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50% off 365 Day Mobile Plans @ Catch Connect


50% off 365 Day Catch Connect Mobile Plans

$99 for 42GB data (3.5 GB/Month for $8.25/Month)
$135 for 80GB data (6.6GB/Month for $11.25/Month)
$170 for 205GB data (17GB/Month for $14.17/Month)
$205 for 375GB data (31GB/Month for $17.09/Month)

All plans include unlimited standard national talk & text with an expiry period of 365 days.

  • You must activate within 30 days of purchase.
  • This offer is available to new services only.
  • Auto-recharge can be turned off in your dashboard after activation.
  • All your data is available from day one.
  • All for use in Australia.
  • Optus Network
  • $205/375GB plan includes 500 standard international mins to 32 selected countries.

Don’t forget Cashrewards for up to $20 cashback via this link!

Thanks chadiwrx, if you wish to pay using Catch gift cards, coupon codes or account credit:

Plans are also available for purchase directly from Catch via this link.

Note: You will not receive cashback on these purchases.

Discounted Catch gift cards are available from Suncorp (6%) or RACQ (6%).
Catch gift cards will be 10% off @ Australia Post: 29th April - 5th May.

To disable auto-recharge once the SIM has been activated:

Dashboard > Check It Out > What Would You Like To Do > Manage auto-recharge > untick Auto recharge > Update > Finished

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  • Awesome price

    • +5

      $135 for 80gb data, I would at anytime choose Boost Mobile on the superior telstra network vs Optus with intl calls already included.

      • Boost round up to per MB. So no it's not really better. Best to go catch

  • +4

    Nice better then kogan atm.

    • -3

      except that it is optus :(

      • Is Optus really that bad?

        • I would like to know as well…

          • +1

            @Corapmafya: Optus has an extremely bad track record where I live, although others trust them. There was a class action taken against Optus here, as they didn't deliver speeds they promised with their contracts, then refused to let customers out of their contracts! Class action was a win for the customers. Some of us remember Optus for what they put those customers through.

            I live in an area where Vodafone (and Kogan Mobile) work well. Not all areas have the same experience, so best advice is "try before you buy." Easy enough to pick up a cheap prepaid sim to test your areas first.

            We subscribe to 3 x 365 Kogan Mobile plans and happy to recharge again with them. You can test with a "new" 30 day Kogan Mobile sim 40GB / 30 days for $4.90 atm. (Turn off automatic recharge though or following month/s will be $49.90!)


            • @JediJan: Thank you for the detailed reply. I am currently with Kogan and I think I will be renewing with them as I don't have B28 on my phone and Vodafone seems to have the lowest frequency 4G band (better for indoors) that my phone supports out of the 3 providers.

        • I live in rural Qld.
          Optus is in most of the small towns except 1. It has better along Highway reception than Telstra here but worse once of highway. Happily use it

        • +5

          Hi sureyoucan. I'm surehecan vouch for where he is situated. Simply bagging him and saying that he doesn't know what he's talking about is just lack of respect for other's. All Carriers have their strengths and weaknesses (admittedly some more than others in different areas) and we need to accept that given the terrain, buildings and where towers can be located. Data speed is another kettle of fish.

      • For me, Catch has been better than Kogan :D

    • +2

      Except there's no 40GB per month / 365day plan, max appears to be 31GB per month on a 365 day plan.

      • I agree.But this is yearly data not monthly.I use less than 30 GB per month on my kogan 40 GB plan.Even if i use more in some months it will adjust.

    • Kogan/Vodafone is terrible coverage wise, I was just one hour outside Melbourne at a popular park and I had no reception while friends on Aldi (Telstra) and Optus did.

  • +13

    FYI: About one month after I switched my number to Catch Connect, I started receiving spam SMS. I've had the same number for 10+ years and had never received them before.

    I'm fairly certain Catch Connect sell your data to marketing companies.

    • +103

      I agree, there is definitely a Catch.

      • +5

        you deserve more upvotes :D

    • Any bargains sent?

      • +1

        A lot of links to 'jackpots'. So potentially …!

    • +31

      Perhaps this explains it? https://catchconnect.com.au/terms

      By purchasing a service from Catch Connect, you agree that Catch Connect will send you marketing information via email, SMS or letter until you unsubscribe or opt out.

      You may opt out of receiving marketing information by going to the My Info section of your Dashboard and unticking the SMS and email boxes in the Subscribe and unsubscribe to Catch Connect marketing messages section. Please note it can take us up to 5 days to update your preferences.

      • +8

        Never knew this existed. Thanks for actually reading the terms and conditions and sharing.

    • +4

      And will also be data breached or "hacked" and not tell you about it for a couple of years….

  • Does these plans have international calling.
    How easy it is to port out at end of plan.

    • +1

      If done properly porting should be less than 1 hour and the process is very easy.

    • +1

      Only the 375GB plan

      500 standard international mins to 32 selected countries

      • are those minutes per month or for the whole year?

    • +3

      Given this is Optus based, transferring to other brands that utilise Optus's network can take days, unless Optus have improved their practices.
      Transferring to a Telstra or Vodafone brand will probably take 15 minutes.

  • +2

    The prices show up in the cart for anyone who can't see the discount on the main page :)

    Great deal HPJ!

  • +1

    Switched to this deal back in Jan, no problems so far (ported from amaysim). Sim arrived within a few business days after placing the order online, and porting took about 15 minutes to occur when I activated sim.

    • Received any SMS spam?

      • Nope, no SMS spam. And I've had my number for 5+ years now.

  • +1

    Is this a new normal price or temp deal?

