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Google Home $99 @ BIG W / Officeworks / JB Hi-Fi (Maybe Others)


Use 5% WISH cards and pay just $94. Starts Thursday May 30. Enjoy :)

Update 4pm May 30: Stores are matching BIG W on price. Officeworks & JB Hi-Fi are confirmed.

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      After reading that, it might be time for me to find out what these things can actually do!

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        Same, we have two and am contemplating of getting rid of these unboxed units. I can't see the use unless you have wireless devices (globes, blinds…etc).

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          Good for setting alarms, timers, time and weather. Sometimes news, music or podcasts.

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            @io: Sounds like a device worth about $30 to me!

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            @io: I use it for all those things. As well as reminders, calendars and kids games (Lets to the Wiggles) that the kids love.

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          Wireless devices used to cost hundreds, you can pick up a Mirabella that works fine with these for $15, no other cost required. I use one outside with my porch light so I can tell google to "turn on the porch light" as I'm walking outside to go to work in the dark.

          • @MelCheapo: How do you turn it off or does it do so by itself after X time.

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              @ihbh: You can tell it to turn off, if you have an android phone tell your phone to turn it off or lastly have set times where it will turn off and on automatically.

              • @WilkyBoy: I meant if he's out the door, Google can't hear him?

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              @ihbh: At the moment, I talk to my phone when I'm in the car, "Hey google turn off the porch light"

              I'm looking to set up an IFTTT (If This Then That) to detect when my phones leaves my WiFi network, turn off the porch light.

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                @MelCheapo: Why not use a motion sensor light and don't let the overlords in the USA know when you left the house.

                I have a sensor light from Aldi - $19 +/- 2 years ago or so - and as I open the door, the light comes on. You know what happens next? after a 10-15 seconds, the light goes off.

                These google toys are another solution looking for a problem.

          • @MelCheapo: Where do you get them for $15? I did a quick search and couldn't find them.

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          i need an auto curtain winder motor

      • Sound is good, but not stereo on these, so the almost free mini's paired with an existing Bluetooth like Bose Soundlink would be a better option for most.
        Depends on your use case, these are louder than the mini, not convinced the microphone has better range\pickup.

        Personalised routines are great, takes time to setup to avoid Spotify conflicts (even with premium).

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    I wonder if the crash in home mini prices due to the glut being sold on eBay since the Spotify promotion is partly responsible?

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    • You also had the TicTac Spotify promotion at the same time. 2 marked packets and you get 1 month Free Spotify Premium, which also provided the FREE home mini.
      Yes, I picked 1 free one, and then 2 more from eBay for $14 each, later they were selling for a lot less.

  • FYI the promo codes on redditbay for about $4 still work

    • For Google Home Mini though.

      Is there still supply of them?

    • That promotion is over so no they don't work anymore

    • Is that any code that works for google home?

    • Couldn't find any that still had stock

    • haven't had any luck getting one

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    Oh ok. Just got one delivered on friday

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    So considering the price drop, are these any better over the recent Panasonic or Sony assistant enabled speakers?

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      I'm thinking the same with the Sony one that is selling for ~100, the reviews were pretty poor for it but that was in the context of RRP ~250 which is obviously comparing to the likes of the Sonos one.

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      The last thing I'd want is a device … with a microphone and connected to my internet.

      But your phone is okay?

      I know it sounds crazy

      Yes it does.

      • I reckon the next version of Google home will have wheels, arms or legs.

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          Well that would be an entertaining idea. I'm kind of hoping that this is true now lol

        • It's actually more like a tablet

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    Would just rather 2 Minis tbh

    • Yeah, still won't be stereo but when two mini's are grouped the sound is a lot more spacious than 1 google home.
      Hopefully, a future firmware upgrade can output stereo when paired, like the Dot 3s's

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    Would you think that the Panasonic SC-GA10 smart speaker from TGG $99 would be better?. I mean it's a Google Assistant smart speaker but the RRP is $379 but it's on clearance at $99. It does any thing that the Google Home does. Two of those speakers paired up would beat the Google Home itself big time.

    • People have suggested that the Panasonic may be a little less command responsive during music playback due to the noise cancelling being a bit inferior to google

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    So other than louder, and not even necessarily better sound than the mini, what else in it ? Given the mini was given away free ( almost considering the tictac deal ) ?

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      Better mic, picks up from a further distance and the sound is better from it than the mini

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      I actually quite like the speaker on this. But then again this is coming from someone who has 1 home and 4 minis and actually thinks the mini sounds pretty good for under $30

    • This is actually older than the mini. I'm unsure why they still sell it.

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    If you want a decent speaker with voice assistance, the Sonos family are well worth the extra spend. Currently with Alexa, but Google assist in the near future as an option.

    • Google Assistant is already available on Sonos devices (need to set the country to US which is fairly simple).

  • if you are looking for something to play music pay the bit extra and get a JBL link 10.

