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I used my rides from this deal over the weekend and got this email this morning. Targeted but for the last deal some people reported being able to activate the code despite never getting the email so YMMV.

Here's another 25% off your next 3 rides
Use this promo code before Monday 17 June:

Just apply the promo code in the 'Payment' section of the app and ride before Monday 17th June 2019.

Maximum value of 25% (up to $30 per trip) off 3 rides only. Valid before Monday 17 June 2019. Offer not valid on UberTaxi or Uber Eats. Code must be entered before you request your ride. Code is non-transferable and can only be used on rides in Australia. Does not apply to cancellation or wait time fees.

Referral Links

Referral: random (3165)

$5-$10 off towards referee's first ride and $5-$10 off towards referrer's next ride after referee's first ride. Free rides expire after 90 days. Cannot be stacked with new user signup codes.

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    Did not work for me looks targeted.

  • +3 votes

    "Promotional code is not valid"

  • +2 votes

    Didnt work for me either. No coupons have worked for me in years, which is the reason i have moved to Ola


    Not working

  • -1 vote

    I have now downloaded OLA share ride as I don't trust Uber for charging their estimated fee on their app.
    I have used them in the last 2 trips and they have all been charged more than their estimated fare.
    I made a request on Uber's app and it displayed $43 before I requested it. I also took a screen shot of it.
    Then the app went funny and said that it has lost network signal and told me that because of high demand my fare will be higher.
    It did not allowed me to cancel the request though. When I got the invoice on my email it was $70+. Then it applied a 35% discount which came down to $50+.
    It would have been a very expensive trip if it was over $70 for a 28 mins ride. I think OLA is more fair as it will be capped if there is high demand.


      OLA always charges me for a toll that doesn't exist on a route I take at least once a week. (My above ground journey crosses over a toll tunnel underneath it). Made many complaints but 3 months later they still apply the charge. I manage to get a refund each time but often the app will just deny my refund on the toll and then I have to send an email to support. I do wonder how many people get charged extra for the same crossing though.

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    Didn't get the email but worked for me


    Worked for me without an email.


    Worked for me, no email.


    not working for me, have a heaps old uber account too