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  • +173 votes

    Thanks, ordered 100 packs for my cousins living in India :D

    • +16 votes

      Make India Great!

      • +6 votes

        .. Again.

        • +28 votes

          No, just for the first time.

          • -27 votes

            @Scrooge McDuck: This is a valid deal.

            Make Australia Great Again

            Australia produces 0.01% of world's share which is as low as normal life.

            When all the polluting countries responsible for the 99.99% stopped polluting come and teach us.

            • +1 vote

              @DisabledUser103394: Trying to understand your logic… If (as an example) China's export is 20% of GDP, then isn't the rest of the world effectively responsible for 20% of China's pollution?

              • +3 votes

                @AlexF: That would be fine, coz we're in Australia. As long as it's coming from somewhere else, the planet is fine.


                  @Aliastar: You know all of the hypocrites on the left say to shut down Australia and lose our jobs has no base and no justification.

                  If you have any intention to do good, let's plant trees, billions of billions of trees

                  Show us a huge movement, not just a few thousands of trees. Australia has enough land for billions of trees, which will nullify your imaginary Carbon effect from other countries. Let's creat jobs, where possible, find/bring water and plant trees and have farms.

                  Let's all help together and cover Australia, entirely with trees

                  • +3 votes

                    @DisabledUser103394: How about a solar plant, QLD has some of the best sunlight in the world yet here we are, another coal plant in a dwindling industry. Majority of this country are so short sighted.


                      @dengziyi: Definitely there are places where we can't have trees, then yes wind or solar plants are great, enen solar panels should be on every building and window. But it doesn't mean we should stop our mines.



                      solar plant, QLD has some of the best sunlight in the world

                      A solar power stations is great for the locals, how can we sell the engery captured from these farms to India and the PRC?


                        @whooah1979: No need to send it to China or India, there are closer countries that need power like Indonesia

                        • +2 votes

                          @dengziyi: Only thing is Indonesia has it's heart set on deforestation; up in smoke for even more palm sugar trees. Rainforests are (and will be even more so in the future) the big tourism dollar.

              • +1 vote

                @AlexF: @Pal… Adding… Your stats are inciting only because we have outsourced most of our pollution to developing countries. If we were to calculate the pollution we'd generate if we had to manufacture our own stuff, I'm quite confident it'd be more than 0.01%. In other words, there's a big picture and we're in it.

              • -27 votes

                @AlexF: I don't care, go to Beijing and ask them to stop. Let's see how that works for you.

                You are ruining Australia for something we have no effect on. Absolutely no effect, zero.

                Plus, their argument against coal has no scientific base. Just Muh environmental politics.

                • +4 votes


                  I don't care, go to Beijing and ask them to stop. Let's see how that works for you.

                  or, conversely, let's ban imports from China and see how well that works out for us.

                  • -23 votes

                    @AlexF: Don't throw yourself as us in the middle of something we have no effect on.

                    Australia has nothing to do with the world's pollution.

                    Australians can't, shouldn't and won't pay for other countries problems. We are nobody. We are 20 people.

                    China is 2,000,000,000, also India, Brazil, Turkey, Indonesia, Russia,…

                    Go and fix where the problem is. Also read some scientific facts

                    • -6 votes

                      @DisabledUser103394: Australia causes more pollution than everyone else, when you take into account our exports.

            • +12 votes

              @DisabledUser103394: We produce 30% of the world's coal and 1.3% of the world's CO2 emissions. I'm not sure what your 0.01% is about, but it doesn't seem relevant to this post.

              • -32 votes

                @Miss B: None of those numbers are accurate. The data is biased and skewed here by our mentally ill activists and there by their smart governments.

                There is no way Australia, a developed country with highest and cleanest regulations and only 0.002 of the world's population produces 1.3% of the CO2.

                And even if it does, it does not mean anything! What is bad about CO2? Nothing significant has proven for or against any argument here, scientifically.

