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iPad Pro 10.5" Wi-Fi 64GB Space Grey & Rose Gold $617.00 + More @ David Jones

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David Jones
David Jones

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  • 1st Gen or 2nd Gen?

  • Not available in QLD btw.

  • When I see this, I’ll think to spend extra few hundreds for current Gen, then think I could get a decent laptop for the price, and then think a few hundred extra can get a MacBook Pro, then realised that’d be almost $2k, then I give up on buying….

  • The $617 iPad pro has a A10x chip, the current one is A12x. Wondering if I should just spend more to get the newer iPad pro. The USBc is definitely a plus.

    • The USB C doesn't change anything meaningful. It's still as restricted as the lightning port. You can't plug in external storage.

      The new Pro has other upgrades like a newer processor, but if you're going to spend hundreds more just for USB C, it seems like a very expensive USB port.

      Personally I see the new Pro as a downgrade because I like having a physical button, and I like my headphone jack.

  • I always get confused if these are the latest models or not.

    Tempted by the big 12.9"

  • I always get confused if these are the latest models or not.

    Tempted by the big 12.9"

  • Great for those who missed out on the last deal from The School Locker

    • Ordered an 256GB from School Locker, but was told stock shortage the other day. They offered me to pay $150 more to upgrade to 512GB or receive a partial refund of $80 to get a 64GB. Choose to full refund and grabed an iPad Pro 11 (64G wifi+cell) from other seller paying $1065.

      • 1065 vs 1449 (rrp)? A lot cheaper! Which seller did you get your ipp 11 from?

  • The 10.5 64gb pros appear to be sold out

  • School locker deal was 10% cheaper. Got mine delivered earlier this week.

  • For those tossing up getting one of hte 10.5" pros - I bought one through school locker to replace an Air 2 and it's an amazing device. Super snappy, 4gb of ram and the display is awesome. Nothing but praise from me!

  • Are these instore only?

    • I picked one "IPAD PRO 10.5IN WI-FI+CELL 64GB SPACE MQEY2X/A $757.00" up in store after calling to ensure they stock. The sales staff didn't know of discounted price, so I had to show them their website.

      I got the $757 price, but it looks like they have updated their site to $1079….

    • At the time when I posted this, you were able to order online.

      DJ has removed this option and they have also removed a few other iMac and MacBook that was on sale.

  • They update the price in their web 1,099.00…
    IPAD PRO 10.5IN WI-FI 256GB SPACE MPDY2X/A $767.00(davidjones.com)—> 1099.00

  • Some refurbished ones from Apple for $469.00. Just another option

  • They have jumped up some of the prices, if you can find stock you may still get a discounted price for new stock.

    IPAD PRO 10.5IN WI-FI 64GB ROSE MQDY2X/A $617.00(davidjones.com) No change.

    IPAD PRO 10.5IN WI-FI+CELL 64GB SPACE MQEY2X/A $757.00(davidjones.com) -> $1,079

    IPAD PRO 10.5IN WI-FI 256GB ROSE MPF22X/A $767.00(davidjones.com) No change.

    IPAD PRO 10.5IN WI-FI 256GB SPACE MPDY2X/A $767.00(davidjones.com) -> $1,099

    IPAD PRO 10.5IN WI-FI+CELL 256GB SPACE MPHG2X/A $907.00(davidjones.com) No change.

    IPAD PRO 10.5IN WI-FI+CELL 512GB SPACE MPME2X/A $1,117.00(davidjones.com) No change.

    IPAD PRO 12.9IN WI-FI+CELL 256GB SPACE MPA42X/A $1,127.00(davidjones.com) No change.

  • I bought during the Harvey Norman $699… Anyone knows if they would give me a refund for some kind of price guarantee? I think JB hi-fi did it for me 2 years ago for a TV that dropped price a week after purchase

  • I can't add any to cart :(

  • Just picked one up in store at Sydney CBD (64gb wifi space grey, $617), these prices are definitely still available, the discounted prices are labeled on the boxes themselves. At least a few more left in 256gb as well.

    • They still had one ipad pro 10.5" - 64gb wifi space gray @617.
      A few ipad pro 10.5" - 256gb wifi space gray $757.

      I bought one on Tuesday morning (28th).

      I didn't see any apple pencils.
      Some ipad minis (assume old models @399 - can't be sure).

      apple watch series @ 897…

  • Definitely not expired!

    Just went to DJs Sydney CBD

    Picked up the last rose gold wifi 256gb for 617 - item scanned at 767 but has the sticker on

    There are about 5 more in stock - wifi and cell models

    Off the top of my head the grey 64gb were low 700s
    Cell 64gb mid 7s

    Heaps of Apple stuff on these “clearance” prices

  • Paid on the 24th and today they canceled my order. Very disappointed with DJs

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