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[NSW] Uspa Smart Bidet Toilet Seat $299 (Normally $499) @ Costco, Crossroads (Membership required)


Good timing since its getting colder.

Costco warranty and satisfaction guarantee makes this a super deal.

Usually only ever $100 off so this $200 off is a first.

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  • Anyone know how this compares to the Xiaomi Toilet Seat?

    • I just got a refund on my xiaomi a month ago.

      Stopped working after about 8mths.

      Refund took 3mths to process.

      I am looking at the xiaomi whale spout pro though…

    • I don't own either but this would be way more hygienic than Xiaomi, as it has removable control.

    • I've had 2x USPA bidets from Costco and I had to return both within a month each due to leaking.

  • Is this nation wide?

  • What does it mean when it says “fits standard elongated toilets only”
    How do I know it will fit my standard toilet

    • According to http://www.australianbidet.com.au/faq_s.html

      "… measure from the line of the two mounting bolts at the seat hinge, to the very outside front of the toilet bowl. That measurement will be about 42 - 44cm if the bowl is round; and 45cm or more if your bowl is elongated."

    • For the benefit of others wondering the same, we bought one and here are the measurements from the manual: https://imgur.com/a/xYGKG4L (plus the installation instructions as a bonus).

      One note, for the measurement that says bigger than 320mm (i.e. the long dimension of the toilet bowl), ours is around 345mm and it fits, but I think the ideal would be ~360mm+.

      At the minimum length the Uspa seat will fit but because the bidet at the back of the Uspa defines how far back the Uspa can be mounted it ends up eating away some bowl space.

      To put it crudely, if you mounted it on a 320mm seat your cock will definitely touch the front part of the toilet bowl when you're sitting down.

      Overall very happy with the purchase. Especially at $299!

  • usually water for flushing toilet is recycled water. is it safe to be used for bidet? recycled water may contain bacteria.

    • Far from usually, it will be very rare to have a residential home using recycled water for flushing

      • A lot of newly built and renovated homes use either rainwater or greywater tanks for the toilet flushing. So you should double check before installing.

  • If you use recycled or rainwater at the toilet cistern then you'll have to run the water supply to this from another tap - perhaps connect it to your water supply under the basin sink (with suitable check-valves in place of course).

    Is this the only model that Costco stocks?? Perhaps they are clearing them out ready for a new/updated model. I don't think this one has a drying function which is a bit of a bummer (no pun intended).

  • I was deciding between this and the Xiaomi model and chose the Costco one. I had this same model installed recently and its an excellent unit however paid full price for it. It includes three levels of warmth of the seat, three for the water temperature, and three different levels of water pressure. Costco returns are fairly easy as well just in case.