                And even if there was, the impact is close to zero. If all those countries stopped all their industries, every single vehicle, factory and farm, right now, the impact in 100 years would be 0.002 degrees after 100 years. Still doesn't mean good or bad.

                Do yourself a favour, read something about world's geopolitical relationships and the earth's history in the past few million years not just the last thousand years.

                • +21 votes

                  @DisabledUser103394: We have 0.33% of the world's population. You don't have any idea at all what you're talking about, you're just making shit up. How can you expect people to trust you over scientists if you can't get simple facts right?

                  • -20 votes

                    @Miss B: Yes, if you have read it carefully, that's what I said on population, depending on your source and time of which the data was deposited and with the margin of error, also bias, our population would be between 0.002 and 0.003. Taking the elements of error and the tolerance, both could be accepted. Also I am sure there are more scientists here in the comment section than many people have seen in their life.

                    At the end, it does not matter! The point is that all people's excitement to shut Australia down, will be for zero effect on zero. A bunch of uneducated illiterates throwing tantrums without significant facts or impacts or even knowing what they are talking about.

                    You don't have to trust me, but sending people to check some of those numbers is a total success for me

                    • -7 votes

                      @DisabledUser103394: The leftists' propaganda to shut down Australia is baseless. They haven't provided anything that says otherwise. The earth temperature graphs over a few million years are publicly available. As I said, even if yes, the effect from the entire world over the next 100 years is next to zero and Australia has zero impact on that zero effect, either way.

                      There is no way Australia, a developed country with highest and cleanest regulations and only 0.002 to 0.003 (even 0.004) of the world's population could have a positive or negative impact on anything.

                      Adani will have a zero change, on Australia's zero impact on the world's zero effect.


                    @Miss B: Closer to 0.32%, actually. How can I trust you?

          • +2 votes

            @Scrooge McDuck: Won't be the first time, why do you think the European powers wanted to trade with India? It had one of the largest economy before colonisation.

            The Indian economy under the British Raj describes the economy of India during the years of the British Raj, from 1858 to 1947. During this period, according to British economist Angus Maddison, India's share of the world economy collapsed from 24.4% in 1700 to 4.2% in 1950. (from wiki https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Economy_of_India_under_the_Bri...)

            And in 70 years of independence it has become seventh largest economy. I am aware its per capita GDP is abysmal, but with other improvement it too will improve.

            • +1 vote

              @ShanB: Things that are not great about India: The caste system, harassment and rape of women, and lack of basic sanitation — the country is almost literally a shithole.

              • +2 votes

                @Scrooge McDuck: Hopefully Modi will fix it. Hopefully


                  @DisabledUser103394: @pal

                  Over time I have done to realise their is no reasoning with left wingers.

                  They are literally like the Nazis of the modern era, think their opinions are the only valid ideas and everyone else is wrong and needs to be ousted or publicly shamed

              • +6 votes

                @Scrooge McDuck: Yes keep regurgitating arguments supporting your narrow views and conveniently omit any other positivities. Every county has its own share of problems and painting a country of a billion population and as diverse as Europe with a single stroke of brush is not fair. India is addressing its issues albeit a bit slow.

                Just to add context:

                The caste system is almost non existent in cities and it is a social issue which is being addressed legally and through education.

                Women empowerment needs a lot of work and severe punishments are given for perpetrators.

                Regarding sanitation after centuries of exploitation and broken infrastructure current government is working on it and have undertaken one of the largest sanitation programs in the world. (Swatch Bharat-https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Swachh_Bharat_mission)

                Just to add Ancient India (2300 BCE) invented the sanitation system (Wiki https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sanitation_of_the_Indus_Valley...)

    • +1 vote

      Har baar modi sarkaar.


      So can I ask whose money you plan to use to start Adani because there's no interest in funding it from any private capital source from what I can see. Who wants to fund a potential stranded asset?
      But of course Adani asking the taxpayer to prop up the whole exercise would be true to form.

  • +193 votes

    Coal releases high amounts of carbon, which cost me and our future generations. There are viable alternatives.

    The economics of the Carmichael mine also no longer stack up.

