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Exetel Mobile Sim-Only Unlimited Calls/Txt in OZ + 2GB for $8.99 P/M. No Lock in


New mobile plans from Exetel. Uses Optus network. All with unlimited national calls and txt. No lock-in.

2GB $8.99 pm
3GB $14.99 pm
6GB + $50 international call value $19.99 pm
10GB + $300 international call value $24.99 pm
18GB + $500 international call value $29.99 pm

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    • Only for the first 6 months. Long term Exetel is cheaper.

          • @reslo: What bonus data? Did you even click the link?

            It’s $150 for 12 months with 80GB of data to use as you please.

            Works out to be $12.50 a month for 6.66GB (if averaged out, but doesn’t need to be as you get full access to the data from the start).

            So explain how this deal is in any way better? Considering Boost is full Telstra coverage compared to Optus.

            Only reason why I bought up Boost is you mentioned it yourself - long term. Long term Boost is far better value for data (and also the included international calls/texts if you need them).

            • @Porthos: The $150 80gb 12 month Boost Mobile Prepaid is my next plan unless I can find something better with more than 4-5gb.

              $12.50/month for all that is a good deal but obviously $10/month with similar would be better.

              The international part is not that necessary for me just 4-5gb per month and unlimited local calls and standard texts to landlines and mobiles within Australia.

              • @AlienC: Why not go onto the Optus $120/yr 60GB plan then?

                I'm waiting for my $29 Telstra BYO plan to finish in November then take the Boost deal up, hopefully it's still available then or else will just break my contract and jump over early, as I still end up in front $ wise.


                @AlienC: Large up-front Pre-Paid plans can be a big stretch for the budget constrained customer. Our new plans are purely month to month. You can cap your excess spend to a pre-defined value (including $0 if you want) and you can even schedule Voice or SMS or Data on and off at certain times of the day or on various days if you want to ensure your kids stay focussed on their schoolwork i.e., TRUE network controlled Parental Control!

                • @Glenn Ward: Apart from

                  Minimum term
                  Your minimum term is a full calendar month with the option to cancel with 28 day’s notice.

                  Also what’s the delay with getting usage information from Optus?


                    @Porthos: "delay with getting usage information"

                    It depends on the usage type. Generally seconds to minutes.

                    • @Glenn Ward:

                      Generally seconds to minutes.

                      So why does your T&C’s state:

                      Exetel provide spend management tools for the customer to self-manage their usage on the provided Mobile service.
                      7.1 Exetel will provide national call, national SMS, national MMS and national Data usage details to the customer no later than 48 hours after the customer has used the service.

                      So not sure how you would be able to have a $0 excess spend when if your own T&C’s say it can take up to 48 hours to get usage information?

                      • +1 vote

                        @Porthos: That's a Service Level Agreement to catch the worse case usage records - those being Roaming usage records due to international carriers passing them back to Optus. Though they typically don't take anywhere that long these days and represent less than 0.1% of usage cases. It also covers rare instances where there could be faults on networks or in systems of our, Optus or 3rd party networks - though I haven't seen one of those in many years.

                        All normal usage (Domestic Voice, SMS/MMS and Data) within Australia is very fast as I indicated.

                        The Spend Control is a "Commercial Spend Control" - that is, we Cap your Spend. If we say there is $0 excess usage charges, that's exactly what you will see on your bill. Regardless of the technicalities of the back end usage records.

                        I designed it that way because I was sick of being charged for excess usage from my kids phones! Works 100% as advertised.

                        • @Glenn Ward:

                          The Spend Control is a "Commercial Spend Control" - that is, we Cap your Spend. If we say there is $0 excess usage charges, that's exactly what you will see on your bill. Regardless of the technicalities of the back end usage records.

                          That’s good then, as long as it is guaranteed that people won’t get any excess usage charges.

                          Nearly all the Optus MVNO’s all had a delay with usage, when I used NodeMobile usage would take the 48 hours (which they still say is the delay for usage) so obviously either they need to update their website, or they’re just doing something different (and worse) than you are.

  • For extra $1.01/month I'd go with Optus and you get 5GB data instead of 2GB.

