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[PC, Steam] Throne of Keys - One Free Game Every Hour @ Kinguin


Attention Kinguiners! Still looking for a new game to add to your gaming library? Look no more! Kinguin officially announces its first episode of "Crazy Free Weekends"!
Yes, you heard that right, lots of games will be given for free, so stay tuned!
Here's the deal: every hour a different game will be promoted, which you can grab for free! Just add it to your cart and finish the order, no worries, you don't have to pay anything!
That's it, grab your free game, tell your friends about it and have one really amazing gaming weekend!


What is the promotion about?
Every hour a new free game will be promoted. Grab your free game now or wait for the next one.

How long does the promotion last?
The promotion lasts from Friday 24.05 14:00 CET to Monday 27.05 18:00 CET.

How often will the games change?
Each full hour there will be one different game selected that can be claimed for free.

Can I get more than one game?
Each customer can claim one game during each hour of promotion.

All games have already been claimed. When will next games be available?
Each hour there is a limited number of available keys that are for free. If all keys have been given away already, please check the promotion in an hour to make sure you do not miss you free code. New games should be added every hour on the hour.

How can I claim my free game?
Simply click “Claim For Free” next to the game and login to your Kinguin account. If you do not have any account yet, make sure to register first. The game will be automatically added to your Kinguin Inventory. To reveal your key just click “Show CD-Key” and you may enjoy your free game!

I got the game but I'm not sure how to activate it. What should I do?
If you are not certain how to redeem your product, please check the Activation Details that are available on the product page or visit our FAQ page.You can also just click on the Activation Guide on the game card in your Inventory. If you are still unable to activate the game, please contact us via LiveChat or Create a Ticket.

Edit: Available again 31/5 11pm

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  • +2

    Get ready for friday, Crazy free weekend will back with new games and new system. Read article as fast as you can and get daily Ninja Krowns


    • +1

      "How much NinjaKrowns will a single game cost? This depends on a game. Newer and more expensive AAA titles will require spending more than classics or indies, which makes more sense than spending the same amount on every game. If you claim your NKs regularly, you should be able to get around two games every week."

      Hmm, so assuming 350 krowns per week and 'around two games every week' I guess we can assume somewhere in the realm of 100~300 krowns per game, depending on indie/AAA etc.

      Sounds fine to me. Of the haul I got in week one, most of them were sort of repeats or things I didn't really care for anyway. Much like Chrono.gg this should just be a case of stockpiling and redeeming once every now and then. Honestly I like this much better than the latency/clickspam dependant mess.

  • +2

    This sort of quietly went live just now BTW

    From Dust Uplay - 150 coins
    Dragon Age Inquisition (already sold out - 150 coins)
    Sniper Elite V2 - 150 coins
    Outlast - 100 coins
    Hatred - 100 coins
    Company of heroes 2 - 100 coins

    I had to login via incognito mode because my balance was showing as zero otherwise :S

  • +1

    At least 2 waves already dropped, did not check before 22PM.
    Previous drop title:
    Star Wars Empire at War - Gold Pack
    Dragon Age: Origins
    Metal Gear Solid Phantom Pain
    Worms Ultimate Mayhem
    Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion

    I think there was 8 games total, but cant recal the other 2…

    • Oh good to know.
      I thought it would just start at 11pm like the previous weeks.

    • Correction, 3 more
      World of Warships: Admiral Graf Spee Pack
      Space Engineers
      Euro Truck Simulator GOTY

      PS. Yes, drops change every hour 0.0

  • So is it every hour new games are listed?