    I'm paid up until July on a Kogan one and I was probably gonna switch to the $150 Boost deal, but if this is permanent I'd rather save the 50 bucks and miss out on some internet I won't use.

    • temp

      • +3

        The 3 months Catch promo for $15 seems to be an ongoing thing.

        • Yeah this is good deal, will try it when my Kogan expires end may2019

  • +1

    Don't forget Shopback cashback as well.

    • +1

      Seems like Cashrewards has better rates currently, all 365 deals are $15 at SB, and $15 - $20 at CR.

      • Fair enough. I only went based on the cashback link under to go deal.

      • $20 for shopback on the 375gb plan

  • +2

    Do not forget to cancel the auto debit in your paypal account

  • Anyone port their number over to these guys? - or all new connections/numbers? - I ask for the oldies, they are 'rooted' in keeping their old number, but I need them to have a damn data plan.

    • +1

      I've ported two numbers over with no issues, this was a few months ago.

      • Sweet! THX!

    • +1

      Porting to Catch is fine. Done many times.

      • Sweet! THX!

    • I ported my number from amaysim to these guys back in Jan and took about 20 minutes once the sim arrived/I went to activate it.

      • How are their service compare to amaysim? Any dropouts?

        • Uses the Optus network so I haven't noticed a difference in the network service with catch compared to when I was with amaysim and even optus before that.

          • +1

            @PLA74: Just wondering, because sometimes the reseller don't use some of the bands, or not servicing some areas for to cut price.

            Thanks PLA74

  • Any reason I can't use GCs to pay for this?

    • +1

      You can’t use gift cards at Catch Connect. They only accept credit cards (Visa or Mastercard).

      • +2

        Yes you can use gift cards if purchased from Catch site instead of Catch Connect.

        Here's the link


        • Oooh nice! Where to get discounted catch gift cards then?

        • chadiwrx
          Any idea if we still get the cashback from Cashrewards if we pay using Catch gift card?

          • @F1ngolf: No you won't as you have to go through catchconnect for cash back and through catch.com for gift card so the cash back is better vs gift card.

  • +3

    When does this deal expire?

    • Good question! Someone please reply

  • +1

    Good deal for my son. Thanks OP

  • How is this compare to other optus reseller like amaysim?

  • +2

    When does this expire?

  • +2

    At least it's easier to buy this time round. No voucher and no membership required.

  • Holding out for another Kogan Mobile deal…

  • +1

    Thanks OP. Grabbing the $205 deal. Cashback $15 too, don't forget guys! Amazing deal. My Kogan runs out in just over a month so perfect timing.

  • If already on the $15 3 month, do you have to
    Port out/in?

    • +2

      Yes, but there’s no minimum period you need to port out for (like there is with Kogan), so you could port out to a Telstra SIM and straight back in to Catch Connect.

      • +1

        Stupid tedious extra step.

        Got one phone on the 3 month deal - currently 1 month in, and might have considered buying now if you could stack it on - but since you can't, will see what is around in two months - so they may lose me. (Or I might come crawling back… ;)

  • Wow nice!!!!

    I've been doing month to month for 2 months now.
    But at this price. Will go a whole year!

  • +1

    Is this the cheapest 12 month plan of all time so far? Must be

    • Yes, if you get cash back too. I got some cheaper Kogan plans a couple of months ago but it was a pricing error ($122 for 1 year at 13gb). That was very lucky though

  • +1

    Currently my kid is on the 3 months plan with them (expires on Monday when I’ll move the sim on Kogan 3 months).. The service is excellent, no problems at all. I will move to catch if is the cheapest around when I need to renew my other 3 sims. Being in Sydney all services work very well for me.

  • a question for the churnning experts, ive recently purchased a 30 day plan from catch, was going to activate it next week,
    - does this mean im not a new customer
    - it says 30 days activation, so if I activate it after my 30 day sim, it means it will be about 36 days, I assume this will be a problem?

    • You will need to port out at the end of the month and then buy the 1 year deal to port back in

      • ahh got it
        im actually with boost at moment for the month, I have a 1 month catch one sitting right here

        looks like ill just throw that one away, so that I can activate the 12 month plan before the 30 days

        • Tbh it would save you porting in/out etc. also you should be able to get $20 Cashrewards

          • @fozzie: Goood point.
            I'm still well ahead

            Off to order

          • @fozzie: so just confirming,
            I purchased a $5 sim starter pack a month ago,
            i havent activated it,

            am I considered a new customer?
            are you deemd a new customer if you port into catch? eg even if ive used a catch sim before?

  • My 365 catch plan going to end soon. How can I take on this. New costumer only?

    • +1

      Yes, new customers only. Says so right in the post. You will need to churn out and back in again.

      • Is there a 30 days buffer, to become new customer.?

        • Read some comments up, apparently no

  • +1

    I took up this plan ($170/205Gb) a few months back and have been pretty happy so far. I was with Lebara previously and at least where I live, both are fairly similar in reception, data speed and overall coverage. I think I'd struggle to ever pay more than $15 per month ever again! My old 6 month/$22/20Gb Lebara deal seems crazy expensive now!

    • +2

      Same here, I would say $15 a month is the limit, let’s hope these companies continue to offer these fabulous deals.

  • I love the included 500 international minutes. Is that per month or for the entire year?

    • -1


      • @fozzie where to find this info? i did web chat and these are per year

      • I second to that, live chat rep said both data and international mins are per year.

        • Oops my bad guys, that’s not great than! Better than nothing but very small

      • No. Someone just a few messages down asked them. It's 500m for the entire year.

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