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Panasonic SC-GA10 Smart Speaker with Google Assistant (Black) $99 - C&C or + Delivery @ The Good Guys


For OZBer's who missed out on the last few deals for this speaker either due to stock availability or color choice. Can try pricematching with Harvey Norman.

Harvey Norman still has it under clearance for $95 - not sure of stock levels


Betta Living ( Black & White) - $99 - marked as clearance


Immersive audio meets wireless smart technology in the Panasonic 40W Google Assistant Smart Speaker, making it a wonderful addition to your home entertainment setup. Showcasing a compact, minimalist design, it blends seamlessly with your home d├ęcor scheme.

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The Good Guys
The Good Guys

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    I can vaguely remember it is $95 at Harvey Norman at the moment, maybe I'm wrong.

  • Also $95 at HN and Videopro

  • I price matched this at tgg during the last round and can say that it's not on the same level as my Sonos One, but is definitely worth the price. I may pick up a second to use as a stereo pair. Thanks op

  • Looks like they won't deliver

  • Weird such a drastic price drop from so many outlets. Maybe Panasonic is dropping support. They did that with another line of wireless speakers that lost spotify connect capability.

    • It could likely mean that a new model is about to be released and hence the sudden clearance. I don't think you thought of that.

      • Um - big assumption. Sure I did think of that. Could be anything, including no more updates to this speaker's Google assistant (as suggested in previous posts).

        • because it has Chinese networking hardware?

          • @laser: No because Google doesn't update the firmware within smart speakers. They provide the updates to the manufacturer and it's up to them to roll it out. So there's a chance new features won't get carried across to this speaker, which would explain the price drop. I purchased a pair but I'm not really interested in GA.

  • So what's the general consensus of these things? Cop or drop?

    • i got one, it did a firmware update and works with spotify now. who knows in six months though?

      sound quality is acceptable, i mean under $100 its pretty decent. prolly on par with sound from a UEB2

      • Two paired speakers in stereo sounds even better. Otherwise with just one speaker it's just mono sound which would just be acceptable depending on what you are used to.

        I've got two of these speakers paired in stereo and it was quite better than just one speaker. You get double the RMS sound but also in stereo mode instead of one speaker mono.

        • The two internal tweeters make it stereo, not mono. Pairing two gives you a wider soundstage.

          • @wolfshooter: No i don't think those two tweeters make it proper stereo. They are just there for high audio frequency sound and to increase the RMS sound output. There's only one woofer for low frequencies in just one single speaker which means that is not stereo. For example with a hi-fi speaker with just one woofer and you don't call that one speaker alone as stereo, you need two hi-fi speakers with a stereo audio channel to them for stereo. So i tell you one speaker alone is not real proper stereo.

            These speakers are designed if you want proper stereo that two of them can be operated in pair for real proper stereo. That is the real stereo.

            "Stereo Pair yes (Two GA10 pair)"


  • Anyone know how to disable google assistant on these speakers? Or permanently mute the mic? Do you just remove from google home?

    • Press the mic button on top of the speaker which disables the mic?. It's the mic icon on the top right. There would then be no more response from the mic and well Google Assistant won't respond from it.

      • Yes that's to mute the mic but it doesn't stop anyone just pressing that button to re-enable. Inwas hoping GA could be disabled via software…?

        • Yeah well sorry i don't think there's any way to permanently disable it so you can't press the mic button to switch it back on. And you can't disable Google Assistant either as that's the primary system which drives the speaker.

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