    Not a deal.

    • +67 votes

      Doesn't matter, free t-shirt

      • +23 votes

        Okay, clearly everyone here has their priorities in the wrong order here. The quality of this shirt clearly sucks.

        1. Firstly, that big, cheap plastic-y symbol stamped on the front will stick to your chest and you will feel it the whole time wearing it. Irritating and annoying has hell.

        2. It's probably not even a cotton shirt and that big symbol will reduce the 'breathability' of the shirt.

        3. The black colour will absorb so light that you'll warm up fast in direct sunlight. Combined with the big symbol, you're going to sweat like a pig in 5 minutes walking outside wearing that.

        • +18 votes

          Nah the libs love the 50 degree summer sweat

        • +14 votes

          I say if people are actually silly enough to fall for this ploy, they deserve to be uncomfortable throughout the day wearing this shirt. With how warm this winter is, I hope the warm weather gives them no respite while wearing this trash.


            @Smol Cat: HAHAhahahah are you honestly are basing your “climate change” approval on today’s weather ?

            Weather spans across hundreds of not thousands of years.

            Humans honestly can’t comprehend time. The earth has been around for billions of years. What we do on the planet today is like a babies fart in the middle of the whole galaxy

        • +5 votes

          Let's face it, they probably won't receive it anyway, probably just their way of creating a marketing list.

      • +3 votes

        Australian tax payers will be paying billions to give Adani free unlimited water, free coal, a free train line, environmental destruction and a white elephant that will be obsolete next couple decades as coal prices drop and thermal coal is phased out. Supposedly for a handful of mostly temporary jobs. …And all we get is this lousy t-shirt.

    • -7 votes

      What has it cost you?

      • +36 votes

        Clean air doesn't rate to you then.

        • -9 votes

          How does carbon make our air unclean?

          • +12 votes

            @Scrooge McDuck: Coal contains sulfur and other elements, including dangerous metals such as mercury, lead, and arsenic, that escape into the air when coal is burned. Burning coal also produces particulates that increase air pollution and health dangers.

            Burning coal emits large amounts of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. Coal is composed almost entirely of carbon, so burning coal unleashes large amounts of carbon dioxide (CO2) into the atmosphere. These emissions have been shown to increase the greenhouse effect in the atmosphere and lead to global warming.

            • +2 votes

              @bmerigan: If coal is almost entirely carbon then how much of those other elements does it contain?

              Lots of substances contain trace amounts of various substances, but the dose is what makes the toxin. I haven't heard of acid rain in Australia nor Australians being poisoned by mercury, lead or arsenic from breathing our air.

              Carbon dioxide is a common emission from natural sources such as volcanoes, bush fires and respiration of animals.

              What is the problem with global warming anyway? Life on Earth has endured many cycles of warming and cooling. Life adapts to changing conditions, some species die out, others thrive, and new ones emerge. If dinosaurs were still stomping around, humans might not have ever emerged.

              • +7 votes

                @Scrooge McDuck: This is about the Adani mine, not the Adani power station. The acid rain is overseas where the coal is being used.
                I just think it's better if we reduce the impact humans have on the world.
                And as far as 'natural cycles' of planetary heating are concerned, I quote this line from a climate change cartoon:
                "What if it's a big hoax and we create a better world for nothing?".

              • -1 vote

                @Scrooge McDuck: No Scrooge, we need the government to save us from the weather. You don't understand anything.


                @Scrooge McDuck: Life can't adapt - or more correctly evolve to the rapid rate of change that is currently occurring. Sure there is currently a 6th mass extinction event underway but it didn't need to be. Humans are causing it and could have changed it.

                • -2 votes

                  @valour: That's a load of bullshit! I won't bother asking you for a source because I know you can't possibly provide one.

                  This kind of misanthropic fear mongering is the most toxic aspect of environmentalism. I know not whether you're sarcastically making the opposing point, trolling for sheer entertainment, in the depths of a depressing delusion, or seeking validation by supporting an edgy in vogue political issue. I really hope you're aligned with the former but I suspect you're simply the latter. In any case you aren't doing any good at all but instead sabotaging human development.