    • Ignore, someone just answered on another comment.
      Every hour

  • LEGO Star Wars: The Complete Saga Steam CD Key - 150
    Dead Island Riptide Steam CD Key - 100
    Vanquish Steam CD Key - 150
    The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion GOTY Edition Deluxe Steam CD Key - 150
    Borderlands 2 Game of the Year Edition EU Steam CD Key - 150
    Worms World Party Remastered Steam CD Key - 100
    LEGO Star Wars: The Complete Saga Steam CD Key - 150
    Tricky Towers Steam CD Key - 150
    Turmoil Steam CD Key - 100
    Hitman: Blood Money Steam CD Key - 100

  • 1AM drop

    • Hitman Absolution Steam CD Key
    • Bulletstorm Origin CD Key
    • Risen 3: Titan Lords Steam CD Key
    • Medieval Engineers Steam CD Key
    • Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War III Steam CD Key
    • Wars Across The World Steam CD Key
    • TrackMania 2 Canyon Steam CD Key
    • LEGO Star Wars: The Complete Saga Steam CD Key

    At this rate, all keys will be gone by the 5 wave. They brought back LEGO SW, it looks as though all keys for LEGO were claimed as the list went up.

  • 2AM drop
    * Burnout Paradise: The Ultimate Box Origin CD Key
    * Prey Steam CD Key
    * Overcooked Steam CD Key
    * Twilight Struggle Steam CD Key
    * Rising Storm 2: Vietnam Steam CD Key
    * Sniper Elite V2 Steam CD Key
    * Keebles Steam CD Key
    * Dragon Age: Origins Origin CD Key
    * Hitman Absolution Steam CD Key
    * LEGO Star Wars: The Complete Saga Steam CD Key

    Saw CLAIM buttons for both Dragon Age and Sniper Elite (both sold out in the previous drops). Hitman Absolution and LEGO either gone in 1s or no keys available this drop. Looks like we'll be getting plenty of tries at some good games without camping 24/7. Me, I'm confused as f*@k, but I'm pretty sure the same goes for the botting community :-). Nice to see how Kinguin turned it around.

  • Anyone have ETS2 GOTY for trade? PM me please

  • +1

    ^ Avoid trading with the guy above (NegativeKneX), he is a scammer.

    Proof : https://i.imgur.com/rOwVBne.png

    • Well, i dont even have account on Reddit, someone scammed you under my nickname. I traded many keys here and some users can recommend me

    • +2

      The fact that you both appear to be overseas users might explain why neither of you could PM eachother here on ozbargain and had to go to Reddit.

      A quick search shows that Reddit user u/NegativeKneX was created in July 2017 and his ozbargain counterpart signed up in January 2019. Since it's impossible for usernames on Reddit to ever be changed or recycled, this may look bad for the accused (or very coincidental that he chose this same profile name on Ozbargain)…

      But unfortunately you can never be 100% sure that it's the same person behind both profiles.

      That my friend, is the internet for you.

      • Im using this name from many years, so someone could copy this from other forum.

        • +3

          On what? Even the capitalised letters are the same..

  • +2

    So I was making a list of games dropped this week by platform/NJK value for myself, while waiting for more coins. Mind as well post it for everybody here. Here goes. Hope everybody got their wishes this weekend!

    PS. This is NOT a trade offer. Please don't PM me, please dont' ban me… ;-)

    Wargaming.net (I guess…)

    • Admiral Graf Spee Pack Code - 100 NJK


    • From Dust - 150 NJK


    • Bulletstorm - 150 NJK
    • Burnout Paradise: The Ultimate Box - 150 NJK
    • Dragon Age Inquisition - 150 NJK
    • Dragon Age Origins - 100 NJK


