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Earn 1000 Bonus Velocity Points on First Ride + Points for Money Spent @ Ola


Now you can earn Velocity Frequent Flyer points when you ride with Ola!

  • Get 1,000 bonus Velocity points on your first ride (new Ola users only)
  • Earn 2 points per $1 on rides to/from selected airports
  • Earn 1 Point per $1 on all other Ola rides
  • Get 50% off your rides in the first two weeks from sign up

To be eligible for the 1,000 bonus Velocity points you must book and complete your first Ola ride before 30 August 2019

See here for valid airports

For more details see here

Referral Links

Referral:  dtox or random (1290)

Referrer gets $20 credit & referee receives $10 off their 1st trip.

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  • Last time I rode Ola I was quoted $12 after discount to Sydney airport. Final price charged with $30+, i disputed and they charged me $26 in the end after discount.

    • Always screenshot the “before” price. 80% of the time using Ola I’m charged significantly higher than the estimate

      • Had the same experience with didi… Gone back to uber

      • Screenshot the "before" price and use it to raise a chargeback through your credit card

        • Can you still do this without screenshot? Recently had a driver take a much longer and missed several turns into my place. Happened last week, I still cant figure out how to contact support…

          • @sagrules: Contacting support should be your first port of call for trying to get anything sorted. Open the details of the ride in your Ola app and there will be an icon for "Support"

            If they're not helpful then talk to your bank. I've previously been successful with redoing the fare estimate between the two places I previously traveled and taking a screenshot

  • I guess I need to sign up a new account with Ola for this?

  • Everytime i try to book an ola with discount code it is showing heaps of cars in my area.

    Until i press book and no cars to be found….

  • Ola is a price of sht company. I would avoid like the plague. Absolutely the worst customer service ever.

  • I had a good experience from Sydney airport to my home. For a Prime SUV (Toyota Kluger) and a distance of 27 kms, I was charged $48 with the airport coupon. With Uber the charges are around $73 UberX and $105 for UberXL. But as others have suggested always take a screenshot.

  • I use Ola and Didi all the time. I find them super reliable now but it wasn't that way in the past. Much cheaper than Uber.. I usually find Uber only slightly cheaper than a regular cab.
    Can we not add our Velocity number as existing users to get points for future bookings? Not concerned about getting the first ride (1000 points).

  • DOn't know why people shit on Ola. At 30% off Uber prices almost always, happy to use them even if it means 1-2 mins longer wait.

  • I've signed up (new user) using a referral code and linked Velocity. Does that mean a trip to Sydney Airport will cost me $5 and net me 1,000 Velocity points? Also, does anyone know if the $20 referral credit is automatically applied to your first trip?

    • there is a special rate to/from airport.. $25 I think, and it doesn't stack with other promos..

  • I found that the GPS directions they seem to use favour time over distance whereas the fare usually ends up a lot cheaper if you get the driver to go the shortest way.

  • I find Ola to be okay, and generally cheaper than Uber. My estimates are usually spot on, but perhaps to do with the fact I use it in Canberra where trips are short and traffic is mostly non-existent.

    However, my experience with customer service has been terrible. I’ve been charged on at least three occasions where the driver accepted and ended the trip without even picking me up, and getting my money back was a nightmare. I’ve also started to find Uber to be sometimes cheaper due to Ola’s surge pricing, which they don’t tell you about before you book.

  • There are reports of points being credited barely a couple of hours after taking the ride. Sounds like the partnership is off to a good start.

  • Thanks OP signed up today. Used the $20 coupon on first trip (airport) and already received the Velocity points.

  • Thanks. Comparing the standard rates in Brisbane, Ola is pretty much the same as Uber (except without the 55c booking fee). However, the $20 referral bonus (and the regular discounts even for non-new users) tips things in Ola's favour. The Velocity points are cream on top.

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