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Ovo Boom XXL 500GB Mobile Broadband for $99.95 For the First 30 Days ($109.95 Thereafter, New Services Only)


Minimum monthly cost is $99.95 for the first 30 days and $109.95 thereafter
New services only.
Must buy between 3.06.2019 and 30.06.2019 and activate before 15.07.2019.
Not available for upgrades and downgrades.

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    • A fizzle rather than a boom

    • Optus is a 24 month contract. Ovo is month to month

      • Optus month to month is also $85 u just have to byo modem instead of a free one

        • I think with Optus you have to buy their modem, $277 for the first month. Can’t BYO.

          • @poketroket: Store can give you SIM Only, no modem purchase required.

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              @lanriver: I just got a 500gb Optus connection, you can BYO modem if you want you just need to go instore to get it.

              It also makes more sense to get it on a 24-month contract, you can cancel at any time and just pay out the modem.

      • As per above, you can sign up for the same plan with Optus month to month as well for 85 a month. I did it before when it was only 80 a month.

        Guess the reason why OVO's 500gb plan is so popular is because people don't know about Optus' identical month to month plan.

  • Is Optus cheaper? I think they got mobile broadband plan month to month, $80 for 500GB per month, you can bring you own 4g modem.

    • No you cannot BYO.
      Taken from their CIS;
      Equipment needs
      These plans can only be used with the Optus-supplied modems
      provided with your 24-month Optus Wireless Broadband plan.
      Customers on a month-to-month plan will need to purchase
      a modem at an upfront cost, which will be advised at the time
      of purchase, in order to use this plan. The SIM supplied with the
      modem must not be removed from the modem and will not
      work in any other device

      • That’s what they say but people have been able to go into a store and sign up month to month.

      • Go to your local Optus store, you can get SIM Only M2M no need to purchase the modem.

        • Damn it, I should really go (out) shopping more often!

          • @poketroket: Not your fault, you went by their own CIS.

          • @poketroket: Actually you don't need to go out shopping often. Every time you want to buy something, just go on Ozbargain first and see people reviews, share their experience, using search box (like 4g plan optus)

            I jumped on Optus month to month plan because of this, at that time Optus did not offer mobile broadband month to month online. But someone did it through going to store, that's why I signed up for month to month plan.

    • They've actually raised their price to 85 now sadly.

  • Rekt….

  • Colleague at work looking for a month to month wireless broadband sim plan while she waits for the NBN to be installed. The OVO plans seem to be very good value. Any experiences with them or other options before I make suggestions to her?

  • I’m with OVO because I can change my download limit/recharge whenever I want. Last month I went with the 500GB plan and turned off auto recharge. This month I went OS for 2 weeks so didn’t need data for this period and therefore didn’t need to recharge. Since returning home I’m just tethering to my phone (using my plan data) and probably won’t need another OVO recharge at all for at least 3 weeks.

    OVO is great if you don’t need/want monthly internet bills.

    Ideally I’d just like to be able to buy non-expiring data blocks as needed like I do with Usenet but 30 day blocks will have to do for the moment as there are no other options.

    Massive savings to be had doing it this way but obviously doesn’t suit all users.