    • Blood Bowl 2 - 150 NJK
    • Borderlands 2 GOTY EU - 150 NJK
    • Brothers A Tale of Two Sons - 100 NJK
    • Company of Heroes 2 - 100 NJK
    • Dead Island Riptide - 100 NJK
    • Elder Scrolls IV Oblivion GOTY Deluxe - 150 NJK
    • Eternal Step - 100 NJK
    • Euro Truck Simulator 2 GOTY - 150 NJK
    • Hatred - 100 NJK
    • Hitman Absolution - 100 NJK
    • Hitman Blood Money - 100 NJK
    • Keebles - 100 NJK
    • Lego Star Wars: The Complete Saga - 150 NJK
    • Medieval Engineers - 250 NJK
    • MGS Phantom Pain - 150 NJK
    • Outlast - 100 NJK
    • Overcooked - 100 NJK
    • Prey - 250 NJK
    • Risen 3: Titan Lords - 100 NJK
    • Rising Storm 2: Vietnam - 100 NJK
    • Sins of a Solar Empire Rebellion - 100 NJK
    • Sniper Elite V2 - 150 NJK
    • Space Engineers - 250 NJK
    • Star Wars Empire at War Gold Pack - 150 NJK
    • Stellaris Standard Edition - 150 NJK
    • Trackmania 2 Canyon - 150 NJK
    • Tricky Towers - 150 NJK
    • Turmoil - 100 NJK
    • Twilight Struggle - 100 NJK
    • Vanquish - 150 NJK
    • Warhammer 40,000 Dawn of War III - 150 NJK
    • Wars Across The World - 100 NJK
    • Worms Ultimate Mayhem - 100 NJK
    • Worms World Party Remastered - 100 NJK
  • +1

    Disclaimer. Warhammer 40,000 Dawn of War III is actually the DoW Master Collection. Base game, plus expansions… Works for me ^^.
    With Warhammer 40,000 Master Collection you get:
    * Dawn of War GOTY
    * Dark Crusade
    * Soulstorm
    * Winter Assault

  • I really like the new system better than the old.
    Prior I'd log in 10 times or more a day, trying to get a free game and got nothing.
    Now I just log on once a day and take a pick of what I want on the weekend.
    Ended up with Rising Storm 2 Vietnam and Overcooked!
    Next week I'm looking at you, Stellaris!

    • +1

      I got Zilch, was waiting for Bayonetta or something to pop up again from last week.
      They seemed to just repeat and recycle everything I already have or was not interested in though.

      Oh well, I do like the system as a whole. Will have double the points next weekend I suppose.

    • Yeah, the new system works great for me too. Since Kinguin posted a list, I have an idea what's coming and what's interesting for me. Also, you can actually enjoy your weekends :-). Heck, I'll be happy to grab some of the less pricey indy games at some point. Got Warhammer* and Stellaris. Want to play them both, 100%! Very impressed with Stellaris so far, Civ in space works so much better :-). Don't get bogged down by the many DLCs, IMHO base game has plenty to offer. Hope you get yours!

      (*) Warhammer has some regional limitations, but cant really figure out what they are, activated in the EU no probs.

      @Stoibs, the list was posted here https://kinguin.ly/free-games-and-how-to-claim-them/ (albeit on Saturday). I am almost certain there was no random drop, and you shouldn't expect anything outside the announced list.

      • Yeah it was the "..as well as games we’ve already had on the weekends.." part that made me think I could snag something I missed originally from weeks 1 and 2.

  • +3

    Well, well. Look who's catching up on their announcements!

    List posted: Crazy Free Weekends 21-23
    PS. Yes, Stellaris is back!

    • Thank you for the update!
      Woo! Hopefully I can get Stellaris this time!

  • +1

    Fingers crossed! First drop expected around 2200 hrs.

    • Do you know what time zone that is? WST or AEST?

  • +1

    AEST I believe. For me its 3 hrs from now :-).

    • Sweet! Thanks!

  • +1

    First drop landed. NJK value bumped up by 50 for nearly every title. Might as well take a day off, and get to 300 :-). Good huntin all!

    Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons 100 -> 150
    Company of Heroes 2 100 -> 150
    Dead Island Riptide 100 -> 150
    Dragon Age: Origins 100 = 100
    Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion GOTY Deluxe 150 -> 200
    From Dust 150 -> 200
    Keebles 100 -> 65
    Medieval Engineers 250 -> 300

    • Well that's kind of disappointing.. them advising people that we can save coins for next week, only for them to increase the prices of the better games :(

      Also, the page didn't load at 10:00 or 10:01 for me and by the time it finally refreshed properly.. Elder scrolls IV, Dead Island Riptide and From Dust were all sold out. You must've been pretty quick to see the values on those 3 games.

