Intel 660p NVMe SSD 2TB US$189.99 (~AU$282), 1TB US$99 (~AU$147), 512GB US$59.99 (~AU$89.02) + Tax & Shipping @ Amazon US


Saw a very cheap deal from amazon intel 660p NVME drives.

These aren't the fastest but a very good deal for the price.

$89 AUD for 512GB
$147 AUD for 1TB
$282 AUD for 2TB

Shipping is around $8.52

MSY is selling the drives for 135/239/549 512/1TB/2TB


Prices including tax & shipping

Items: USD 59.99
Shipping & handling: USD 5.47
Total before tax: USD 65.46
Estimated tax to be collected: USD 6.55
Order total: USD 72.01 (~AU$102.89)

Cheaper on Amazon AU for Prime members
512GB $95.51 on Amazon AU (Free delivery for Prime)
save ~$7.38 + currency & CC conversion fees + cashback

Items: USD 99.99
Shipping & handling: USD 5.77
Total before tax: USD 105.76
Estimated tax to be collected: USD 10.58
Order total: USD 116.34 (~AU$166.23)

Cheaper on Amazon AU for Prime members
1TB $159.20 on Amazon AU (Free delivery for Prime)
save ~$7.03 + currency & CC conversion fees + cashback

Items: USD 189.99
Shipping & handling: USD 5.74
Total before tax: USD 195.73
Estimated tax to be collected: USD 19.57
Order total: USD 215.30 (~AU$307.52)

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    Nice post. I suggest that his AU$ is suffice, and to edit to make it easier to read.

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    10% GST will be applied in the end when checking out.


    Nice, better than the price I paid for the 2TB 660p from B&H Photo 2-3 months ago (~AUD$370 after shipping, conversion etc).

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    I'd suggest watching this before you buy:
    TLDR; it uses a storage method that is slower, and has a lower life expectancy than other SSDs.

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      thanks for the heads up! i would rather a reliable mechanical 2tb than a potentially short life spanned ssd

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        It comes with a 5 year Intel international warranty so nothing to worry about!
        This SSD looks subpar on paper, but in practice, it performs just as good as any other NVMe SSD.

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        5 year warranty with a 400TB write tolerance on the 2TB model.

        If you write 250GB a day, everyday, it should last you 4 1/2 years, write 125GB a day, everday, and you should get 9 years.

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          good stats, thanks for sharing!

          my os and games drives are ssd so they load quickly.

          the 4tb for holding photos, documents and movies is still mechanical. i dont seee much of a diff loading a photo from an ssd vs mechanical.

          but also back then 2tb\4tb ssd's were crazy expensive. now that their coming down to this price point i may reconsider.

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        While I originally wrote it for the Samsung QVO drives, this uses the same technology, so most of the info is the same, might help

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      To hit the thresholds for these drives, you would have to be doing much more than a regular desktop user would use it for. In which case you'd have a completely different use case.

      For a regular user for storage, game/program installs these drives are fine.

      I have a Samsung 970 Evo Plus 512gb an Intel 660p 1tb. The 970 Evo Plus R/W is close to 2,000MB per second whereas the 660p is between 1,300-1,500mb per second. The 660p is still way and above a SATA SSD in terms of speed. I haven't had any issues with either.

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    512GB $95.51 on Amazon AU (Free delivery for Prime)

    1TB $159.20 on Amazon AU (Free delivery for Prime)

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    Some ssds are faster. Other m2 drives close in price benchmark better.


      Bit of a weak comment without links to examples! I'm looking at the 1TB drive - the only drives I see coming close to AU$160 shipped are the absolute cheapest SSDs, all SATA based, which I don't imagine benchmark all that much better. I know this 660P isn't the fastest drive but it is damn good value at this price, and would make a great secondary SSD to my primary 970 EVO+


        Ah, I had the wrong drive in mind, 600p. They are using the same pics for the refreshed 660p. This one is not so bad…!


    Can you still buy from Amazon US? I thought they make you checkout through Amazon AU a while ago.


      You can only purchase items that Amazon itself stocks and sells (with a 10% GST banged on at the end); you cannot buy from 3rd party sellers on overseas Amazon's, even ones that store their goods in Amazon warehouses.


    how it compare with 760P?

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    Waiting on AUD to go parity with USD again and buy it for $99. That's true bargain IMHO

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      Presumably by the time that happens the pricing would’ve adjusted anyway :(