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$8.99 Per Month SIM Only Plan Unlimited National Talk/Txt 2GB Data @ Exetel


Cheapest Optus 4g Plan if you are not a big data user. No lock-in contract.

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  • Excess data $10/GB.

  • Standard price.

  • Great price, I'll be switching from Vaya to this. Thanks OP

    • Vaya are crooks. Port out fee is more than a little bs

    • Yes, I'm doing this right now for my mum.
      FYI for anyone considering this provider ->
      I'm having trouble with SIM activation via their website and currently on hold with technical support - they tell me I am currently caller number 37 and ETA is 72mins!!!

  • optus to exetel will take 3 days, in the middle of a port to exetel and voice works but txt/data doesn't, and no support for these issues over the weekend. So port on a Monday or Tuesday is the advice

    • Good to know

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      Porting from companies that use the Optus network to Optus is a nightmare - took 7 days to switch from Virgin Mobile to Optus last year, unbelievable.
      If you are using a provider that uses Optus (e.g Vaya), you are better off porting to a free Telstra sim and porting from that Telstra account to Exetel. Should be all on the same business day.

      • Hmm… should have read this before I put my order in this morning…
        Porting only occurs when I activate though right? I assume I can still do the Vaya->Telstra->Exetel route…

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        Porting hours of operation:

        Monday to Friday 8am to 8pm
        Saturday 10am to 6pm
        Public Holidays (Dates determined by Comms Alliance) 10am to 6pm

        Porting average timeframes:

        Same Carrier Ports - Averaging approximately 4-5 hours at the moment.
        Inter-carrier Ports - SLA is 3 hours with the average port completion within 15-30 minutes at the moment.

    • For this plan I got a successfully ported message but the Sim never worked on multiple phones. Waited more than 2 weeks and gave up. The only response I ever got from Exetel after multiple support requests was that it had been escalated and somebody would call. Their phone support was 70 callers deep and an hour long wait time. The only system that seemed to work for them was the billing system. Even my request for a refund was ignored. I would never recommend them if you are porting a number and may need any support.

      • Yeah useless companies like this, hit them with the TIO.

        • I've had a number of services with Exetel over the years, like any consumer ISP/MSP/MVNO they just can't support everyone well, often when the trouble is upstream you hit a stone wall- and that goes for Telstra as well as Optus and Vodafone. There are 'victims' of all of them, it is simply because Telstra set such a low bar in the first place that the rest of them could get away with such rubbishy tech, security, infrastructure, provisioning, customer service, etc. etc. etc.

          And there's yet to be a communications minister yet to tell them to pull their socks up, which is why the ACCC is the only customer support channel that can get anything more than the mundane done. With most MVNOs, you will be left in the dark, and if your old SIM is not in a phone or its account becomes terminated, you won't get a single call.

          When the trouble with Exetel relates to billing, good luck. If it is related to third parties, good luck. They don't seem to feel obligated to return a dollar to you, either to sooth the pain caused or any non-provisioned service/s

          My advice:

          1. Be sure you know if your account is prepaid or post paid before issuing a port request. If you get it wrong, it will fail and with an MVNO they may never get told why/updated.

          2. Port and hope. If it doesn't work, find out if the number is still attached to the old provider's account and then port again. You can port to a major telco with a different network to your old provider, and your new one. Then port to your MVNO of choice.

          3. Wait for data, it doesn't always get provisioned with voice services. A day or two can be necessary

          If trouble happens less than 1 in 5 ports, 'your going is good'.

  • I'm waiting for the $99/12mts deal from Aldi. At present on the Aldi deal with 2mts to go.

  • its better than amysim which is only 1gb per month $10

  • Exetel is s h i t company in terms of service. Don't fall for their tactics. I fell i repent.

  • Oh god what is that logo?

  • These guys are fine. I worked with them indirectly in a previous job years ago and have moved my mobile and NBN to them. all perfect and cheaper than my previous tpg/Telstra ADSL and tpg mobile plan. Also was on amaysim before… True support can take ages to get through to but they will always call you back or email if you don't want to wait. They provided all the possible timeframes and are the best deal for NBN and mobile plans and choice magazine winners!

    • Been with them for 10+ years and moved on.
      They are fine only if you have no issues, they are cheap for a reason.

      all perfect

      If it was perfect why do you need to get through to support?

      True support can take ages to get through to but they will always call you back or email if you don't want to wait

      Sounds crazy but you must wait if you don't want to wait. (or else it will take even longer to resolve an issue).

