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Arlo Pro 2 - 2 Camera Kit $699 or 4 Camera Kit for $1199 + Bonus Camera + Free Upgrade to Premier Plan for 1 Year @ RACV


Same deal as https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/453564, checked today and it's back on until 30th June.

Arlo Pro 2 - 2 Camera Kit $699 or 4 Camera Kit for $1,199 + Bonus Arlo Pro 2 Camera + Free Upgrade to Premier Plan for 1 Year

Bonus camera essentially making it a 3 (VMS4330P) or 5 camera kit.

Don't have to be a RACV member to purchase this deal.

Code for upgrade to Premier Plan hasn't worked for me and starting to chase up RACV support about it.

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  • Possible to set up a free account with racv without siging up to their plans?

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    Alro had an another outage over the weekend, no motion notifications or recordings.
    There was no way to get updates about the outage.
    If you have an Android phone the speakers on the cameras are useless, they can't or don't want to fix that issue.
    If I was looking for a camera system now I would look at Ring or Nest

  • Just keep in mind there are 4K versions available now with much wider range of view etc.

  • Not sure if dumb question but do you need to deliver to a Victoria address or will they deliver to other states?

    • Will deliver to other states, I'm in NSW

  • Just received my 4 (+1 bonus) camera kit yesterday. Only 2 of the 5 cameras will sync to the base station. Been battery switching, resetting to factory settings, nothing works but those 2 cameras.
    From what I can see on the forums I'm not the only one with this problem. Will be contacting support soon for replacements, or full refund.

    Wondering if anyone else here is running into similar issues. Also just a heads up for anyone else who's looking to grab this.

    • Just an update to this in case anyone else runs into problems.
      After spending 2 hours on the phone with Arlo support I’ve finally got all cameras working.

      I couldn’t find this anywhere within troubleshooting on the website, but it seems that when my base station was plugged into the router and online, those cameras would not sync.

      After unplugging the ethernet cable and making sure my base station was offline, only then would the 3 remaining cameras sync.

      Side note: Arlo customer support was a mixed bag. First guy I spoke to was so slow, wasted my time. Second guy had me sorted within 30mins. Really depends who you get.

  • Did anyone get the free 1yr service plan working? My code did not work for me either, emailed Racv Wednesday, no response yet.

    Also, page not found when I go to https://arlo.com/au/racvpremium

    • Mine didn't work either.

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      I initially had the same problem too.

      I called RACV and they walked me through the process.

      Apparently you need to subscribe to Arlo's free 1 month first, then cancel that (either right away or wait till nearly the 1 month expires - which I did), then applied the 1 year with the code provided. But the stupid thing is, the code needs to be entered in lowercase, even though the card provided is in uppercase.

      Besides that I haven't had any problems with the cameras themselves, but every now and then the geofencing doesn't register I'm home even though I am. So I get a notification of myself walking into the house.