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Huawei P30 Pro (Dual Sim 4G/4G) $1,358.30, P30 (Dual Sim 4G/4G) $933.30 + Delivery (Free with eBay Plus) @ SydneyMobiles eBay


Great Prices and cheaper compare to previous deals I guess. Apply code at checkout and Free delivery with eBay plus.
Enjoy :)

Some useful notes from the listing :

Please note: Regarding the recent developments on the USA bans of Huawei, it is a rapidly evolving situation. Huawei Australia have released a statement to reassure consumers that existing devices will not be affected by the ban, the full statement can be found at:

We will continue to work closely with communicating with both Huawei and our valued customers. Please feel free to contact us if you have any queries.

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  • +34 votes

    Saw news about someone selling their 2 weeks old Huawei phone (probably p30) at $400 loss because of the ban

    • +8 votes

      Wish there would be more retarded out there selling good stuff at a bargain price.

      • +12 votes

        People are ranting about Huawei phone will become useless in the next couple of months, but deep down most people just want to get a good bargain to get such a good phone.

      • +26 votes

        Who wants to pay flagship prices for an unsupported phone? All new features etc that will be released in the future and you will essentially be locked out of the Android eco system.

        • -2 votes

          I don't think it's the lack of support that's the issue but more so the security issues.

          Account for the vulnerabilities, open source nature of Android, bugs/performance issues and mainly the fact they will become a target due to the lack of updates.

          Tl;dr: Dont buy a phone that doesnt give you security updates.

          • +11 votes

            @KnowingNothing: Huawei and Google have both confirmed that security will continue to be patched for the existing models even after August.

          • +56 votes

            @KnowingNothing: All this Android talk is getting me agitated. I'm a Senior Android developer. You have a wrong idea about security updates. First of all hacking or finding vulnerabilities in Android is a very tough job, you need to have years of experience in hacking to know where to even look. Android has become exponentially secure since the release of Marshmallow. So the chance of your phone randomly getting hacked because you didn't have the latest update is so low you have a better chance of winning a big lottery. If this was a fairly common issue I can assure you the media would not hold back on reporting about it. Even if someone hacked your phone via a Android vulnerability, what they could do with it would be limited.

            Secondly, you don't need a hacker to hack your phone. Those trusty apps you've installed like Facebook are tracking all your information from right under your nose and you are in fact giving away all your information by installing these apps. I can create a decoy location tracking app within 2 hours, that doesn't look like a tracking app and sends me your location regularly without notifying you. You will never notice and the phone will never warn you.

            Thirdly, did you forget that phone manufacturers are awfully slow at releasing system updates? It could be months before you receive security updates. Usually you'll just receive the new version of the OS itself.

            So don't talk about "security updates". Go ahead and buy the Huawei phone if you like the hardware. If you really really want frequent updates, buy a Pixel. It's Google's own phone.

            • +2 votes

              @alikazi: Measured and considered from a security perspective. Except, software, lack of access to google store might be a problem. Huawei was going to be my next ecosystem that I was going to invest in: laptop and phone. But without actual mainstream software like Google, windows,etc, seems like a big risk.

              • -5 votes

                @danzster: Already suspectible to security issues, no 5g support, lack of latest OS support and outside the Google software circle that's reported already filled with Trojans. Future software updates without native support, and outdated applications. You can't say "security updates" aren't an issue when OS concerns are already driving them to create their own OS in panic and more of a target for outdated applications and software.

              • +3 votes

                @danzster: @danzter In fact I'd recommend that you don't invest fully into any ecosystem. With Android itself it's hard not to invest in the ecosystem since the most useful apps are offered for free by Google (email, navigation, productivity tools). But a manufacturer's ecosystem is an additional layer and you should try to stay away from all of them because all of them will collect your information. There is no limit to what they can track.

                To track user behaviour, in my previous employment I had included a video recording library that would record the user using the app, the notifications etc would be visible. I could sometimes see users typing passwords in some other app. This would get recorded because the app I built would have not been "killed" by the system yet. The video would then get uploaded to our severs when the device was connected to WiFi.