      Hope I have better luck with the next drop.

      • If it's anything like last weekend those titles will cycle back around countless times and you'll have plenty more stabs at them, more time to act too as folk start spending points and have less to redeèm toward the end.

  • It's Friday, Lots of people at work. Almost never saw all values from single drop last week. Claiming is another thing. 'From Dust' was like the first one to go. It was top of the list right? FYI, the mechanics feel same as before. Timer stops on the hour, but drops don't pop till about 90 seconds after.

    Drop #2 (23:00AEST)
    Doom was at 300 NJK, no surprises there. That's some sneaky way to get views. I don't mind, I like to work for my rewards ;-). You can still get away with 2 decent games or 1 AAA. Indies have gotten cheaper though: Worms Ultimate Mayhem, Eternal Step and Keebles down are all down to 65NJK each. I'll post the full list after a few more rounds, I hope.

  • Wait so lemme get this straight. How it works now is that every hour there is another game that becomes available (like the first few weeks), but you don't claim them for free you instead use the currency that's generated for free per 24 hours? And the games don't just vanish after the first few seconds of the hour, they get added to a list of games if there are any keys left or even if they're out of stock?

    Anywho…. If anyone claimed GTA V, i'd be down to trade, just pm me for the list of games i've got because I don't wanna risk getting banned lol.

  • +1

    I'm probably overthinking it, but it still sort of feels like bot accounts may be in action somehow. The site goes to a stand still when big games such as Doom or GTAV (250-300) seem to drop, it just happened in the last drop with GTAV. After the page reloads post 2 minutes, most of the games are sold out.

    There was a previous post in the 2nd week of giveaways by one ozbargainer where he found a way to determine the next game that will be dropped on the hour.

    Hypothetically, savvier people that set up bots could most likely use programming language to auto accumulate coins throughout the week at the 24hr mark on multiple accounts, and then run backend queries on the weekends to secure the bigger games, similar to:
    "At XX:00.01 get game where value => 250. If none exists, get next available game where value =>200".. and so forth.

    Or maybe everyone is just really good at refreshing exactly on the hour like we saw in the first 2 weeks :)

    Anyway, I'll check once more today in 3 minutes. But hopefully most bots (if any) have exhausted their coins by Sunday so I'll be checking more regularly tomorrow.

    P.S. To people wanting to trade, I think the new system has reduced the chances of that happening. Users are more inclined to get games they want to play, especially if they are lucky enough to "pay" top value for a AAA game.

    • I was wondering the same thing. Seems odd that everything sells out within seconds…
      I had a shot at Stellaris and the second it popped up it was already out of stock.
      Oh well, hopefully Sunday holds better results.

    • It's 12:10 and I've just been staring at a bouncing penguin while refreshing the site since 12:00. It must be a good set of games in this drop that are being claimed by everyone else lol.

      Yeah, I'm waiting until Sunday.

  • +1

    I see things are getting a bit out of hand, I don't see the last drop at all! Just the penguin. #sinister, #jump.

    I think I agree about botting. Whether they get successful or not, something is causing the site to bug out. Totally forgot about that determine next wave thing - doesn't work anymore, they might still have made a new one. For me, drops feel much closer to the hour now, and I get plenty of lag when refreshing. Got me thinkng. Even if bots are having a field day, they need to have > 250NJK stashed away for the games that will turn a profit. So every week, 1 bot gets a max of 350NJK, one AAA at best. If you put it like that, I kinda agree that NJK value should be going up. In which case you can also argue having Space/Medieval Engineers at 300NJK is a good thing ;-).

    • Yeah I've been refreshing every 5 minutes or so for the last half an hour and so far it's still displaying the loading penguin. I think the site might be broken.

