expired $5 Fiver Survivor Pack: 1x Minestrone Soup, 1x Protein Ball, 1x Juice, 1x Tangy Salsa Chipz (Min.Spend $49) @ Youfoodz


Seems like a good deal. Will be adding it to this week's meals. Can't see a minimum spend.
Also comes with lunch YF cooler bag

Fine Print
*Fiver Survivor Pack is valued at $27.79. Available with online orders only, until May 29, 2019 11.59pm AEST or while stocks last. Limit 1 per order. Juice & chipz are lucky dip, soz no swapsies.

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    It said $49 minimum spend when I put one in my cart?

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    If its like any other packs they done 50/50 chance you will get what is promised or at least half of it


      My last delivery was missing a meal kit, so they sent me a voucher that I redeemed along with this pack. I'll bet something is missing from this, which will result in another voucher. And around and around we go.


        Ive only ever had one item missing out of quite a few orders, and at least they’re simple to get it rectified I guess


      yeah I I would 25% of the time im missing something. Like todays order, it was a meal kit. They offered me $15 refund or an extra meal kit. So they are redelivering it on Wednesday.

      I imagine they have an open slather for deliver and they dont pay per deliver because if they did, they would lose a lot of money.

      My last deliver they left out two meals, they offered a $30 refund. So I took the refund. I ended up with like $100 normal price for $30 after the refund. I really dont know how they can keep this up…

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    just hoping stock will last until good deal comes up

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    *Fiver Survivor Pack is valued at $27.79

    Righto YouFoodz.


      Last survivor pack they sent me had those broc chips, So bad I had to chuck em.
      Looks like this 1 won't be a lucky dip on the chips at least, But the soup doesn't sound appealing.
      Worth it for 5 buck I guess, Just needs good coupon wooo.


    The pack is currently free today!