      Took 1.5 weeks of emails to resolve a small issue. I replied within minutes and they always reply the next day.
      In the end I took their offer cause I can't stand waiting/reading/replying to their poorly written emails (they charged for a phone handset they never provided - they only offered to refund half).

      • So the company you are with now is perfect and have no support because there is no need to ever ring them?

        • No, of course no company is perfect which is my original point…
          Dont say they're perfect when they're not.
          Exetel have a place, have an informed decision when you choose them.

    • No they don't always call you back. Their only response to me was it's been escalated. I don't count that as a response back. I never heard back after multiple requests and more than 2 weeks waiting. If you want to take the risk to save a couple of buck be warned. Support was non-existent in my experience.

  • I use Spintel $1 more but has capped data

    • Which network for sprintel?

    • Exetel provides the option to limit extra spend down to $0, i.e. monthly spend capped at $8.99

    • Spintel plan includes only 100 minutes. OVO one is unlimited which is better.

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      That Spintel plan is limited to 100 minutes worth of calls.

      Also, you can cap the Exetel plan. From Rep on Whirlpool ( https://whrl.pl/RfnjmC ) :

      Mobile Spend Control Immediate – Now Available

      Hi all!

      For those of you who use our Spend Control function in My Exetel, we have upgraded its capability so that the Spend Control can be activated/changed "immediately", rather than waiting till next months bill cycle.

      We provide you the options/values of Spend Control, be it $0, $5, $10, $20, $50 or $100 based on the available thresholds you have not exceeded when you want to apply the Spend Control.

      For instance, if you have a new Exetel service just activated and you want to set the spend control to $0, you can do that as soon as your service is active – perfect for parents who have just given their kids a new Exetel $8.99 plan and want to avoid any $10/GB excess data 'surprises' – though we do provide email and SMS notifications at 50%, 85% and 100% of allowance!

      By the way, this works with all of our Mobile based services – including Mobile Voice, Mobile Broadband and Home Wireless Broadband.

      • "if you have a new Exetel service just activated and you want to set the spend control to $0, you can do that as soon as your service is active"

        That is true, but it takes effect on the next billing cycle.

      • Unfortunately their system doesn't work like you'd expect. I had my spend limit at $0 and accidentally used someone's international number to text and their system immediately stopped me from making any calls. The only way to "unblock" was to pay $10 for a $0.35 text. $10 is the minimum transaction value and apparently I will be credited the remainder back on my next bill. I haven't found out if this will actually happen. Emailing their support is completely useless as others have said and the call queues are usually an hour wait and they don't provide any support over weekends which is crazy for a telecommunications company.

        When I set a spend limit to $0 I expect any additional service to simply not work. Blocking my ability to make local phone calls for sending an international text makes no sense.

        • I don't recall ever had to contact Spintel customer service so can't compare, but I wouldn't expect them to be any better. You get what you pay for :p


          You could set the spend control at $5 to allow for a small amount of non-included usage charges. You could also check the number you are texting to avoid 0011 or "+"?

          Yes, you will be credited back. Worth noting, this capability is unique in the post-paid mobile offerings in Australia.

          We provide support as per:


          Yes, we have support on the weekends - 8:30 am to 11pm AEST.

          Lodge support via help desk if you want - https://helpdesk.exetel.com.au/

          Please note the T&C of the spend control function.

    • Is spintel 28 day expiry like boost or monthly?


      Set spend control at $0 and we have capped data too.

  • Would this work on Optus 5G? just curious

  • Anybody have any referrals, willing to change from spintel!

  • "No lock-in means you can cancel your mobile service at any time by giving 28 days notice to Exetel."

    That also means you'll lose one-month fee when you decide to leave. NO from me.

  • Not all that much cheaper than the Boost $150/12mth deal for $12.50/mth if you average less than 6.7GB/mth (ie. over three times the data).

  • $1.36 per minute for an international country. 10 min talks cost $13.60 even with having free $50 credit. Not worth it to me.

  • You may want to read all the reviews first… a lot of unhappy customers

  • This is the same deal I posted 3 months ago that has been marked expired for some reason…


  • Meh. Data on the cheapest available monthly plans barely keep up with data inflation. If there was such a thing.

    We were paying $10.99/month to LiveConnected for 1.5 GB of data in 2012.

    The real price is probably closer to the sign-up promos…

  • Catch Connect has annual plan, so paying upfront, also on Optus network, 42GB, 365 days, unlimited standard national talk & text, $99 (equals $8.25 per month). Deal is for first year only. https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/451561

    Posted here 2 months ago!

    See original OB post here:


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