  • +4

    Couldn't post this yesterday. Here's the NJK reference list I got so far. Hopefully, it's accurate. Bad news, Stellaris is up there with the best of em, double the NJK compared to last week!! Admiral Graf Spree Pack is down to 50 NJK, that says it all, doesn't it? :-)

    Key DRM ………….. Title …………………………………………………………… Caution

    at 65 NJK

    Steam ………………. Eternal Step
    Steam ………………. Hitman Blood Money
    Steam ………………. Keebles
    Steam ………………. Worms Ultimate Mayhem

    at 100 NJK

    Origin ……………….. Dragon Age: Origins
    Steam ………………. Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion
    Steam ………………. Worms World Party Remastered

    at 150 NJK

    Steam ………………. Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons
    Steam ………………. Company of Heroes 2 ………………………………………. if I look at the list from Kinguin, this is probably COH from 2006, not

    Steam ………………. Dead Island Riptide
    Steam ………………. Hatred
    Steam ………………. Hitman Absolution
    Steam ………………. Outlast
    Steam ………………. Overcooked
    Steam ………………. Risen 3: Titan Lord
    Steam ………………. Rising Storm 2: Vietnam
    Steam ………………. Turmoil
    Steam ………………. Twilight Struggle
    Steam ………………. Wars Across The World

    at 200 NJK

    Origin ……………….. Bulletstorm
    Origin ……………….. Burnout Paradise Ultimate Box
    Origin ……………….. Dragon Age 3 Inquisition
    Steam ………………. Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion GOTY Deluxe
    Uplay ……………….. From Dust
    Steam ………………. Sniper Elite V2
    Steam ………………. Trackmania Canyon
    Steam ………………. Warhammer 40k Dawn of War Master Collection ……….. Regional Limitations, thumbnail has Dawn of War III written all over it, you get

    the 2006 release, confirmed

    at 250 NJK

    Steam ………………. Blood Bowl 2
    Steam ………………. Borderlands 2 GOTY EU …………………………………… Regional Limitations
    Steam ………………. Euro Truck Simulator 2 GOTY

    at 300 NJK

    Steam ………………. Civilization V: Complete Edition
    Steam ………………. Doom
    Digital Distribution … Grand Theft Auto V…………………………………………… probably via Rockstar Social Club, not confirmed
    Steam ………………. Medieval Engineers
    Steam ………………. Prey
    Steam ………………. Space Engineers
    Steam ………………. Stellaris

  • +2

    Final update to the list.

    at 200 NJK

    Steam ………………. Lego Star Wars The Complete Saga
    Steam ………………. Star Wars Empire at War Gold Pack
    Steam ………………. Vanquish
    Steam ………………. Tricky Towers

    at 250 NJK

    Steam ………………. MGS V: The Phanton Pain ………………. Rest of World key*

    (*) same goes for Dead Island: Riptide
    Don't forget the World of Warships pack ;-). OOh, if anyone wants that here's a key: KNGUN?-7TD85-UFSD7-NWZHA (replace ? with a 9). I was holding back since the first CFW ]:->. Dunno if it even works. Saw people writing complaints to Kinguin some of those keys did not activate.

    Anybody had luck claiming the 300 range? I'd happily settle for Civ, if I get lucky. Else, it's time I hunt down Oblivion and Risen.

  • Is it just me or is the captcha back to save the day? Current drop feels broken, all I see is pinguins. No wait, wave just landed. Don't get discouraged if the next one is random timed as well. Just a hunch… mornin/g'night.

    edit: quite possibly, the servers were getting attacked, or some form of man-in-the-middle hack. Lots of people saying their NJKs drop to 0 once the games are lit. Happened to me at least once. Coincidence, right? Right? o.O

  • Couldn't get anything worth having, i.e > $65. Everything shows as no keys left by the time I click which is less than 1 min in the hour.