                Stay away from fully investing in any manufacturer's ecosystem. Split your data between multiple companies. Lie about your date of birth online wherever you can. Create a separate email address in Gmail for signing up on dodgy websites and setup forwarding to your main email. This way most of the spam will get caught by Gmail in the dodgy email account's spam folder and only what made it to the inbox will get forwarded to you. This way you stay away from all the spam.

                I'm just giving random tips here, but yeah my point is don't bother with ecosystems. Remember that all software companies want to make it "convenient" for you so that you hand over all your data and then you're just hooked at the convenience. Keep it less convenient for yourself, but that way you are safer.


                @danzster: Oh and also although Huwaei laptops are pretty high end, they are also too expensive for the features in my opinion. There are plenty of other laptops that are better for the same price. Try Lenovo, they have the best keyboard experience and recently they've released thin bezel laptops. They're also always doing promotions. Don't go for HP they break within 3 years. Asus is also good but I hate their keyboard.



              Thirdly, did you forget that phone manufacturers are awfully slow at releasing system updates? It could be months before you receive security updates. Usually you'll just receive the new version of the OS itself.

              It used to be like that years ago, but nowadays Android manufacturers including Huawei release security updates every month.



              @alikazi: I have to agree. Reading about those people who are panicking because they have not received the May Security Update for their phones makes me laugh. They behave as if they are doomed without the latest monthly security update.

              Meanwhile I know other people who have 2+ year old Android phones that have not been updated at all (Because technology is confusing and scary) and their phones are perfectly fine and safe.


              @alikazi: @alikazi It's not "security updates" or "frequent updates" that's going to stop the average buyer from buying a Huawei phone, it's not having access to the Google Play Store, you will not be able to get one app, No Instagram, No Facebook, No Youtube, No Spotify, No Google Chrome!!!! Being a "Senior Android developer" I am surprised you don't realise the full implications of buying a Huawei phone today. The average Android user is not hugely concerned with security updates, but they'll have a meltdown if they can't use SnapChat Twitter or WhatsApp. The 20 Y.O Nokia 3310 would become more useful than a flagship Huawei phone because it will have some classic game apps such as Snake, Pairs II, Space Impact and Bantumi!!!


                @PukeyLuke: I feel like you're taking the piss at me by quoting "Senior Android Developer" as if I dont get it. My previous comment is a reply to someone complaining about not receiving security updates, not about lack of access to the Play store. So mentioning play store was not part of the discussion. What has bothered me is your short sighted assumption that I dont know what I'm talking about, so let me help fix that.

                First of all, this
                (Scroll down to find "Which phones are affected?")
                and this

                Clearly, existing phones will continue to have Google Play Services which is the backbone of most apps. It makes sense too. When the P30 was released, Huawei was still a licensed operator of Android. The contract has been signed. 99% chances it will continue to have access to Google Play Services. The way the ban will affect all Huawei phones is that they will stop receiving any kind of updates effective last week. So no Android Q for the P30. That is a shame. Android Q is probably going to be the last major Android version. Google has made Android Q modularised so that it can receive updates to its components from Play Store. No more downloading a large update and rebooting the device. This is equivalent to Windows 10. You dont see a new version of Windows anymore. 10 is the last one and it will continue to get better via smaller updates. So its a shame P30 will lose access to Android Q.

                Secondly, I believe eventually either Huawei will allow unlocking the bootloader, or developers will figure out a way to unlock it thereby making it possible to install custom ROMs. These ROMs will be more common when Q is released where it will make more sense to go through the pain of rooting your phone to get the features of Q. I believe this will happen for the P30 eventually. I understand that most people are not tech savvy and rooting a phone is not even on their radar. But they will continue to have Android Pie which in my opinion is not bad. Dont forget that the phone is rocking very good hardware.

