What time is it...?

I just want to know what time it is at a handful of places around Earth, Accurately. if possible.

I don't need Atomic Clock accuraby. Just "consistency w/ Computer Time"

Perhaps there's an affordable clock w/ WiFi access to some N/W time svr & a way to correct time(s), as time zones (or whatever) change, by law.

Ideally Concurrent+ConvenientAccess to selected times around the World.

Oh, and it shouldn't cost "an arm & a leg" to do all this.

If it's too costly to buy wall-size clocks, I may settle for a multi-TZ digital clock showing several times or - possibly - showing 1 every two
seconds (with a City name)



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    Of course! AliExpress has "everything" don't-cha know?
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    Why do you need to know the time? (stop live-streaming; just download)
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    What exactly is "time" anyway? Do physicists even know?
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    Look, pound a stick into the ground, at an angle...
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    Why several TZs? Do you work for CIA or what?
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    Is your lack of this the reason you were LATE to our last date?!? Men!!!


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