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20% off Myer @ eBay (Breville Grinder $152, JBL Free X Headphones $95, Crumpler Mantra Backpack $139, Sony 65" 9500G TV $2495)


20% off Myer on eBay. Full T&Cs here. Enjoy :)

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    Crumpler Mantra is an excellent price!

    • It's an ok price.
      I bought the mantra travel off Amazon for ~$110 late last year.

    • It's 1.5kg heavy?

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    Lego Apollo Saturn V for $135 is not bad.

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    Thanks OP. Myer needs to clean their eBay store, several out of stock items listed

  • Added the smart grinder to car but then "This code can't be applied to your order." :(

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      • This happens to all coupons :( Not sure what's wrong with my account, have tried changing all sorts of settings but they never work.

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          Do you have your eBay acct set up with an overseas mailing address?

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          This also happened to me all the time and since I wanted that bloody Breville cooker I chatted to ebay. Turns out because I made my account before the .au domain was created, in the back end ebay still considered me to be an American so didn't allow the use of AU discount codes. They made a change while I was chatting and the code worked. Odds are you're in the same boat.

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      may be .. try adding it to carT

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        But he likes to go Xzibit and pimp his ride.

      • you should be a comedian

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      if you made it to the car you've already applied the five-finger discount..

  • Hey mate… Looks like they are making some updates! All items are playing up.

    There is no "Add to the cart" option or Buy option!

    Update - Looks like its back working again on and off!

    • That just eBays amazingly bad website.

      You can sit there F5ing and it randomly doesn't load various parts of the site each load.

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    $152 for Breville Smart Grinder. Cheapest price so far I think.

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    Excellent price on this. Cheapest I've seen.

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      Just bought one!

    • Good price, but not sure whether to go with this or the Philips

      • Haven't used the Philips, but use this one at least twice a week. Works brilliantly.

        • Agree with this. The Flat slow cooker is one of the better purchases i've made

    • Can't believe you made me impulse buy this. I never impulse buy stuff, I'm an OzBargainer.

      Hope it's good…

      • LOL as did I. They do get damn good reviews and the missus always complains that we dont have a steamer and our Slow cooker we already have is SUPER slow

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        I never impulse buy stuff, I'm an OzBargainer.

        Does not compute.

        • I mean I never impulse buy anything that costs $200. I definitely impulse buy the Rosegal and Dresslily <$1 deals!

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    Is the Breville coffee machine BES870BSS a good buy at $600?

    • Good price. Has been cheaper before but not by much.

    • $699 @ 20% off is $559.20 which is it's 'usual' on sale price. I'm waiting to justify buying it under $500 but it's not looking likely!

      • Thanks that's closer to my price point too

      • I got it at around $530…. which was my point… under $500 good luck

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      Our BES870 is ~5yo and still going strong! Unsure about pricing these days but when eBay did it's very first 20% off we got if for $440 from eBay target, IIRC.

      Makes good coffee for price, use fresh beans in it.

      • The BES878 is out now

        • How does that compare to the Bambino Plus?

    • Got one from Gumtree for $200 4y ago - still going strong. Good machine. Fresh beans are key.

    • I use mine daily, with beans no older than 2-3 weeks.
      Have had it for 4 years now. Recommend it highly :) It has paid for itself.

      Once you learn what you are doing, you will make 8/10 barista quality lattes (minus the art!).

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    There are a lot of items listed as "out of stock". Why doesn't eBay automatically remove those from the listings? Otherwise it's a massive time waster.

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    Not a bad price for the UB420 UHD Panasonic Blu-Ray Player: $199

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      Thanks for the tip. Been looking for a deal on a dedicated 4K player.

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    Kindle listed, but no buy options?

  • FML I bought the grinder last night. Does anyone have any experience in getting the difference refunded or returning and re-ordering before the item has been shipped?

    • I purchased the Barista Express last night too using the PAPPY code… contemplating doing a return on the first order..

      • Yeah, I sent Myer a message to see if they'll refund the difference but I can never remember whether it's Myer or eBay who foots the bill on these promos. May have to just cancel and reorder, but eBay currently says it's "too early to return the item".

        • I just ordered it again and using their refunds policy after it arrives. I don't have time on a work day to stuff around calling through to them.

          the price difference is enough for a few bags of beans, and I need to go to the shopping centre this weekend anyway.

          • @t00tie: They refused to refund the difference. I'm pretty unimpressed. It's meant to arrive in a few days so if it arrives in time I'll return it and reorder before the sale ends.

            • @djthornton: That sucks, fingers crossed it all pans out for you!

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                @t00tie: Cheers, will let you know!