                Thirdly, Huawei is about to release their own OS. The new OS will be based on Android either via AOSP or it may be a Unix derived version with Android runtime (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/BlackBerry_10). It would be similar to what OnePlus does with their OxygenOS (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/OxygenOS) which in the end gives users access to the Play store. The worst way to do this is how Amazon managed Android on their devices (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Amazon_Appstore). In any case, the new Huawei OS will be based on Android and they will push a version of Android Q to devices like P30 at some point in the future.

                So it is short sighted to think that Huawei and the people who buy these phones are completely doomed.

        • +12 votes

          Who wants to pay flagship prices for an unsupported phone?

          You must be new to Android

    • +40 votes

      I read their statement.

      No mention of the word "Guarantee", nor any of a manufacturer warranty should updates no longer be available.

      There is no way i'd drop 1K on a phone based on the clouds of uncertainty and that less than reassuring statement.

      • +9 votes

        There's no guarantee Trump will lift the ban. It's not a thing from a free world.

        • +10 votes

          Trump is just blackmailing - just like he is "Not obstructing justice" by intimidating witnesses. The ban will be reviewed when he is gone one way or another.

          • -8 votes

            @bchliu: Keep relying on that fake news to guide you, it's easier than having to do your own thinking, hey.

            • +8 votes

              @SporadicUser: Only time will tell. See what happens after his taxes break out and Mueller tells all. See how "Fake" that is about the "Very stable genius".. LOLOL


                @bchliu: Don't stop believing.

              • -1 vote

                @bchliu: lmao Mueller? Does he get another chance, after 2 years and $35M for his first effort resulted in sweet FA?

                You sound like the rabid, hysterical anti-Trump freaks on r/politics, where every hour they console themselves by getting all hot and bothered about some new imaginary way they're gonna bring down the bad orange man.

                "This will be the one that gets him!!" ahaha


          Of course no guarantee from Trump and not expecting that.

          The statement is full of confidence that the US ban does not affect AU, but not a guarantee that if phones are affected, the manufacturer will handle the warranty claims. In stead, you will have to trust in the retailler you buy from.

    • +18 votes

      Really? Is that all? I'm surprised they didn't lose half its value.

    • +2 votes

      Nobody selling any cheap p30s on gumtree right now. The $200 mothers day promo / Sonos promo was still the best deal.


      A $400 loss on a 2 week old high-end Huawei sounds pretty good, ban or not.


      Saw news about people unlocking their Apple iPhones by microwaving them.

  • +20 votes

    Technically brilliant phone :/

    • -17 votes

      Except for the:
      - high price
      - off software
      - poor durability
      - weak speakers
      - no headphone jack
      - no microSD, FM Radio, or IrDa
      - no bootloader unlock/root/custom roms
      - poor bezels/screen to body bezels/bad aspect ratio

      …so I'd say this would've been a good flagship, and I remember when flagships used to cost AUD $800
      If this device was half this price, the OEM would still be making a good profit, and it would feel more fair priced for consumers.

      • +9 votes

        I wonder what phone are you using at the moment?

      • +21 votes

        You make zero sense with that list mate. No bootloader/root/custom roms? The phone just got released. The rom developers haven't even started working on a custom rom for the phone. Which major flagship phone do you get to hack when it's just released? It takes a few months to get stable releases of custom roms.

        No headphone jack, no micro sd, FM RADIO? FM RADIO?? YOU WANT FM RADIO? iPhone is much more expensive and it also doesn't have most of the things you've listed.

        POOR BEZELS?? You need professional help mate.

      • +2 votes

        High price is subjective in comparison to Samsung or Apple.
        Off software? Wtf?
        Durability is as good as any flagship phone. Have you got one to critique this?
        Speakers are fine except it is mono. As with a few flagship phones
        Has NM card and DOES have IR as one of the very rare phones that still does.
        Boot loader will be unlocked very soon given the circumstances. They don't have an option not to unlock it given people will want their own OS on it
        Bezels are thinner as thin as the Galaxy phones. What are you on about?