  • Just use your phone, buy a proper speaker and done. Half of sth good does not make it good

  • Sounds quality is average. Echo is better with the sub

    • I reckon the Panasonic SC-GA10 smart speaker (Google Assistant) would sound better than this too and the Echo. It's going on clearance from various retailers from between $95-$99. You do need a pair of those to run in stereo. Each Panasonic speaker has 192KHz sound but the Google Home only has 96KHz so the sound is better. But it works just the same as the Google Home itself. That's my take on it.

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    The google home hub is better, the one with a screen.

    • Better in what way? Also it's considerably more expensive than this…. what a ridiculous comment.

  • Sound quality is good enough for music/radio, the only one out of mini,hub and home doesn't sound terrible.

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    I don't understand why paying a company to spy on you is a deal

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      I don't really care what Google hears me talking about. I'm nobody to them, and most of the world.
      If I was famous, then that'd be a different story.

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      What do you do in your home that you're scared of someone hearing?

      As far as I'm concerned unless you're doing something very illegal, they would have literally zero care to whatever you're doing or saying.

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        They do care, and that is for advertising. And Google is mainly an advertising company. Remember? He might not be scared of hearing however he might not like to advertisement recommended by Google.

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    I have like 10+ Xiaomi lights, roller shutters (configured in RM Pro+), front deck lights all configured with google home. This way before going to bed I tell turn off everything and it does the job. for this I find its quite useful. Setting up alarm and weather info is also good.
    Verdict - Its nice to have device only when you have youtube red subscription, or if you have lot of smart devices. otherwise it is dumb speaker and it listens all your secret. Google might already know my sleeping patterns and other bedroom activities by now :) .

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    I have 3 Google Homes in my house (1 of these, and 2 mini's). They are as useful as you want them to me. It's great to ask what the weather is before you head out, or when planning what to wear to work the next day.
    It can be useful in the kitchen if you need to ask something like "What's 3 ounces in litres?".
    Or when you walk in with groceries you can ask it to play one of your playlists while your hands are busy doing stuff.
    They also work as an intercom. We have a large house, so this saves us having to yell out. You just say "Hey Google, broadcast: whatever you want to broadcast" And it will then broadcast your message to all the other speakers.
    I'm also working on having it control some of my lighting and alarm system - This obviously requires other products.
    I wouldn't pay more than $100 for one though. I'd rather get the cheaper mini. I got a full size one for $99 from Kogan about a year ago. This is a good price.

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    I found that google home tend to raise my temper with its condescending tone, "Sorry I can't help you with that" or just with ignoring me randomly. Wouldn't recommend especially if you have issue with anger management.

    • Doesn't bother me, but really pisses the wife off.

      Google assistant blows Siri out of the water and is somewhat better than Alexa.

  • Why would anyone use these. Basically inviting Google into your home to listen to you 24/7, and record.

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      Thanks for that profound and original comment.

    • Every phone that responds to "OK Google" or "Hey Siri" is also listening, and not just in your home!

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      I'm sure Google will be very interested in the discussions I have at home: where is the cheapest 7-11, what deals we have today, kids day at school etc VERY interesting for google indeed

      • Google will be to interested to know everything about you to custom advertisement for you. That is Google’s main business model for profit.

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      Sound isn't as good, serves a different purpose to the photo frame.

  • Still showing full price, don't know when the price is adjusted .

    • Deal came on at 4am. Cost me $89.10 with team benefit. Cheers!

  • Picked one up this morning from QV Melbourne. Didnt seem to have that many unless there is more out the back

    • I'm hoping to get a price match at JB HiFi. It shouldn't be too much trouble.

      • I really should have went to officeworks and done that

        • If you pay with WISH cards at BIG W, the final price is the same as OW pricebeat (if you can find stock).

  • Hows the speaker quality for music playback

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      • Yes, but mono sound, even paired\grouped still only mono sound.

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    does the new sonos do the same thing? $255 on amazon after 5% discount. Why would one choose the google home?

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      Because the Sonos is more than 2.5x the price…

  • review here (although from 2016)

  • didnt see this post, just posted ebay link

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    Grab it from Bunnings and they'll beat it by 10%

    • I actually saw it for $99 at my local bunnings, so not sure if they would beat then.

  • Just got one with egift card. One left at bega big w.

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    $99 at Officeworks & JB HiFi now

    • Thank you. Noticed this too and updated the OP. I'm sure TGGs, HN etc will follow.

  • A better deal here but limited stock
    Only 3 left

  • Have to say I am quite impressed by the sound for such a small package (I just upgraded it from my Spotify Google Mini). It's a bit bass-heavy (muddy) by default but a tweak of the software EQ balances it out.

    The sound won't fill a large space, but I would say it is ideal for a kitchen radio modernisation.

    So now I've got 4 minis, 1 home, 2 chromecast audios and 1 chromecast ultra. When prices drop on the discontinued Chromecast Audio from the local retailers I might get another one to update one of my not-so-smart Yamaha Amps. Next steps for me - Start working on automating my wife's lamps using in-line Sonoff switches.

  • 196 votes?

    this deal got smashed 16 days later

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