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50% off Storewide @ adidas Factory Outlets (In Stores Only, Nationwide)


Adidas is 50% Off again this weekend at outlets, if Adidas Outlet Lidcombe / Auburn in Nsw is across all of the outlets.

Pretty much everything was 50% Off. I didn't see any exceptions marked. Pretty much the whole shop was being bought!

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  • Thanks for posting. Was it really busy and much stock left? Lol not a fan of that area

    • Yes it was definitely busy! Best to get there at opening. I was there from just before 12PM, so not the best time! Plus only two people at the checkout.
      There was an airport style queue four rows deep which took close to 30 mins since people were buying so many things.

      There was a fair breadth of shoes and most sizes today. Only Ultraboost seemed to be getting close to being sold out at Lidcombe/Auburn.

      Since New Balance had a 40% off sale I wanted to cross-shop and once I noticed 50% off I was SOLD. :)

      Miraculously I picked up a running shirt, dual-layer shorts, ultralight cap and Solar Glide ST shoes - all in black, in 15mins!

  • Can vouch this is valid in Canberra Adidas Outlet also. Just bought deerupt S in black and white for $56, 3 pair socks $10, shirts as low as $10 etc. 50% off actual store-wide.

  • DFO Moorabbin Felt like I was going to a club, had to line up and there was a bouncer. He let an older lady walk right through. I glared then just lost it at her. She slumped into the line, the customers behind me cheered. I found some NMD R1's 70 bucks last pair. I ran around the store like Gollum. Afterpay was Available. 3 stars.

    • Good find on those nmds but ill avoid this like the plaque. Finding parking, million people, security and Auburn is the capital of (profanity). Thank god for online shopping.

      • Auburn is the capital of (profanity)

        I think Australia is just the country of profanities lol.

      • There seemed to be plenty of parking at the outlet centre across the road (New Balance / Kathmandu / Sketchers etc) but not many customers in those shops!
        Since there seemed to be well over 100 people in the Adidas shop I'd definitely avoid parking over there if it's not at opening time.

        • Yeah I always park there if I need to go to Adidas or Nike since I pretty much see them both in one visit, plus the outlet centre shops too, since it's not too often I go there.

  • how much are three stripe track pants? $40 - $55 with the discount?

  • any discount code for outlet online?
    if not, that is for store only.

    • Not online at present - seems the best online is 20-30% off some items, not across the board.

      Pretty amazing I bought a hat for $10.50, shirt for $17.50, dual shorts for $24.50 and stability ultraboosts for $70! :) Wouldn't ever expect to get all items in my size, at an online Adidas sale!

  • Harbour town gold coast Adidas outlet 50% off I can confirm from today

  • Everytime this happens ultraboosts are excluded :/

  • i was at adidas outlet brisbane and there is nothing good…

  • Up in Darwin this weekend and my fiancé’s sneakers just exploded earlier in Kakadu.. fml

  • just confirm is further 50% off everything? or 50% off normal price? i know adidas have further 40% almost everytime

    • Can confirm that it's 50% off the lowest price, including items already on sale.

      • Yes 50% off everything and didn't see exclusions at Auburn NSW. Most of what I was looking at was already discounted, e.g. Solar
        Glide ST original $200->$140 less -50%

      • Forgot to mention this was at Harbour Town on the Gold Coast, staff said sale will be on tomorrow as well.

  • Adelaide Harbourtown outlet had 40% off on clothes and 50% off on shoes. Some stock was already discounted and it was further on them.

  • Nice! How do you know which stores are outlet stores? Is the one in Chadstone VIC an outlet store? Thanks!

  • Anything in WA, Perth?

  • Are the ultraboost included in this sale?

  • Do Adidas do a wide shoe?

  • Here at Bundoora DFO. Can confirm sale is on. No line.

  • Yeah not gonna go to Auburn to fight the crowd.

    • Come down cuz, swear we don't fight much, you fink we cause trouble, but yous cause trouble first

      • Bro I used to live in Granville. I know all about the Auburnese people.

        • Lol had a workmate once call it Auburnon.

          Actually, went there yesterday and while it was busy, it was not a crush crowd and that was around midday. Went elsewhere for some shopping and on the way back home about 3pm we drove back past and this time there was a long line out the door.

          Gotta wonder why people would leave it so late to catch a sale this good.


    Has anyone been to the morrabin airport one? What's the range like?

  • I arrived to South Wharf this morning at 9:40 (10am open) and there were people already waiting to go in.

    Kids shoes are not part of the sale, but everything else was.

    Decent range but as expected sizes were limited.

    Ended up buying:

    Ultra boost
    Stella McCartney tights
    Superstar kids (not discounted)

    For just under $400

  • Got an Ultraboost Parley, thanks!
    (One of two last ones)

  • Fully sik cuz, gonna get new indoor slides and socks so I can leave out my old slides out front of house. Maybe get a pair for my Habibi so she doesnt get my Lambo dirty.

  • Got a pair of grey Alphabounces for $55 at Essendon DFO. Great sale

  • 33% off on Bourke St

  • I buyed shoes, but later found that i buyed 8.5 UK size and i needed 8UK, can i replace size from any other Adidas outlet near me without additional charges or it's not possible now ?
    Kindly suggest.

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