        Goes to show you don't own one and can't critique it. You've made a number of errors in your claims just here.

        • +2 votes

          off software is the fact it's widely known if Huawei have anything they needed to seriously work on, it was their skin on Stock android.
          Speakers are not fine…its a $1599 phone with a single bottom firing speaker
          Standard SD card is highly accessible and ridiculously affordable compared to NM
          Bootloader has not been officially announced by any creditable source as yet.
          High price is subjective yes, but being they started boasting high-end technology for mid-ranged pricing, RRP has to come into play.

          your comment made less sense than @Kangal. It's a good phone…no a great phone, but there are genuine flaws.

      • +12 votes

        Doesn't allow you to teleport
        Doesn't give you invincibility
        Doesn't give you superhuman strength
        Doesn't give you invisibility

        Must be a shit phone then

      • +3 votes

        I have to disagree. Google support aside, this is a much better phone than s10. Better camera. Also I prefer the notch than hole in the middle.

      • +2 votes

        Kangal has a point though.

        For the RRP, the lack of Stereo speakers, expandable memory, average OS & no jack are big losses. few for some but all for others


          Currently I have a P30. Don't really mind the lack of expandable memory as 128gb internal is plenty for me. I'd use the slot for SIM-slutting anyway

          • +1 vote

            @smiley-k: Yeah sorry my point was Kangal has some valid points, but I think it's still a very good phone. Just at this price bracket and what the company was built on, it leaves a bit on the table.

            I've got the S10+ and my partner has the P30, for how we use it, both are great choices for different reasons.


              @ADGRM: Thanks for reading my comment for what it is (genuine criticism) and not for what most other's thought it is (a diss on the phone for coming from Huawei). I think its a good phone, but is it really $1,400 worth? Or what about the $1,600 RRP price?

              I agree it's a great phone. And I guess a lot of the differences between my views and the majority here come from the fact that, maybe, I'm still stuck in the 2014-high-expectations and people here have 2018-low-expectations. I genuinely believe innovation in devices took a nose-dive since then, just see Apple. They only have made advances in higher-price, Faster SoC (this was a given), Multi-cameras (still feels like a gimmick most of the time, see Pixel's single-cam), and Marketing (sleek, shiny, glass, less ports etc etc). From a practicality point, ie a tool, the older devices were better.

              PS: For those wondering, I'm still using the trusty 2yr old LG G6 that I got for ~$400 here on OzB, have had bad luck with my previous 3 phones dying (Note3 rain, Nexus 5 screen problem, Nexus 5X gave to mum/now screen cracked). I'm waiting for either the S10e, LG G8, ASUS ZenFone 6, RoG Phone 2, or something else this year. Current phone works but is having battery life issues, and the camera isn't quite there yet, will hand it down.


              @ADGRM: Fair enough. Have to be honest coming from Samsung the Huawei skin does annoy a bit

      • +4 votes

        What a hilariously pointless list.

        No FM radio? Infrared? Unlockable bootloader? This isn't 2009 anymore, get over it.

  • +23 votes

    I wouldn't risk it until deal is sign between China and America. You could be left without updates or patches at any point.

    • -25 votes

      Just like owning an <insert most brands here>

      • +5 votes

        OH did those brands get their OS license rescinded as well as their batteries pulled? Yeah, you're right….

    • +5 votes

      They are the 2nd largest phone manufacturer in the world, they won't stop updating their current flagship because of this ban. Whether it's updates from AOSP or a migration to their own OS this phone will be updated.

    • +12 votes

      Locked out of the google play store/andorid eco system is probably the worst thing.


        Android is open source, from what i understand they wont get locked out and Huawei are free to develop their own android from the android open source project. Google is just not allowed to work with them directly with their releases of android.

        • +4 votes

          Android is yes, but they lose access to Play Store, Google Apps (gmail, photos etc..), Youtube.
          Plus any Microsoft service as well.

