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40% off First HelloFresh Meal Box + $35 Cashback (New Customers) @ Shopback


Hey there!

Great deal for the 2 person 3 meal kit (6 meals total) via HelloFresh.

There’s currently 40% off your first box plus a limited time offer of an increased Cashback through ShopBack of $35.

So how’s it work?
The box I’ve mentioned + shipping is about $51 with the 40% off however with ShopBack you will receive $35 of that back making this box only $16 delivered to your door.

This is a subscription but you can order the box as mentioned then easily cancel your account for all further deliveries! It works!

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    With Shopback - "Cashback is payable for new HelloFresh customers only"

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    I’m sure many people have never purchased anything from HelloFresh before. I sure haven’t.


      I have


        how is it compared to youfood?


          Better quality but you have to make it yourself, not just mw for 2 mins.

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          We like it and get it from time to time when we dont feel like grocery shopping and planning ahead. As Coley noted you need to cook it yourself, so there's still 20 mins to an hour effort involved so they are far from being quick microwave dinners. We find the ingredients we've received to be of good quality and many of the meals have tasted very nice. Meats for example tend to be decent cut and aren't overly fatty or anything like that. We tend to keep the recipes and there's a few we've remade multiple times we enjoyed them that much.

          We find that many of the meals can easily be shared between myself, my wife and our child on the 2 person plan given the generally generous portion sizes. Burgers and things like that not so much, but many of the others easily do us all if its the sort of meal that can be split up.

          Looks like after cash back 4 meals for 2 people will set you back about $20 which I thinks well worth it.

          Haven't used Youfood to compare. Used to use Lite n Easy years back and I prefer this concept if you can take the time to cook the food, and generally we find it as cost effective as doing our own groceries for similar types of dishes.


          We have recently tried both. My wife does all the cooking and said she prefers HF over YF by far. YF has smaller portion sizes (we got meal kitz), generates way more waste and didn't taste as good; still was tasty though.
          YF was a lot easier and quicker to prepare but she enjoys cooking so didn't mind the extra prep with HF. She's kept all the HF menus as they are a good guide for meal ideas in the future.
          Can't comment on price as we got great introductory deals through ozb and shopback, haven't looked at regular pricing as I just know ALDI and Colesworth will be cheaper.
          Won't be using either regularly but may reactivate HF or try Marley Spoon in the future when we have a busy week or she's not feeling well.

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    This is an amazing deal. OP thanks. The only reason it's not on the front page is because of the time you posted it (ie, not while people are at work…. that's when they browse haha)


    How long did it take for you to receive your tracking email? I bought on Wednesday and still haven't received an email.

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