  • Ooi! I was sure I saw the additional captcha last night. We're back to business as usual, I guess.
    Finally got my hands on MSG Phantom Pain, camping, zommed out at 50% so I could see at least 4 titles… I think they call that OCD ;-). You gotta be lightning fast though.

    Here's a small tip, if you're struggling to find your game on the page. Titles keep droping in the same slot top-to-bottom. Can't yet tell if this is 100% accurate, but feels damn predictable. I keep seeing Doom and GTA always at the top, MSG is the last down the bottom, ETS always near the last position, and CiV 5th from the top (sad little easter egg right there, I guess).

  • Anyone want to trade company of heroes 2 for something?

  • Dammit, had 3 attempts at Stellaris, but sold out within a second.

    • Yeah it just sad man. I had several attempts on Lego Star Wars and Star Wars. Nothing…

    • i feel your pain… all i wanted was GTAV, i know its probably the most popular in that list… but there was nothing else i wanted.

  • +2


    Holy shit, Sekiro, Nier, Hollow Knight, Cuphead, more Bayonetta..
    Some more of my wishlisted stuff this time.

    Got the prices listed there also, now I am glad I didn't grab anything the previous two weekends; I just have enough for Sekiro if I wanted :O

    • of course I still don't have enough for any of the games I want :|

  • +2

    Saw the list, sure makes my life easier! 800NJK tho? that's harassment! lol :-). good luck y'all!

  • Looks like it's started

  • Yup, Sekiro activates only in Europe… haven't tested, but that's what it says on the claim page. Bumped into a couple of RoW and Regional keys along the way, but so far only Sekiro is EU locked. Sorry for the bad news. I still haven't figured out what the hell I want for me… damn you penguin! damn those goodies! ;-)

  • Well, it seems their website is loading better this week, but has anyone in this thread got anything good yet? Or are we just collecting coins for the fun of it :)

    In the 6 or so drops that I've checked since yesterday, everything has been sold out within 5 seconds and others are instantly greyed the second that the new hour starts.

    I agree with some comments on twitter and facebook asking Kinguin to re-add captchas to ensure that bots are being blocked out, but not sure if they will listen.

    • Yeah I'm surprised stuff is still going so fast now that it's an actual currency expenditure system rather than just a clickspam.

      I haven't been checking every single hour, not sure what's been featured yet.
      I might try for Nier if I see it but otherwise I'll hold onto my points again.

      • Tries just now. At 5:01 everything was sold out. Been trying for Sid Meier Civilizations for 3 weeks now.

        • Yup, I've given up

  • +3

    So, I've been up to no good again :>. Figured I'd share with anyone interested in what gets dropped and where. At minimum you can see how many times a drop was repeated/claimable, i.e. whats likely to come back often. There are a few rare ones indeed. With a bit of luck you'll figure out how drops are likely to be positioned on the Kinguin website :-P. The % are based on each previous drop. Sorry it's not alphabetical, it's easier to see the pattern this way. Feel free to PM me if you want to see/know more.

    Here's the link: Drop rate

    That does it for 31 drops. I know for a fact I mixed up Elder Scrolls. It's also likely Burnout Paradise and Finding Paradise ended up in one pile, though I have no evidence that BP ever dropped this weekend (or Hatred or Turmoil). The other numbers, I believe, are quite accurate. Time for bed… cheers!

  • Does the list update without refreshing?
    I refresh, but all the games are sold out when the page loads.

    • Not as far as I know. Tried it once maybe twice, timer reaches zero, list does not change.
      If you refresh 1-2sec ahead of zero hour, you can just see the claim buttons, but its gotten worse since Friday.

    • It has never updated without refreshing ever since they introduced that feature (Though, i think it did for maybe a day after they introduced it, before changing it), as far as I know.

      Another thing aswell, I'm pretty sure the counter on the site is off ever so slightly (last time I checked, anyway) from your system time. I usually refresh as soon as my system time changes to the next hour, which at least gets me the button to show up most of the time.