        • +4 votes

          Android is open source

          Google has done a great job of brainwashing it's customers by proclaiming Android is open source when in reality Google's binaries are not open source.


        Not sure how the specifics work but I'm pretty sure it means that they cannot ship the phone with the app store or play services, there's no reason why you can't sideload both. Worst case you can get most of your apps either through Huawei's app store or the Amazon app store. Or you know just side load the apps.

  • +6 votes

    From reading their media statement. Look like this phone is stuck on Android Pie forever.

  • +16 votes

    No. This will definitely affect them in some form or fashion unless Huawei receives a reprieve. The price is at the top end of town, why would you even take a chance it can potentially be limited? Are you even going to receive updates to Google Q when it happens?

    • -5 votes

      Regardless of what happens over coming weeks and months. The damage has been done to the brand.
      Expect fire sale for reseller to clear the inventory in coming days and week.

      • +4 votes

        No damage has been done to the brand, but more like the brand is denied access, so much for the free market.

        • +8 votes

          That depends on your definition of free market.
          If the definition of free market is one way trade, then that' correct.
          Is it possible to export to China without restrictions or technology transfer agreements ?

          Why would anyone pay a ultra premium price when there is uncertainty & risk


            @utsc: Huawei suffering what Google suffered in China doesn't justify the suffering of Huawei nor the suffering of Google. In a free market, U.S. shouldn't punish Huawei and China shouldn't have punished Google.

        • +3 votes

          free market, no such thing. In a true free market, couldn't you price how much you pay employees? Can't do that since there's minimal wage laws. In markets where no such pricing law exists, other forms of policies are used to ensure prices remain at a premium, an example… Only certain number of pharmacies in each postcode is allowed or in trades (sparkies, dentists) where number of apprentices are artificially reduced to ensure demand outstrips supply.

          • +2 votes


            free market, no such thing

            The economist that coined the phrase is a moron named Friedrich Hayek.

            In order for his stupid free market theory to be successful, according to his theory, there must be no economic control whatsoever.

            So to start with having a state regulated currency stops free markets working so, according to Hayek, they cannot work anywhere in the world as it is currently. According to Hayek's moronic theory anyone should be allowed to make their own currency and the market will decide which one is best.

            There is no such thing as a free market. There is simply people with things to sell who set about trying to rig everything in their own favour. The "free market" theory is one reason they use to justify themselves rigging the market.


          There is an enormous amount of damage done to the brand. Anyone who see's the Huawei brand will now wonder whether they will get full android and google services access after purchase. A hell of a lot of potential buyers probably didn't even realise this was a risk when buying a Chinese (or any) phone until now.


          I'm not sure you realise what has happened. This is beyond Andriod.
          In the latest news Telstra has pulled the plug Huawei P30 Pro.

    • +2 votes

      They will be fine sooner or later

    • +1 vote

      You will pretty much receive the Android Q because 95% chance is that their own OS will be a fork of the Android Open Source Project, which will result in a slightly different OS like what OnePlus does with their oxygen OS. So very very high chance you will receive Android updates. When it comes to security updates, most manufacturers are slow at releasing those anyway. Samsung is the worst at releasing system updates. But you'd buy Samsung won't you? The only potential issue here is whether their own version of Android is going to be usable or not. If it's buggy then yeah that ruins the experience.

  • +12 votes

    Potentially all Chinese phones at risk. Crazy situation for the entire world to be in

  • +5 votes

    no more support from google

  • +12 votes

    may be if they let us unlock the bootloader we could extend their usefulness.

  • +27 votes

    The phone is affected by the ban. You can't get past pie lol. Yes you'll get security updates, but a 1k+phone, I'd expect at least 2 major updates.

    Plus the bootloader is locked. Good phone, but not for that price

    • +15 votes

      Huawei will survive… the Chinese gov banned google for more than 10 years..so all the Android phones in China don’t have any google service. The market is big enough for Huawei to survive..

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