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[VIC] Sony WH-CH700N Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones $99 @ ALDI Coburg


I had a search on my phone and couldn't find this deal, only the one in January for $149 which had heaps of upvotes. Was $149 but the cheapest elsewhere seems to be around $180.

Not sure if store specific but had a quick count and there was well over 100 units.

This was at the newly opened Coburg store in Vic.

UPDATE Staff said that other stores had them in the past but held on to them and passed them on for Coburg's Grand Opening.

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    Does anyone know if Aldi stores will price match against other stores if one store has the item discounted and the other doesn't?

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      No, they won't price match. Last time I went to three stores, none of them did.

      • How about the eBay price match for certain categories from some sellers which includes headphones?

  • which ALDI store did you see this at?

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      Coburg Vic, updated OP.

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        Coburg North technically.

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    I don't live that way anymore but it's great that the area finally has an Aldi! I used to have to go to Broady or Moonee Ponds to go to one before (from Pascoe Vale).

    • There's been on in Brunswick for yonks.

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        depends what part of coburg you are in i guess as to whether the brunswick one is convenient/easy to get to. Looks like this new Aldi is actually in Coburg North (admittedly there is another Aldi in Campbellfield that isn't much further away from that!)

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          And that Coles isnt even that old. Was a nightmare getting a park there on the best of days. Really surprised such a big part of Melbourne is so poorly serviced by supermarkets. I lived in Northcote before that, walking distance from Northcote Plaza that had two Coles in it!

    • Yeah Pascoe Vale really only has the Coburg North Coles servicing it for supermarkets which is always super packed. Hopefully this help alleviate that problem.

      There is also an IGA opening over in Pentridge next year.

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    i cant believe they still have stock???

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      I bought one even though I don't need one due to the number of upvotes in short amount of time so I don't have FOMO 😂 Buy now think later.

      Would be a nice gift otherwise.

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    They were $99 at Rutherford store about 5 weeks ago when they had stock

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      And you didn't let us know? 🙄

      • There was a deal posted a couple months back or so that ALDI was selling these for $79.

        Cannot beleive they still have stocks after the $79 deal.

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        They only had 4 , i think you need at least 10 to post on ozbargain

  • Great price. Reviews say bass is poor but otherwise great product at this pricepoint.

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      I'm somewhat of a bass enthusiast and these are more than adequate, and the noise canceling is great :)

  • I will try to check a store near me and update here.. hoping this is nation wide :)

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    This is a grand opening special so don't expect there to be stock at other locations at this price.

  • Great Headphones.
    Purchased in January and a steal at $100.
    Noise cancelling not the best but sound is great and good battery.

    • Are you able to hear people on the train talk and the rumbling of the train with noise cancelling on?

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        As with most nc headphones, they don't do a good job at blocking out voices. The train noise though would be pretty much gone.

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        Does not cancel voices, but does a good job of dimming the noise on a plane. Much more peaceful.

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          I bought some for my Japan trip and I didn't get any listening fatigue at all on the 10 hour flight. They are amazing

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    I'm no headphone expert, but I'm very happy with these I purchased from Aldi for $150 a few months back

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    Is anyone willing to pick up a pair for me? Ofc I'll be happy to pay for postage and a bit extra for their time.

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      I second this, if some outstanding individual wants to do a bulk run I would be forever grateful.

  • Got a pair in Jan, and they're great. NC and sound quality is decent, for the price. Just charge them when they show 25% battery, as that only seems to last an hour.

  • Asking for a small favour.

    Would it possible for anyone going into Coburg to provide an estimated running tally of stock on hand please so that I don't drive out there for nothing.

    • I would also love to know please.

    • Does the store have a phone number?

      • they don't usually give those out publicly.

        Source : Uses to work at Aldi 7 years ago and it was policy not to give them out.

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      Went there around 3 p.m to buy 1. Roughly around 60 headphones were available.