  • It's nice to see data finally coming down. I never really use international calls (though it would be nice to call my multitude of AliExpress scammers), but it's reassuring to know it won't be as bad if or when the $4.95 Kogan/CC gravy train ends.

    • +2 votes

      The International call allowance can be used to call Any Country in the world and any Landline or Mobile network. There are no restrictions.

  • “With unlimited call between Exetel mobile numbers on the same account”
    Wait, is this Unlimited calls in general or just between Exetel numbers in the same account?

  • This seems good, i need a sim for an overseas family member coming for couple of months

  • I only managed to stay with Exetel for a couple of months before transferred out as the network was really bad especially in Sydney CBD area.

    • My service only gets bad when i'm at home, but most people who come to my place have a bad signal anyway.

      Otherwise i find it pretty good in Perth.

  • With my 24 month Optus contract coming to an end, this is good timing to port out to this and stay in a 'holding pattern' until Optus releases another 25% off deal similar to this: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/294679

  • If was on the Telstra network and could bank unused data I would churn from Belong otherwise Belong is still the best for me and the family.

    Been on Exetel for Adsl then nbn since 2009 and been very happy with the service.


      Our new plans provide provide twice the data for a lower cost compared to the Belong plans. Yes, Data Banking is a cool idea but why not just get twice as good value? And the Belong network is not the same as Telstra Retail network in terms of coverage or speed. With Exetel you get 100% of the full Optus network coverage and speed.

      • With Belong there are no extra charges that can be incurred by kids not checking if they have exceeded their limits or by making calls not included in the plan.

        Hence the Exetal plan leaves the parent wide open to BILL SHOCK dear Glenn!


          Not at all.

          We provide real time usage information in our My Exetel members portal or via the My Exetel App.

          You can set SPEND CONTROL on the mobile service at $0 if you like - so there is no excess charges EVER and for kids. PLUS, you can schedule off the data part of the service (and Voice and Text too if you want) during school or homework hours.

          Our services are a parents dream come true.

          • @Glenn Ward: From your CIS:
            What is not included in this offer
            The Unlimited National talk, SMS and MMS allowance cannot be used for calls and messages that are not specifically mentioned in the included allowance; which includes (but is not limited to); Premium Calls to 190X or 0055 services, Premium SMS/MMS to numbers starting with ‘191’, ‘193 – ‘197’ and ‘199’, Premium/Paid content, content packs, directory assistance or any other content What is not included in this offerThe Unlimited National talk, SMS and MMS allowance cannot be used for calls and messages that are not specifically mentioned in the included allowance; which includes (but is not limited to); Premium Calls to 190X or 0055 services, Premium SMS/MMS to numbers starting with ‘191’, ‘193 – ‘197’ and ‘199’, Premium/Paid content, content packs, directory assistance or any other content

            Excess Data Rate per GB Block (upload & download counted)$10.00

            How do you suggest that one sets up thier service to avoid ALL of these charges?

          • @Glenn Ward: Dear Glenn.
            Thank you for your active involvement here and clarifying your new mobile plan. Its starting to sound really good.

            Clearly lots of people like the Belong $10/mth mobile plan with data banking but in comparing yours everyone misses the most importnat point and that is SERVICE/SUPPORT LEVEL!

            With Belong you get absolutely ZERO SERVICE. ZERO SUPPORT.
            Raise a ticket online and hope for the best is all they offer.
            And there have been plenty of complaints regarding people unable to get any assistance from Belong. Its truely a NO FRILLS service provided by Telstra and nothing more.

            Could you please explain what service/support Exetel is offering.
            ie: Does one raise a support ticket online or can one call support if they need assistance immeidately with anything?

            And whats your turnaround time for support requests?


              @Amayzingone: We have three live teams to help customers:

              Sales - buy something new or manage my account - 8am - 9pm Mon - Fri and 10am - 7pm weekends AEST
              Provisioning - I've bought it, when can I use it? - 8.30am - 5.30pm Mon - Fri. AEST
              Support - I've been using it, now its broke - 8.30am - 11pm Every day. AEST

              All available on 13 39 38 or via on-line form or email.