      • +10 votes


    • -65 votes

      For every coal station we might shut down, China sets up 10 new ones. We also export coal to China as a massive part of our economy. 25 million people living here, 1.386 billion living in China, and you think we're going to make a difference with a few stations?
      Do you avoid flying and driving as that also costs future generations?

      • +197 votes

        You're right - as a developed nation we should do nothing because it doesn't matter. We should also bring back the death penalty and not allow women to drive, after all, other nations do it, so do we really think we're going to make a difference in any social aspect?

        • +11 votes

          Excellent flow on of logic well done…..

          • +31 votes

            @sli: I've found someone with a worse sarcasm detector than me.

        • +6 votes

          Chinese women drivers are the worst.. wait what hell we talking about again?!

        • -5 votes

          And what country does not let woman drive?

          • +10 votes

            @DiLs: Saudi Arabia until June 2018

            • -2 votes

              @Meconium: Once upon a time a lot of things were happening in the world. How far back we are going to go?

              • +6 votes

                @DiLs: One year seems reasonable

        • +6 votes

          developed nation we should do nothing because it doesn't matter

          If it’s not going to matter, why waste effort and resources??? That’s stupidity.

          Better of doing things that DO make a difference.

        • +1 vote

          as a developed nation we should do nothing because it doesn't matter. We should also bring back the death penalty and not allow women to drive,

          The former is an issue which requires cooperation across the main emitters to affect a change. The latter is an issue which affects individuals.

          False equivalence.


          We should bring back the death penalty. Why doesn't a party run with that platform?

      • +73 votes

        For every coal station we might shut down, China sets up 10 new ones.

        Fake news. This is completely false.

        • -31 votes

          Its actually not false. China are by far the biggest carbon polluters in the world. By like, more than double anyone else. And the Paris agreement gives them an absolutely free ride. They are not required to even think about even plateauing their booming and massively increasing CO2 emissions until after 2030.
          Meanwhile Australia is the gold standard of low carbon emissions in terms of CO2 emission per square km.
          We are already the cleanest greenest country in the whole world.
          Our CO2 per square km emissions intensity is even lower than NZ's.
          Adern can stick that in her pipe and smoke it.

          • +51 votes

            @Gamer Dad Reviews: Per square km! What a disingenuous argument.

          • +25 votes

            @Gamer Dad Reviews: Well no shit sherlock, biggest population on earth. Measuring any metric China will have the largest gross vales. Have you thought about CO2 emission per capita and per capita goods consumed? Do the ordinary Chinese drive gas guzzling American V8 turds or buy half the wasteful shit as Americans?

          • +6 votes

            @Gamer Dad Reviews: Completely illogical argument!

          • +10 votes

            @Gamer Dad Reviews: Lowest emissions per square km…

            Pick the guy clutching at straws.

          • +32 votes

            @Gamer Dad Reviews: Lol per sq km…we have one of the lowest CO2 emissions per AFL team

          • +11 votes

            @Gamer Dad Reviews: australia (Saudi/USA/Canada) are the worse by carbon per person - https://www.ucsusa.org/global-warming/science-and-impacts/sc...

            china is actually about a 3rd of it

          • +9 votes

            @Gamer Dad Reviews: You do realize that China are trying to clean up their act because they hate the pollution in their nation as much as other places do.

            I won't be surprised when they are the leaders of using renewables in about 10 years. They can make giant renewable projects stack up.

          • +31 votes

            @Gamer Dad Reviews: China is installing more solar panels per day than any other nations.
            Adani is shite.
            Coal is shite.
            Get your head out of your arses.

            • +7 votes

              @Nuclearvodka: Ah maybe…. but are they installing more solar panels a day per kilometre than Australia? That's the real way to measure things around here.

