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Honolulu, Hawaii from $312 Return Departing Sydney Flying Jetstar (Direct Flights) @ Flight Scout


Just scouted these sale fares to Hawaii from $312 return departing Sydney. Travel in Jul / Aug / Sep 2019. Direct Flights.

All prices quoted are for return fares and include taxes. Luggage and meals are usually extra with Jetstar.

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Sydney from $312 return

06 Sep 2019 - 12 Sep 2019
03 Aug 2019 - 13 Aug 2019 - $318
11 Sep 2019 - 21 Sep 2019 - $318
30 Jul 2019 - 06 Aug 2019 - $318
03 Sep 2019 - 10 Sep 2019 - $318
11 Sep 2019 - 27 Sep 2019 - $319
12 Sep 2019 - 27 Sep 2019 - $320
19 Aug 2019 - 02 Sep 2019 - $320
05 Sep 2019 - 19 Sep 2019 - $320

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  • +11 votes

    Check hotel prices first. It may be better to stay one day less and pay a higher airfare. Hawaii is expensive

    • +2 votes

      Yeah, red eye it to save a night. Just visited Honolulu, Maui, Hilo,

      Got to say Vanuatu, Fiji, New Cal, Bali, even Noosa etc are better. Too much development, too many people, too expensive. Beaches aren't as good as I expected.

      My tip, don't fuss about the hotel location, the local trolley (bus) will get you around to wherever easily. Maybe the zoo end for best bang for buck, noise and bus access.

      • +1 vote

        We stayed at the top end of Honolulu, the Christmas before last, and it was pretty good. We found a lovely beach where we got to swim with sea turtles and it wasn't too crowded. However, I do agree that down south can be quite crowded.


        Highly subjective. Hawaii in my experience is very easily shall we say… not done well. Or misunderstood. Its more of an adventure/explore destination than relaxation. Accomm prices are a challenge but AirBNB and VRBO helps. Bali is dogs bollocks imo unless your a resort lounger i dont rate it. As for Hilo crikey Hilo is not a recommended place to spend much time definitely not to base yourself on BI, i think with different itinerary you could of got more bang out of Hawaii. If anyone wants some tips PM me we are heading back again for 2 weeks in Sept.


          We cruised around the islands.

          Adventuring out from Hilo/ Kona was the best part of our entire stay in Hawaii!

          Hired a car and checked out the Volcanic park / Mauna Kea / waterfalls. Also a helicopter tour is under $100 and luau for around $10. Boat trips to where lava hits the sea/ walk empty lava tubes. Night diving with Manta Rays for $50. You won't get anywhere near that many options or value in Honolulu.

          As for Maui, just avoid it. We circumnavigated the whole island by car. For anyone who has done it will know it's quiet a feat. Think reversing around a cliff, pulling both mirrors in and 2 cars Passing within 0.5cm of each other. Hana road was bad enough (Only drive that for 10mins then do a U turn). Never saw a decent beach as they were all masked with high rise buildings. They have destroyed it.

          • +1 vote

            @tunzafun001: Understandably, i'd be wanting to get out of there too hehe. Not that you have a choice really, exploration is a necessity as you know. On BI though Kona is basically a tourist trap hub (concrete jungle, cruise ships dock, main airport all nearby). Not necessarily bad as different people like different things. But for us, we go to Big Island for similar reasons as one would Kauai - the natural beauty of the island and an escape from tourist trap hubs. For this reason, being based around the Kohala coast is honestly a night and day difference to Kona. I'd probably feel the way you do if i stayed in Kona, it's not for us. We find it is so much better in every way that matters to us staying up in Kohala coast. Quieter, the best beaches, better weather & less pollution, still easily accessible everywhere by car. Our trip in Sept we probably won't even go to Kona at all other than when arrive at the airport.

            Hilo for similar reasons we dont stay either. Though that side of the island the weather is very different as well much more damp/humid. And closer to Volcano gets quite cold at night but is an interesting contrast. The less time based on this side of the Island the better though (day trip or 1 night reckon).

            As for Maui, well, it is more developed for sure. Over a longer period too. But also the beaches there can really fluctuate based on the weather events throughout the year. Better ones tend to be west, in particular north west, agree often not easy to identify due to development unless you're intentionally aware of and heading to them. I can imagine Maui during peak times would be more off-putting too (we've only done hawaii sept/oct period). If you go the wrong time of year or luck out due to weather events in the lead up it can be a real dampener for beaches being their best. This is not to be understated. Same can be true even for other places such as in Bali and Thailand for example (i've been the same place multiple times and the difference for some beaches has blown me away). Some areas have issues with erosion and restorations works occur as well. I have not headed over to Hana, the drive/effort didn't really sound worth it, so very interesting to hear your remark about it.


      someone posted a guide about budget options for Oahu in one of the previous deals. This price is rare and I have only seen similar for $542 return previously four - five years ago. The first thing is to avoid the built up areas like where the high rises are. There is also a bus from the main airport and cheap accommodation if you know where to look. It's at the end of this Thread from 2015…

  • +1 vote

    STaying in september off another sale. 1700 for a week in a hotel in Honolulu

  • +5 votes

    Dang these flights are cheaper than my flights from Melb to Bris in August.