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    Stop upvoting it. I want one :(

  • These are decent, Got it in last sale for $149.

  • Just went to Coburg to get one. HEAPS of stock left.

    • yep me too there's heaps there

  • min 50 left ..

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    Mentone, Vic is selling @79.99$

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      Just to confirm, the Aldi's at Mentone? Selling it for $20 less too damn. New here so not sure if this warrants a change in the op or a new post

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        Roughly how many at Mentone?

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      Can someone plz confirm the stock and price at Mentone

    • any chance of a photo like the OP? Thx

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      Fake news, none at Mentone

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    Coburg has about 68

    • Thanks

      • Thank you. Might make the trip tomorrow. Surely they can't all sell out by then…

        • +2

          You have underestimated the power of ozbargain.

          • @RSmith: I got 3 but people were taking 5-10 units at a time

  • Just picked up 2, prob 40+ there still

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    Purchased these last time they were on special. No regret. Great set of headphones, not the best noise cancelling but still do an excellent job. Took them on an overseas trip and they managed to block out a lot of the airplanes engine/cabin noise quite well.
    Very comfortable and light on the head, and the earcups are over ear which i personally find to be more confortable. Batterylasts forever. in the few months i've had them, i have only charged them twice.

  • at least 50 on display. good luck to the Friday night rush.

  • Just got one!! 35left

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    There’s still like 40.

  • Say 25 left

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  • +1

    Tried to get jb hi-fi to price match and they wouldn’t $299 in jb
    Glad I got myself a pair from here thanks op

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      Glad I could help.

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    I had been to the store just before it closes and got a couple of them. I could see just a couple left(one box seemed little damaged) and couple in the showcase. could see one just lying in some random unrelated rack. Try your luck tomorrow early morning.. :)

    • Thanks for the stock update got the last one of 3 left this AM. Drove an hour this AM so thankful I didn't go for no reason

  • Saw this in ALDI Yokine (WA) going for $149.

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    Sold out. There were 3 at 8:30 bought the last one. There were like 10 people looking for them. Another ozbargainer is walking around trying to see if someone stashed 1 around the store

    • Hahah that was me !

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        Feel for you dude.

      • I am sending you a pm

        • Clearly I should have checked ozbargain before I left :-( got there at 9:30 this morning and all gone. The cashier gave me hope that they had plenty at the back before coming back with a "all gone sorry" :-(

          Ended up getting one of those quadcopters for $50. Not sure if it's a good deal but I didn't want my drive to be wasted.

  • How these compare to Bose QC25?

    • Just researched. QC25 trounce these in terms of noise cancellation. No Deal.

  • That’s y people went yesterday I saw people buying 10 in one go there was 70 when I was there at 2pm

    • Time to check gumtree

      • I'm already seeing them on ebay for around $150.

    • The guy at register told me that the policy is one per person??

      • No chance

        • Well just bad luck for me then. I would have bought two more for my brother and my girlfriend.

      • That’s not true people we take 10- 20 in one go no restrictions when I got a pair but someone selling 10 pairs on eBay $169 each

        • wow! What a good chance to make money. If the guy at the register didn't tell me that "policy" then I would have grab more than 1.

  • Hi has anybody seen any in North Brisbane stores?

    • You can actually call head office on Monday and they can check stock on their system.

      • DealsBoy,…..

        notpotatoman on 31/05/2019 - 09:31 new
        This is a grand opening special so don't expect there to be stock at other locations at this price.

    • -1

      Please remove dupe post.

  • who do you believe. this guy has a good review, others not so much but are comparing them to higher end stuff. Depends on your ears. However, I did read on the Sony website that they have adaptive noise cancellation. So would be keen to here peoples experiences on the train, bus etc.

  • +1

    noise cancelling isnt great as i expected, however when playing spotify this morning someone came to my desk and started talking and i couldnt hear them at all.. so i guess it does work :)

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