              We also publish our call queue depth and wait times here in real time - https://www.exetel.com.au/contactus

              We also provide extensive self-help functions inside the My Exetel website - https://www.exetel.com.au/my_exetel and we also provide My Exetel App's for Android and Apple.

              We also have the Exetel support forum - https://forum.exetel.com.au/

              We also have the Exetel Wiki - http://exewiki.exetel.com.au/index.php?title=Main_Page

              • @Glenn Ward: Suggest when others compare the Belong alternative you focus on your service because there just is no comparison.

                Its when things go wrong thats when people realize the Belong service is not worth a brass razoo.

                By then its too late and everything they chanted about Belong has gone down the drain.

    • The other pro for Belong is that after hitting the data limit, further data is shaped, not cut off completely.

      The shaped speed is very low, so don't know how usable it would be - my kids haven't hit that limit yet.


        We don't shape at all, we allow you set a $ spend control - even $0!

        Even better, schedule the data off during school/study hours and the data allowance will go much further - and your kids will be less tempted to look at Snapchat in class.

        • I see that you charge 75c to RECEIVE some types if MMS, will setting $0 on the spend control disable these? It's also unclear how these are different from a standard MMS, can you clarify? Is it referring to MMS from a 1900 service? And can you bar 1900 services and international calls?

          • +1 vote

            @Russ: The "75c to RECEIVE some types if MMS" are typically subscription based services that charge Optus/Exetel for the service - we are just passing on the charge. As it says on our Charges page "news, surf reports, webcams". Though these are pretty unpopular now-days and hardly ever get used - people now use the "Internet" on "Smartphones" ;-)

            As "Rich MMS" messages that typically include video/audio use data and if you have spend control set to $0 and you have used up your data allowance, we will block your data so you won't get the message (or the charge as its a non-included charge item).

            So called "Premium SMS/MMS" or "1900" services are barred by default on all services. To turn them on, you have to log into the My Exetel members portal and you then set a specific spend limit for those types of services - with the associated T&C's. Again, a rarely used and dying service of the past.

            Yes, you can also BAR outgoing International Calls if you like, you need to call support on 13 39 38 - though again, most Smartphones can do that these days too. or if you get our larger plans - they are included to various levels - so it's not the issue it once was.

            • @Glenn Ward:

              The "75c to RECEIVE some types if MMS" are typically subscription based services that charge Optus/Exetel for the service

              So is there a way to stop kids from signing up to these, or have them automatically cancelled without any charges?

              • +1 vote

                @Russ: These subscription based MMS services are very rare these days. I tried Googling for a while and couldn't locate any… Happy to investigate further if you have some examples you are concerned about.

                Like any service capability/feature - we can disable it from our back-end systems for the service. Just call support on 13 39 38.

      • Chalk and chese.
        Shaping with Belong starts right after 1GB of data has been used.
        You would never even get to 2GB data under thier shaping plan.

        At least with Exetel you get a full 2GB at full throttle.
        If you hit the 2GB limit and dont want to purchase another (very expensive) 1GB you can always rely on WifI to carry you though the rest of the month

  • Seriously considering this and switch from Belong $10 plan purely for the international roaming availability. Otherwise it's Boost 365 day option and $5 per travel overseas.

    PS can somebody shed some light on the "Spend control function" on Exetel? Can you block the automatic addition of 1G of data for $10 if you run over?

    • +2 votes

      You can set the spend control at the following values above your monthly plan fee:


      As the plans now include Unlimited Talk and SMS/MMS, the Spend Control works on the non-Unlimited plan elements (used in Australia) including the Data allowance.

      If you set spend control at $0.00 and you hit your Data allowance, additional data will not be added and the data portion will be blocked. All other Included/Unlimited elements such as Voice and SMS/MMS will keep working.

  • Wondering if Amaysim, pennytel, yomojo, Lebara etc will increase their basic 1Gb plans to compete with this great offer. Hope so…. I'll probably jump over from Amaysim.

  • How long are these deals around for?

