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$8.99 Per Month SIM Only Plan Unlimited National Talk/Txt 2GB Data @ Exetel


Cheapest Optus 4g Plan if you are not a big data user. No lock-in contract.

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      • Didnt read through the list but thx

  • Exetel and
    Support should Not be in the same breath !! Rang them to sign up for NBN; I asked more than 2 questions - she just hung up.

    Sure way to win new customers. Imagine what their support would be like.

  • I signed up about 2 weeks ago.

    Note I had issues when submitting the form online, I didn't get any confirmation prompt that the form submitted or email or anything. So I filled out the form again, still nothing that indicated the form actually submitted.

    Called up support who said they could see my order and would send me a confirmation email (they never did).

    Finally the sim card just appeared in my postbox. Had my mum's name on the addressee of the letter even though the letter said Hi "my name". NO IDEA where they got her name from or why it was on the letter

  • Thanks for the heads up. Got a 2Gb sim for my LTE backup router. Don't need a lot of data just nice to have some comms when NBN outages occur here and there.

  • though of recommending to people but upon saw negative comment, i have to say no…

  • apokalypsez - recommend to your enemies and "friends" who you want to ditch -haha

  • Can someone on this exetel plan tell me, are u able to make multiple calls then merge them? ie. like a teleconference.
    thanks u

    • Yes you can

  • +1

    I just tried to order a sim card from Exetel but my current provider is Belong mobile and it's not available in the drop down box so which option should I select instead in the '2. Service and delivery details' section?

    • +1

      Just pick the "wholesaler". I was with Ovo (which wasn't listed) and just put Optus. Order went through fine.

  • Anyone had trouble activating their SIM? I can't see option on their website…

    • Once you have received your new Exetel SIM Card you will need to activate your service so you can start using your mobile device.

      You can do this by logging into My Exetel or by calling 13 39 38.

      It says in their FAQs

  • +2

    Ported yesterday from vaya to exetel, no problems. Put in the request at 8am,port kicked in at around 3pm. Optus to Optus is meant to take longer than all other ports.

    Easy process, happy customer.

    Thanks again OP

  • Damn, missed it was waiting for something to expire, hopefully will have this in a few months again.

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