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                  @djthornton: Don't worry about it. Just purchase another one now with the eBay discount. You can easily return the previous one within 30 days.

            • @djthornton: Nah, of course they won’t ebay pays for the 20% during these sales

              • @DisabledUser223792: I thought it was a 50/50 split

                • @camthecow: Correct, eBay and store split (last time it was 8% eBay 12% store that I was offered to join a 20% promo). Hence why stores typically price jack around 10-14%.

                  eBay foot the bill for the 10% ones.

            • @djthornton: hey, have you received a shipping update?

              mine still says processing :/

              • @t00tie: Hey yeah sorry for the delay, it arrived Thursday!

                • +1

                  @djthornton: Nice. The first arrived Friday and I’m assuming the second machine (which will be returned and refunded) will arrive tomorrow.

  • Philips Airfryer XL White HD9240/30 for $239.20. Anyone have any reviews for this air fryer ?


    • I had one, returned it, purchased the Kmart version for $69, have not looked back.

      • Is that good enough for a family of four? The K-mart one?

        • I use it for two adults, it's more than enough, not sure about four, but should be pushing it.

        • If you have a family of four I would be looking at the XXL - the extra basket space is really useful. We can often cook a couple of salmon filets in a pyrex dish and have the sweet potato chips cooking at the same time.

          If you don't wanna spend the extra $$'s on the XXL the Kogan digital ones are a very reasonable option.

          I found the Kmart basket too small and ended up giving it to the uni-student brother in law

    • +3
    • Personally, we have it for few years and love it. Since ours was earlier model we had to get the chipset replaces as warranty job (was just few months out of warranty). Since then Philips has fixed the issue.

  • Can anyone recommend any of the rice cookers? I'm asian and have lived on Tiger rice cooker and $15 Big W rice cookers, both are acceptable standards of living but there is definitely a noticeable difference in quality. Does the middle ground cost substantiate an equivalent standard of living?

    Also is brown rice cooking any different to white rice?

    • +1

      Brown rice takes way longer to cook

    • +2

      OzBargain, the prime source for rice cooking tips.

      Protip: soak brown rice in water overnight so it doesn't take as long to cook

      • But how does the rice cooker know that you've soaked the rice? will it then overdo the rice (assuming it has a brown rice setting)

        • But how does the rice cooker know that you've soaked the rice?

          By calling it Smart?

      • It's a good idea to soak it overnight to reduce the arsenic levels, too: https://www.bbc.com/news/health-38910848

        • There's no arsenic in Australian rice. It's mainly US rice which is toxic

  • Pink Megaboom 3!! $160 not the cheapest but good price..

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    Most of the products have no Buy now option??

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    Seems like many items are just disappeared during the sale.

    • Yep all bbqs no longer on there ebay store

  • Is the Sony TV 9500G the 900F direct replacement?

    • It is more so a replacement for 2017 9300/9400e as there was no 2018 replacement.

      Great price considering it was released a month ago. I paid the same for a 65X9300e runout model.

      Here's a recent review of it:

      • When did you buy your 9300e and how are you liking it?

        • +1

          Feb last year. Amazing TV, especially 4K content

    • +1

      it's a good TV if you've never owned an OLED
      i'd definitely get this over samsung anyday
      but unfortunately i do have a 55 inch OLED and i've seen things!
      cant got back to LCD even if the OLED feels too small now

  • $60 dollars for Logitech Z623 2.1 speakers

    Don't think I've seen these cheaper


    • Not in stock.

      • Someone picked it up quick! There was 2 left when I was looking before

        • Ah. That was quick! Seen quite a few things going cheap but no stock :/

    • Bought for $65 a week back, a lot of people missed out though.

  • does anyone know if I can use Myers Gift Cards for this? Thanks

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      Nope. Not on ebay

  • Dyson V11 Absolute for $959.2 is ok price if you need one now.

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    Myer need to clean up their Lego listings.

  • trying to get JBL Charge 4 but 20% code couldn't be applied….

  • Some of Myer's ebay items haven't been in stock for literally years.

    A sad joke that they're still listed and Ebay allow it.

  • God damn it, just bought a microwave with the 15% off last week.

  • Antler Juno II Luggage - (Choice #1 rated suitcase)

    68cm for $133 is excellent.
    80cm for $143 is also excellent.

    Looks like plenty of colours available.

    • Antler is very good.

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    I got this last time https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/NEW-Breville-the-Multi-Chef-mult... for $87.20 and am happy with it so far

    Last deal: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/product/breville-brc600

    Same price again

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    Caved and got the grinder! Thanks OP