    • +1 vote

      Until we decide to change them. I would definitely say months not weeks but who knows what the market will do.

      Not much of an answer - but its the truth. :-)

  • @Glenn Ward, how to I port from Belong Mobile? I don't see it in the list of current providers on the sign-up page.
    And can I order now but only activate the port in a few weeks time?

  • As this is a POST PAID plan additional charges apply including excess data charge of $10 per GB.
    There are also a host of other charges that can be incurred.

    Exetel wrongly targets this plan at children.
    Given all the extra charges that can be incurred this is a REALLY BAD plan for kids.
    Best kids be put on a prepaid plan where your monthly liability is limited.

    Other than that is appears to be great value.
    Just be sure to turn on your data limits.

    • You can choose to not allow extra charges, so this is a really good plan for kids.


        Spot On! :-)

      • Kids are very clever these days.
        They know they can log in and change the spend limits if they run out of data or need to use a premium service.
        They know how to do a password reset too to get around any password the parent sets up.
        And many know how to access thier parents credit card details too.
        Dont think anything is safe with kids.
        The only way to be sure is a prepaid plan.

        Glenn Ward
        Any chance of Exetel offereing a prepaid plan option in addition ot postpaid plans like amaysim does


      "POST PAID plan additional charges apply including excess data charge of $10 per GB" - which is the market average for excess data charging. If you don't want this to occur, just set SPEND CONTROL at $0.00 and we'll never charge you more than the plan monthly fee - EVER!

      "Exetel wrongly targets this plan at children." - NO, we target the plan at Adults who can see awesome value plans with great Parental and Financial controls that are unique in the Post Paid mobile market.

      "Best kids be put on a prepaid plan where your monthly liability is limited." - our Post Paid plan provide exactly the same degree of control as Pre-Paid Plans but without the constant hassle of topping up and all of the annoying mobile operator SMS marketing spam etc.

      "great value" - sure are! :-)

      "Just be sure to turn on your data limits" - exactly what I'm advocating. Plus turn on the scheduler and you can make your Data go further!

  • talks are real cheap these days,data counts lol

  • Sorry could not find in the site if is this a 28 day sim or a 31 day sim??


  • @Glenn Ward, just to confirm this one more time, If I set the spend control at $0 and go overseas, I will not get charged any roaming fees, correct? Thank you


      Spend Control ensures your monthly spend on your mobile service that relates to Included Value plan items (as is now the case, the only included item is Domestic Data) used in Australia are capped at the value you set.

      As Roaming Calls, Messages and Data are not an "Included Value Allowance" or in fact used in Australia - they are chargeable as they occur. The spend control function does not apply to these usage types.

      If you want the best value when overseas - get a local pre-paid SIM.

      • Thank you for your reply. I am only interested in roaming due to the free security code texts that banks send to confirm a transaction. I would not be making any calls, sending texts or using data.

  • Ordered a sim to replace my wifes Jeenee sim. Her sim stopped working in her phone and they want $16 to replace it. This is a cheaper option both to replace sim and get a slightly cheaper and better value plan. Win Win.

  • Can you use this $8.99 per month sim deal solely in an iPad seems like reasonable value mobile data?

  • I need more than 1GB. Are these the best value under $20 for month to month payment?

    3GB $14.99 pm
    6GB $19.99 pm

  • This is perfect for me - cheap unlimited calls and txts, with international roaming for those bank txts and emergency calls :)

    Amaysim have been good, but are no longer competitive…

  • @Glenn Ward Does Exetel offer the option of pooling data together from multiple services ?

  • For future reference to potential purchasers … when Exetel state on their website:

    Get mobile faster. Free delivery.
    Order by credit card for next business day SIM dispatch by Australia Post.

    This does NOT mean that once you hit submit on the (credit card) order that they will be working on it. You'll have to allow them at least THREE business days before they decide to post the SIM. I was on a tight timeframe and checking the mail fervently, finally discovered that my order was processed three business days after ordering… so for regional customers it is more likely six or seven business days before you receive a SIM.

    Clearly a case of false advertising regarding their timelines = buyer BE aware!

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