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NetGear ORBI AC3000 RBK50-100AUS $397.56 Delivered @ Amazon AU


First time posting a deal here :)

Orbi RBK50 AU version via Amazon AU.

After stacking with the Shopback Amazon deal works out to be approx $380 give or take.
This is a cheap deal from what I've seen if you're looking for a mesh type setup.

Note you can probably also get Officeworks to pricebeat for a %5 which works out to be ~ $380 if you are inclined to.

Update: Deal is over - There is no spoon.

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  • Need to be under $350 these days to be am ozbargain deal

  • OK price. But for anyone looking at getting it the new model with WIFI 6 should be out any time soon.

    • Yep completely valid point. I was tossing up on this as well but considering it'll be more expensive decided to pull the trigger on this one. it'll also be a few years until all the nuts and bolts are sorted imo.

      • Totally agree. I got an orbi about a year ago, it's been an absolute game-changer for internet in our house!

      • until all the nuts and bolts are sorted

        All that matters is that Orbi backbone works well (even if Netgear is using draft 11ax or even proprietary standard), you can continue using 11ac front-end which is more than sufficient.

  • Great tip thanks nuts :)

    I've been waiting for about a month for this bad boy to come back on special. Even U-Mart went back up to $500 a few weeks back!

    I'll try to grab a price match from Officeworks.

    • I did exactly that earlier this year; OW were very easy to deal with for the price match. Got it for about $380 from memory.

      From my pre-purchase researh this looks to be arguably the best mesh system available. Was an easy fix for my tricky house layout, when I was almost gonna call a sparky to wire every wall with CAT-6.

      • Orbi isn’t mesh, it’s spoke-hub.

        Nothing beats wire for reliability and speed (because it’s your medium). Wireless is half-duplex and you share the medium (air) with all your neighbors. Except,… wire is inconvenient and you’ll end up using wireless.

        • I'd love CAT-6 as preference. But Wi-Fi does everything I want without an appreciable difference, so can't justify the cost of wiring the house.

        • Agree technically not your standard mesh, I do like the dedicated frequency for the backhaul which seems to be where the performance differentiates itself.

  • What about TP-Link deco M5. Cheapest 2 pack you can get for $180

    Search in staticice.

  • SCORE!!

    Officeworks did all the checks and balances at the register and I now have a brand new Orbi RBK50 for $377 :)

    I may have got one of the last available units as all stores were showing 'limited stock'. So if you want one today, I would be calling around OW stores soon before they run out.

    Now I'm going to get a few helpful hints from here: https://forums.whirlpool.net.au/thread/3zv22k13

    …and set her up with my ADSL modem/router (iiNet BobLite) until NBN arrives at the end of the month.

    Thanks again to Crunchynuts - I was not monitoring Amazon until I saw your post.


    • Perhaps you could post the receipt so others can try other retailers that are convenient. I need to wait for Amazon. 377 is a great price imo :O
      Would be keen to see what speeds you get and if the reviews are accurate.

  • FYI price has gone back to $496.
    Deal is over :(

  • Well done. This deal seems to currently be active for a shade under $400

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