            • +5 votes


              Adani is shite

              I thought he's sunni

            • +1 vote

              @Nuclearvodka: Lets not praise China just yet. I heard that to make the Solar panels may actually do more damage to our environment.
              China panel manufacturer Jinko Solar, for example, was accused of dumping toxic waste into a nearby river.


            @Gamer Dad Reviews: In a largely unpopulated land mass!

            Who would have thought emissions per square kilometres would be low!

            Buffoons the lot of ya.

        • +2 votes

          For once polluting is one thing, screwing another: The USA is and will be a long time screwing nation no 1. China's population is declining, India is likely surpassing China very soon. Per head damage who will ever come close?

        • +5 votes

          Brotherfranciz is wrong.

          China is on track to build a large coal power plant EVERY TWO WEEKS FOR THE NEXT 12 YEARS according to Greenpeace on 28th March 2019: https://unearthed.greenpeace.org/2019/03/28/china-new-coal-p...

          We'd have to be idiots to cut own own throats while China is doing that.

          Also check this map of construction world coal plants, India is building them like crazy too.



            @Thommo: Inconvenient truths are simply dismissed as "fake news" by people like brotherrfranciz.

            • -1 vote

              @rokufan: lol it's actually an inconvenient truth for you.

              Why don't you actually read the Greenpeace article? Tell me what the sentence says right before that very pretty line graph.

              The Chinese government has not adopted the industry proposal, but it is under consideration.

              You fell for the fake news. Try harder with your reading comprehension and fact-checking next time.

              • +1 vote

                @brotherfranciz: Some facts for you:

                From the Global Coal Plant Tracker. Coal Plants by Country (Power Stations) to July 2018 30MW and larger. The total for the top 100 countries is 270 (file not fully loading). China 130 under construction and 106 Announced, pre-Permit or Permitted; India 41 and 47; Indonesia 20 (50); Vietnam 9 (27); Turkey 3 (39); Bangladesh 4 (19); Philippines 9 (16); Japan 13 (13); Pakistan 4 (10); Mongolia 3, Poland 4, Taiwan 2, Russia 3 etc.

                There is another table Coal Plants by Country (Units) with larger numbers adding up to 491 under construction with 790 Announced, Pre-Permit and Permitted. This seems to indicate that plants can have more than one unit.


          • +5 votes

            @Thommo: I don't think "because China is" is a valid reason to trash our environment. There are alternatives.

          • +2 votes

            @Thommo: Did you even read the Greenpeace article?

            It literally says the following:

            The Chinese government has not adopted the industry proposal, but it is under consideration.

            This is what fake news is: People like you who spread inaccuracies, take things out of context, twist the truth, treat opinion as fact, and you believe everything you read without doing any fact-checking.

            The carbonbrief map is nice. I noticed there are no pink dots in China. The pink dots represent coal power plants under construction. So you have proven yourself wrong without even realising it.

            I also found this appropriately titled and relevant article:


            @Thommo: 1400+ gun related deaths/year in the US, so we should never have introduced gun controls because the yanks are too stupid to?? Same logic as Australia not doing anything about Climate Change because SOME other countries may not be.

      • +18 votes

        Actually the more concerning thing is the Chinese dramatically incrweasing production of CFCs
        IIRC 1 tonne of CFC-11 has the same global warming affect as 5000 tonnes of CO2


        My issue isn't with coal per se, it's that tax payers are kicking in money into a business which will is pretty much universally accepted as going to fail.

        • +19 votes

          Renewables is profitable and can generate jobs. Who do you think will install and maintain the power plants? We can produce our own batteries with the lithium mines that we have here. Unfortunately, people within our idiocracy are just too dumb to think outside the box.

          • -29 votes

            @chiplover: Wrong. Renewables are heavily subsidised. They are not profitable at all - otherwise hundreds of companies would set up to get in on it and generate profits. The renewable project in SA fell over because its not economically viable.

            • +34 votes

              @avinit86: No that is simply not true. Renewables are pretty much on par in terms of cost to coal (see CSIRO report) but coal receives subsidies as it stands.



              The Tesla battery in South Australia is providing huge ROI whilst making the grid more secure.