  • +1 vote

    Great find, thanks!

  • +2 votes

    Do not book via third party sites.

    Price beat these prices with Jetstar direct and score another 10% off.


  • +1 vote

    Great price but be warned, 1 nights accommodation at a named hotel anywhere in Waikiki will be similar in price to your return airfare. Remember to factor in the hotel resort fees as well. Our ones have ranged anywhere from $15 to $30 USD per night.


    Luxury escapes have a deal on a hotel there if its of interest: https://luxuryescapes.com/au/offer/mauna-kae-beach-hotel-haw...


    As cheap as these are, be ready to have your flight cancelled… When I went in February, the week before my trip almost all flights were cancelled. When we flew back, a couple of the flights before ours were cancelled too (our trip was only 10 days). They only operate once a day and 5 times a week I believe. If it gets cancelled, you'd have to book another flight with Qantas or Hawaiian, or wait for the next available Jetstar flight (which might not even be the next day). I believe their policy does say they compensate you for accommodation in the case of cancellation but it's not much, especially for Hawaii.

    The plane itself is comfortable though (as comfortable as economy can be).


      Compensation with jetstar isn't much. Its about $150usd a night if your flight is cancelled. That's not much when most 3 star hotels are at least $200usd a night. Also each person is compensated about $30usd a day for food/drinks.

      Our flight was cancelled the night before we were supposed to fly out. I didn't even receive an email. I happened to log in to check luggage weight allowance and noticed the cancealltion notice


        Yeah I read that a lot with Jetstar flights (that you don't get notified), which is unfortunate. I was checking every day leading up to my flights (and the return one).

        My flight back to Australia was delayed about 3 hours and I got an SMS and email probably about 12 hours prior to the original flight time.


        Didn't your travel insurance cover the extra cost caused by the delay???

  • +7 votes

    For all those thinking about going to Hawaii, here are my experiences:

    • Jetstar is actually really good and we have flown there with Qantas and Hawaiian (save your coin for nicer accomodation)
    • I love the vibe of Waikiki but also get out of there to see such things as hanauma bay https://hanaumabaystatepark.com or hire a mustang and drive to the North Shore, climb to the top of Diamond Head or go and grab some Malasadas at Leonards - https://www.leonardshawaii.com and there is also Pearl Harbour and the shopping is pretty good at the Outlets
    • VBRO, AirBNB or alike is typically the way to go for inexpensive accomodation and try and get one with at least a kitchenette so you can prepare a few meals yourself to save a few dollars and take a break from take away. Sometimes you can get decent deals on expedia or similar
    • Try and stay near the Duke statue but don't kill yourself trying to stay on the beach… a few streets back is a bit quieter, cheaper and still convenient

    Happy to help anyone thinking of going, we have been 3 times with our 2 daughters and it's out go-to beach destination.


      Thanks for tips. I'm planning to go in September with hubby and a 6 month old, any recommendations on how long I should go for and which Accomodation/Islands are more baby friendly? Thanks in advance!

  • +1 vote

    Great price for the flights. Having very recently been to Oahu, everything is expensive because of the triple whammy of added costs (bad au dollar, it’s an island and it’s a tourist hotspot). Save as much on your flights and accommodation as you can.

  • +1 vote

    $50/day for a hostel is not cheap


    Not to mention currently 1$ AUD = 69c USD.
    Very bad exchange rate.

  • +1 vote

    For people going to Diamond head I would recommend parking outside the park and walking in via the tunnel. We got in all right, early in the day, but by the time we were ready to come home it was difficult to get out. The "trolleys" they use to move some people in/out of the park can only go through one at a time so they block off both ends until they can get one through the tunnel, this means they have to empty the tunnel of traffic coming out before they can come in and vice versa - pedestrians have walkways so they aren't affected. It was very frustrating. Park outside and walk in is much better.


    Hi rep, do you have any deals for early December? I checked a couple of days ago and there were some, but all have gone now :-(


      Hi Pangit99, we just scout the market and not create the deals. The best thing you can do is watch that page to see what comes up.

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