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[VIC, QLD] Skybus to Melbourne Airport $11/ $21, Avalon Airport $21/40, Gold Coast $16/ $30 (One Way/Return) with UnionPay


Probably the cheapest way to get Skybus tickets.
To eligible for this promotion, you need to pay your tickets with any UnionPay card (card number starting with 62). The easiest way to get a UnionPay card is buy the prepaid card at AusPost (min $100). Alternatively, you may apply UnionPay debit card with Bank of China.

2019-04-25 To 2020-04-30

Promotion 1.
Enjoy one way discounted ticket at $11 (original full price $19.75) and return ticket at $21 (original full price $38) with UnionPay card at select locations

Promotion 2.
Enjoy one way discounted ticket at $16 (original full price $21) and return ticket at $30 (original full price $38) with UnionPay card at the Gold Coast Airport

Promotion 3.
Enjoy one way discounted ticket at $21 (original full price $24) and return ticket at $40 (original full price $46) with UnionPay card at the Avalon Airport, Victoria. Ticket for Avalon airport is cheaper by booking with Klook, see link below.

You may also get cheap ticket in an easier way by booking with Klook but would be a little bit more expensive: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/459139

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  • Didn't realise Gold Coast Airport is in [Vic]!
    (Mods updated)

    Also [QLD] Skybus Gold Coast airport to Gold Coast hotels details normally $21 one way, $16 with Promotion 2.

    Avalon is $21 one way discounted with Promotion 3.

  • Is it the 'Load&Go China' card from Auspost?
    The one with the minimum load of $100

  • Anyone knows if this works with family tickets?
    Travelling 2 adults 2 kids which is Family 2 ex Tullamarine to CBD

  • Half price for coppers

  • Damn I today bought from klook deal.

  • Anyone have any tips or tricks to get cheap Peninsula Express tickets?

  • Union card starting with 62 can jump queue when applying chinese visa.

  • How do you get a Union Pay? Do you need to live in China?

  • Good post OP, A few things to note though:

    1. Discounted price is only once per card (you might need to figure out a way to use the remaining balance of your Union Pay card, David Jones/Myer maybe?) I'd say buy a return ticket to maximise value.

    2. Unionpay reserves the right to change the promotion. (Until 2020)

    3. Seems only available at Skybus counter? (Online Excluded)

    • UnionPay is accepted at Woolies, Myer, Chadstone, and many other retailers (although they may not have UnionPay logo on the POS machine but just have it a try ). But you need to notice that there will be a $0.09 transaction fee if you are paying in AUD. You can also withdraw the balance at ATM with $2 ATM fee.
      Yes this promotion is only available at counter because they need to check your card.

  • The public bus+light rail in the gold coast works out to $4/person or something. It has better frequency.

    • Yes, (by buying Go Card at airport for cheapest fare) $4.03 / $3.22 (off-peak) Gold Coast Airport to Surfers Paradise on bus then tram.
      Even bus + train to Brisbane CBD is $13.53/ $10.82 (off-peak).
      Concession price is half that.

      Just not as convenient. But as a frugal traveller with only carry on luggage, I happily use it.

      Bought $2 return Jetstar flights GC-Adelaide in Deal. Returning at 10pm (after last bus+train to Brisbane @21:20). Will catch bus + tram to Surfers, fill in the hours until 5am, then tram + train + bus, home around 7am💤 Cheaper than a bed for the night😉

      Have stayed in Coolangatta, to catch early AirAsia & Jetstar flights - walked along the beach to the Airport🌴

  • is this available for purchases on the skybus website?