out next country music festival

    • +21

      This retailer taken overflated RRP too far and amazingly has found a OP sucker that believes its sheet .

      • +2

        Yes RRP is pie in the sky bit it's still a decent buy at $85. Have you found one cheaper? 145 quid in England.

      • Definitely over priced but if you look at the other sites, this is generally what it sells for with the cheapest listing being about 145 pounds.

        That said, only XS left.

    • +3

      LOL, you haven't been into any luxury brands lately…. i remember walking into Dior and they were selling a mens rain coat (pure clear plastic) for almost $3k.

      • +16

        Yeah but it's the finest of plastics harvested from dead dolphins who died due to plastic waste in the ocean.

  • +14

    “Technical fabrication”? $770?

    Composition - 100% Polyester
    Lining Composition - 55% Polyester 45% Viscose

    I guess technically something has been fabricated!

    • +5

      That's what Barnaby's wife said!

  • +3

    Technical fabrics are supposed to be new ways of using old materials so it may be polyester but polyester fabricated using new techniques or fibres constructed in new ways. It’s a pretty trendy area though so could well be another company calling their line technical to get in on the popularity.

  • +1

    Thanks pitpicker, I've updated the description to clarify this is poly/viscose.

    Not 100% sure, but the fabric looks similar to NGX/Kathmandu raincoat fabrics on their casual range. This coat may well be at least semi-waterproof. Trying to find clarification…

    EDIT: Haven't found anything confirming any form of water resistance, but 'technical fabric' implies a function outside aesthetics - unsure what it is in this case!

    • +1

      No wind or water info suggests they are cashing in as Ojay said. Stylish enough coat for the price

  • Not knocking the markdown but a polyester winter coat?

    • If 'Technical Fabrication' means 'water resistant/raincoat', then maybe there's that?

      • +2

        Given there is absolutely no mention of water resistance or even rain (listed as a coat, not a raincoat), that’s a pretty big “if”…

        • Yup, true. I haven't found anything confirming any form of water resistance, but 'technical fabric' implies a function outside aesthetics - unsure what it is in this case!
          edit: spelling

          • +1

            @rbin: Can I ask why you keep asserting that? No one seems to know what it means, so it is more than likely just marketing nonsense than implied functionality. Not bashing you, but don't want people to think there's more to it if there isn't.

          • @rbin: Technical fabrication, ie the process not the material.

  • Yeah might be worth it for a water resistant coat. I have the impression wind might go straight through though.

    I prefer a thick coat + umbrella myself but if someone needs mobility $85 isn't bad for a coat. Good find.

  • +1

    Thanks Op, ordered one

  • +36

    "Damn, just paid $770 on this last week" said no one ever!

  • +2

    Absolute joke of a price at $770 but $85 certainly seems reasonable.

  • +2

    the sizing seems very small.

    • +2

      Largest size waist is 97cm.
      That's smaller than average Australian male waist (ABS, 2012).

      • I'd say 82cm would be the average (32in). 97cm is 38in which is quite on the larger size….

        That study points to people considered obese with larger waists. It's not a sample of the entire population.

        • +1

          Hi Wolfshooter,

          I wish that your estimate of 82cm was the avg. I know that it does not seem like it, however the ABS study quoted by Infidel is unfortunately a true sample of the entire population of Australia using accepted statistical standards. Unless i am reading it incorrectly their approach achieved a sampling of 1/551 Australians. The finer detail of survey design, scope and operation may be found here - https://www.abs.gov.au/ausstats/[email protected]/Lookup/D9707300945A...

          -summary- The 2011-12 NHS and NNPAS were conducted via face to face interviews (or by phone in remote areas) using a stratified multistage area sample of private dwellings. The sample size, distribution and method of selection was based on the aims of the survey, the topics they contained, the level of disaggregation and accuracy at which the survey estimates were required, and the costs and operational constraints of conducting the survey.
          The sample was designed to provide:
          * relatively detailed estimates for each state/territory and Australia
          * relatively detailed estimates for Capital City/Balance of State areas within each state and territory
          * broad level estimates for regions within larger states and territories
          * estimates for those characteristics which are relatively common, and sub-populations which are relatively large and spread fairly evenly geographically.

