expired 75% off Frames (Single Vision Lens Included for Free) @ Big W Optical


Suprised this isn't already listed here!

Big W Optical is closing down all it's stores nationwide and thus they are selling all frames (with free included single vision lens) at 75% off. Offer ends Friday 7th of June (with final pick up of glasses by the 30th June).

All additions e.g. coatings, making lenses thinner etc are full price.

I picked a frame that was usually $126 and opted for anti-reflective coating as an addition (+$70, I know… abit steep compared to other stores) - bringing the total to $101.50 for my pair. If I didn't get the coating it would have been $31.50! Bargain!

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    In-store only then?

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    As long as there are no issues, I’m guessing there are no optometrists to do rechecks if there’s something wrong with the glasses

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    The Box Hill location had hardly any glasses left when I was there on the weekend


    Morayfield has heaps left. I went a few weeks ago (this has been posted before, BTW) and managed to get pair of Ray-Bans (not sunnies) for ~$60 and pair of Jag for $40.
    Sunnies are 50% off.

    Optomoptrist will print off your prescription for you as well so you can go to a "different store" (ie cheap online store from China) next time you want frames.


      To get prescription lenses fitted might cost you triple the frame price.


        What? I paid $60 + $40 for single-vision lenses with my prescription in them.

        Sunnies are 50% off with prescription lenses too. I didn't get any, just letting people know.
        Sorry if my comment was confusing.

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      Optomoptrist will print off your prescription for you

      ..while thoughtfully omitting your PD.


        Oh no. Didn't even realise that.


        Can always just simply measure you PD with a ruler and a help of a mate, but yes sometimes they omit your PD because optometrists are also retail stores and do not like people wasting their time and buying elsewhere after the consultation


          This. I've never understood why people complain about not getting the PD when you can do it at home. Though if you get it wrong you're in shit Creek.


        The store where you buy the glasses normally measures your pd, so the optoms are just letting them do their thing.


        PD is listed on my prescription and my daughter's prescription obtained last week, and from memory, has always been listed (been going to Big W optom for 7 years).


      any recommendations/links for "cheap online store from China" to compare?


        Whirlpool recommends zennioptical.com.au and goggles4u.com. Never tried them myself.

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        I use clearly.com.au… they always have BOGO deals going and can't fault the quality for the price

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        I use Zenni mostly, and have never had a problem. Have also used Firmoo.

        To give you an idea on cost. A year ago i ordered 2 metal frame pairs. Both with photochromic lenses (+$29) and antireflective coatings (+$5) Anti scratch and uv coatings are free. Total order was ~$100 (usd)

        IIRC specsaveers quoted me more than that just for the transitions lenses upgrade on one pair.

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    Suprised this isn't already listed here

    It was, a month ago, but back then BIG W hadn't made up its mind to extend the sale past that weekend.


    Ordered a pair last week. $41.50


    Ordered a pair of ray bans with prescription for $49.50 thanks op


    Had a really bad experience with Big W Vision.

    They constantly got the prescription wrong.
    Even after they were 100% sure I went elsewhere and got them to check glasses prescription v actual prescription and they were still wrong.

    Knew something felt wrong as my vision wasn't 100%.

    Not just the eye check but the actual glasses were wrong as in fit and bi-focal instead of not bifocal…

    I am all about saving money but you have to draw the line somewhere..


    Are any additions really worth adding? Any recommendations? :)


      I havent bought from bigw but i guess the options are the same.

      I noticed a pretty big difference between the ones i got without the anti reflective coating and the one with it (will always get it now). All of them from zenni had anti scratch and UV so i dont know how much difference there is without those 2.

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