      All that being said, I still haven't gotten anything since they introduced the NJK system, but I also haven't been on it as frequently as I was for the first 2 weekends.

      • Event ends in 6hrs from now right 12AM CEST or is it 6AM CEST tomorrow?

        I think in season 2 they had the autorefresh more or less working at 00:00:00, it was still more reliable to refresh manually. Yes, the clock was off, not so much for me anymore.

        I only regret waiting for that one game I want. Might be smarter to grab it Friday. The pricey ones don't drop as often, and because the pool of games is larger than ever. Hope they will be back.

        Also, don't count on people running out of NJK. Just saw Sekiro get insta-claimed.

  • Haven't given up, but the system wins pretty much every time. Nier: Automata dropped 1hr ago, insta-claimed. Now Bayonetta, by the time I clicked claim, it was all gone… Might as well go to sleep, those normally don't come back for hours.

    Here's an idea… Will trade Kinguin account with 500NJK for Bayonetta steam key :-))) Either that or I'll get it cheap on Steam :P.
    Any takers?

  • +1

    F1 2015


    ? = 4+4

    • +2

      Thanks mate! Key worked fine. I was actually curious to try it out :-)

  • Kinguin dropped a new announcement today. Next CFW (phase 3?) starts 12 July. This week theres a discount promo instead. Nothing too fancy.

    Details here: Special Edition - Save up to 70%

    • Nice. Extra time to save up.

      • Oh nice looks like they are taking the week to try to fix up the instant <1 second bot attacks yet again.
        I'll give them the benefit of the doubt I suppose. Haven't been able to grab anything since this new currency coin system =(

        • Looks like vouchers are getting claimed close to 100% too. Struggling to see their NJK value. Finally, caught Sims 4 - 50% discount at 200 NJK, no more than 10 mins into the drop all got claimed).
          Not sure if this makes sense, could it be that this weekend is like clickbait for bots, and NJK sink for hoarders, and mini givaway at the same time? Brilliant! :-) Probably just in my head, but that level of sneakiness would surely deserve a clap.

  • Feeling grateful actually. Finally get a weekend to myself :-). I missed out too, partly cause I was hunting down Nier/Bayonetta, each dropped 4-5 each over 3 days. With 8 picks its near impossible to get there first (I went toe-to-toe against bots when it was only 1 game per hour). Got a few good ones with NJK before. This week was OP. Hope Kinguin will mess up the farm business but good!

    The discount is not bad either (especially if you missed out Sims4/AC origins givaways), not sure how they can top marketplace prices though :).

  • Some discount vouchers for Kinguin, one use only. I think they're valid until 10th July. When you checkout only do 1 game with voucher at a time otherwise wont work.

    70% Discount Voucher for Mad Max Steam CD Key TR8Z9YQVP61X
    70% Discount Voucher for Castlevania: Lords of Shadow Ultimate Edition Steam CD Key V2E91TXCDBQ9
    50% Discount Voucher for Thief Collection Steam CD Key ID51NE45WSWY

    • I get the single use, but isn't the valid time a bit overkill? I mean, what does it matter? Except if you want to weasel yourself out of a deal… speaking of deals, compare the Steam Summer Sale prices… (MM is down 75%, BG 50%, Thief 87%) if only you could combine the two :>. I'm gonna give one more weekend a try, before I give away my NJK :-).

  • +1

    New news is new - couple interesting leaks on Twitter. According to comments, they alredy put together a list for the upcoming Episode, no idea if/when it's gonna be posted exactly.

    @KinguinNet - Jul 8
    You won't see "sold out" again, rules will change this week.:)

    @KinguinNet - Jul 8
    Now you will get a chance, changes incoming and it won't be about being first anymore.

    source: https://twitter.com/KinguinNet/status/1148268086153424896

    PS. Did everyone get email about the special edition CFW last week, or is it just me? Would be nice to get that reminder again.

  • +1

    The list of games for this week has been released:
    Looks like it's a bidding system now…

    • +1

      So bot spamming within 1 second will be replaced with snipe bidding at XX:59:59..