              • -3 votes

                @chiplover: Wrong again. Stop using biased websites and think logically.

                I had solar panels put in 2 years ago. $7k. Without subsidies it was $12k. I wouldn't have them if it was 12k

                If it was on par with coal why wouldn't even developing nations choose it over coal? Because its not economically viable and they need base load power to run factories. Why is the government subsidising snowy hydro? the port augusta salt solar power station couldn't find investors even with subsidies because its not economically viable.

                • +11 votes

                  @avinit86: No, you're wrong and your logic is flawed based on the example you provided. We can definitely move to renewables and create new jobs. The old jobs will eventually go in either case so why not start adopting new technology and be a market leader?

                  Developing nations use brown coal, this is the crap that we export. That said the pollution from brown coal is highly toxic so why on earth would we want to replicate that?

                  Australia on the other hand uses aging black coal power plants which cost $40 kwh for the ones already built. Many existing coal plants in Australia are old and need to be closed down within the next few years so why not take this chance to replace them all with new clean technology in the form of renewables?

                  It currently costs $75kwh based on newly installed ones as per link below. Newly installed wind power on the other hand costs $60-70 per kwh.


                  • +3 votes


                    No, you're wrong and your logic is flawed based on the example you provided. We can definitely move to renewables and create new jobs. The old jobs will eventually go in either case so why not start adopting new technology and be a market leader?

                    This always sounds flippant. What ratio of new jobs to old jobs will be created by prematurely shutting down our biggest export industry? Will it fill the revenue hole in government coffers?

                    why not start adopting new technology and be a market leader?

                    This is a wish, rather than a plan. Australia is always going to be a high-cost manufacturer.

                    Developing nations use brown coal, this is the crap that we export. That said the pollution from brown coal is highly toxic so why on earth would we want to replicate that?

                    Actually, exporting lower-emissions black thermal coal and metallurgical coal is where all the money is.

                    Australia on the other hand uses aging black coal power plants which cost $40 kwh for the ones already built. Many existing coal plants in Australia are old and need to be closed down within the next few years so why not take this chance to replace them all with new clean technology in the form of renewables?

                    Many of the old plants can be viably upgraded to extend their life. Importantly, your whole argument avoids the fact that solar and wind are not baseload power.

                    • +1 vote

                      @rokufan: Renewables will offset usage during the day but will never be a baseload, it's too reliant on weather. Australia missed the boat with nuclear, wished we'd set that up in the 80s.

                    • +1 vote

                      @rokufan: "Many of the old plants". Care to name one? Not Liddell, according to those bleeding heart greenies at the Fin Review:

                      One of the biggest challenges running a coal power station like AGL Energy's Liddell power station beyond its standard lifetime of 50 years is to avoid killing people.
                      AGL asked Advisian – the consulting arm of engineering firm Worley Parsons – last year to advise what it would take to extend Liddell's life for five years beyond 2022, as the Turnbull government wanted it to do.
                      The answer was $900 million plus. The quote covered boilers, turbines, electrical generators and distribution, as well as "balance of plant" – coal conveyors, transport, processing and storage of ash and other waste, air services such as fans, and so on.

                      • +2 votes

                        @snorbert: You stumbled on the best example of my point. Liddell the coal-power plant AGL prefers to close rather than sell to interested investors - so AGL can corner the market. Your extract (article behind paywall) makes no mention of whether $900 million is good value or not. But it sounds cheap, and bidders think so too, but not as good for AGL's bottom line as gouging the market for a couple of billion extra in inflated electricity prices.

                        ‘No sale’ AGL rejects buyers
                        Owned by AGL Energy, the plant received high-profile bids to keep it running beyond the looming 2022 closure.

                        Alinta Energy tried to acquire the Liddell Power Station in April last year but its offer was rejected. Delta Electricity was also a potential buyer.

                        These rejections led to several Coalition MPs calling for compulsory acquisition of the ageing plant.

                        In operation since 1973, the Liddell Power Station is now the country’s largest electricity producer.