          Just out of curiosity i had a look at averages for the US (in metric) in 2017 using their CDC data:
          Men - 102.4
          Women - 98.3

        • That was a statistic from the National Health Survey conducted regularly by the Australian Bureau of Statistics.

          It's not a sample of the entire population.

          No! It was drawn from a proper large sampling of of the Australian population, drawn from a broad range of locations. Details of the latest National Health Survey conducted across Australia - of around 21,000 people

          That study points to people considered obese with larger waists.

          It first lists the health implications for those with large waist size - those weren't the limited population sampled as you presumably thought.

          The 2011-12 study statistic is disturbing: On average, men aged 18 years and over had a waist measurement of 97.9 cm.

          Latest stats - 6 years on: In 2017-18, the average waist measurement for adult men was 98.0cm.

          What valid survey of Australian adult males do you derive your 82cm statistic from? Drawing on yourself & people you know as subjects is not a valid sampling method😉

  • Has to be dry-cleaned…so guessing it's not really made to get too drenched….

  • +1

    Cut in a technical fabrication

    Whatever the (profanity) that is.

  • +2

    Not Goretex … No Deal!

  • +1

    It's a good looking jacket, but even 105 seems a bit much. Plus they choose good models, so downgrade the way that material sits on 99% of people.

  • +3

    Reiss are a designer brand like Hugo Boss so $85 is an amazing price if that's your thing.

  • +1

    Geez worse than Kathmandu with pricing and “sale” price

  • +3

    Got one for Rick Astley, he’s given up on his old one.

  • Shame not able to click and collect from David Jones.

  • +2

    Had a suit for a wedding from them which was pretty good. It's a name brand quality thing. $100 for a nice coat is pretty good.

    Ordered although told off by wife.

  • Thanks, bought one.

  • +1

    Layer it over a sweatshirt and style it slim-fit jeans for an easy, off-duty weekend look.

    But i work as a barrista in a vape shop that also sells beard oil and vinyl records (of bands you havent heard of yet) on the weekend

  • Based off the Google cached copy it's been $85 since the 3rd of May. Pretty long run for such huge discount if you ask me…

  • +1

    It was never 700 dollars but It's pretty stylish and not bad for 85 either way. Stick a Ben Sherman label on something like that and it's 180.

  • +1

    On the David Jones website their jackets start at $650, the business jackets go down to $245.

    Looks like some people do actually pay $770 for this kind of stuff.

    But $105 is still an excellent price, regardless of the label sewn into it.

  • +3

    Price Breakdown:
    Coat = $20
    Brand = $750

    Now its up to you if you want to buy it or not.

  • Basically every high-end brand
    It was some designers ex girlfriend on Instagram who said they made his clothes in Turkey and then labelled them Made In Italy in Italy
    You pay for name, design, fit.

    Otherwise $8 Big W sweats would fit as good as Under Armour 🤣

    It's actually a nice coat, I'm considering.
    P.S. Outlet has other massively reduced items



    L just sold out in the last 15 minutes, FML!

  • Nearly all sold out bar XS, OzBargained 100%

  • +3

    Free postage over $400

    The real bargain

  • Some stock came back in, and by the time I went through check out it said my cart was empty 🤣

  • Where is ACCC?

    • +5

      kogan headquarters

  • Out of stock. Any other deals on this website?

  • Anyone knows if their sizing is true to size or smaller/larger?

  • Charging premium at its best for a luxury brand of course.

  • It's now showing up as $310 with no stock available!

  • +3

    And just got the "Order Cancelled" email!

    • I just received the cancel email as well.

      I bought medium this afternoon.

      Any one's order go through?

      I paid via PayPal and the email says orders have been refunded but I don't see it in my PayPal.

      • And if you check the UK website, all sizes are still available. If they are cancelling all orders, the cost of reputational damage will be irreparable. They might as well say goodbye to the Australian market!

      • I got the dispatch email about 45mins after ordering, but I did order pretty much at the time of this post.
        Item has been shipped according to tracking info.

    • yep, order cancelled

  • Also cancelled.

  • Cancelled, and I was a previous customer.

    • Wife will now be happy (:

  • They have said it was a pricing error.

    Sent me a 20% off voucher. Yeah thanks, but no thanks.

    • And I'm told my payment wasn't authorised which is bs! Both PayPal and my cc account is showing the transaction. I have sent the screenshots and waiting to hear back.

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