      • Good catch. Would have missed the announcement. List looks good. Rage 2? Not my style. Wow still…
        Entry fee bothers me a bit, NJK sink right there. Maybe thats the point. Bots are out of the game. Kudos to fair play :-).

        Kinda makes me want to be patient, except this feeling the first few drops will go cheap. Last ones might just be a steal…

        • +1

          Well it's supposedly for the amount you did to unlock the bid.
          So I suppose you would try to do the bid as soon as it comes up, so you get the smallest fee if you lose?

          • @CartoonPizza: Sounds more like you have to put down a few NJK (fixed amount) to enter each individual bid, the entry pot gets consumed no matter who wins. I don't think the fee will increase, but thats an interesting perspective. It's gonna suck if you have to enter to see the current highest bid, even if that makes it fair :-).

            The actual bid should obviously grow and get refunded it you claim nothing. Another reason the first few rounds should be interesting to watch. I have a feeling not everyone will see/get their NJK back :-).

  • +1

    Jesus, hundreds of coins just to unlock some of these..
    I thought maybe 10~30 at most, and then the bidding starts from there.

    Welp pack it up, that's a the Kinguin Experiment pretty much over for me =(

  • +2

    Pretty sure that was a bug. Unlocking most bids now cost 25 NJK, only Nier: Automata at 75, thats pretty reasonable. 400 NJK for AC BH was an all in :-). Not sure what to expect. Doubt bids will go down. Theres about 1500 games to claim, and plenty of customers with a lot of NJK to spare.

    edit: I see most wins have a nice spread on them, but a few don't. So its technically possibly for unlimited identical bids, but only 3 get to be winners. Thats kinda messed up :-).

    • Yeah seems like it was just round one that had some buggy questionable multi hundred coin buy-ins. As long as the rest stay relatively low like these I guess It's ok. Damn I really do want Nier, will wait for it to pop up several more times and see if it is trending more reasonably methinks.

    • Those high starting bid prices were unreasonable.
      Guess I'll go back to it now, since they've fixed it.

    • 1100 NJK for Forza Motorsport Xbox/Win10 CD Key only 11 mins in the new hour.

      • Haha, Forza was instant win, somebody saw it and snapped (afair it wasnt announced) winning bid was made 42 seconds after the wave dropped :-).

        @Stoibs, hope you get it, though I have a feeling it's gonna be pricey as hell. I might settle for something I fancy if it's shy of 1000NJK. Makes me giggle just to think about NJK values we had in Episode 1 (or was it 3?) :).

        • Hehe yeah, I mean looking at what the winning bids were on it (~1425-1375 if memory serves) I technically could have gotten it if I went all in and wiped my stash clean, not preferable for a single item but then again at the end of the day this is all fake funny money we're playing with anyway so maybe I should..

          • @Stoibs: Nier Automata is up again, right now :-). Immediately started in the 800s. Now at 1200NJK.

            • @DisabledUser304671: Yeah I'm keeping an eye on it. :P
              Thanks. Seems to be the popular pick this weekend.

              • +1

                @Stoibs: Looks that way, especially when it's a rare drop. Most other bids are slowly creeping down.

                Had a little fun last round, discovered a cute little tip. So, if you bid in the top 3 range, you get a little trophy on your claim, and it will refresh with the page if ranking changes.

                Screenshot: https://ibb.co/NnXLPp4 (highest bid was 350 at the time).

                • @DisabledUser304671: Oh nice thanks. So do know if you're eligible and in the top 3 then? That will be handy indeed.

  • If it played smooth on my pc I'd probably go for it, the style and design look very unique. Pretty sure it will be back. I'm kinda hoping ABZU would resurface some day ;-). Current NJK trend is holding for now, some titles showing minimal downward tendency 50-75NJK, too early to tell really.

    Close :-). Winning bids were: 1475, 1425, 1325, and all on the last minute.

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