Sound Proofing a Room Options?

Gents, I got this issue my housemates wake up earlier than me for work and sometimes wakes me up as well.

How can I be reduce the noise coming to my room? I can't use earplugs because I need to hear the alarm.

Thoughts please?



    Can you post up a pic of the layout? would be good to see where their room is in relation to yours.

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    Ask your housemates to STFU in the mornings?


    These could work but they cost $370…I guess that’s cheaper than soundproofing a room though!
    They still allow you to hear your alarm when you need to wake.


      I have a set of these, if you're a light sleeper and want to cut out noise I cannot recommend them enough. Very comfy in the ears compared to standard ear plugs.

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    Some form of wearable silent alarm, Apple Watch, FitBit, Garmin etc would possibly allow the wearing of earplugs and replace the traditional alarm. Might even be more cost effective that adding a noise barrier.


      This. I wear a Xiaomi Mi Band 3 as an alarm exactly for this reason. It cost less than $50.

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    Rip down the drywall, fill the wall with some kind of noise absorbtion material to make them nice and thick. Then add 2 sheets of drywall back up for extra thickness. Bolt up a giant panel over the door to cover any of the gaps between the door and the outside world.

    Buy a few of these packs and put them on every wall.

    If you have any windows…replace them with double glazing and then seal them up with caulking

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    go to bed earlier and wake up when they wake up.


    Self adhesive weather sealing on internal doors. Put down mats if you've got loud flooring.


    Looked into it quite a few times and always found there’s not much you can do in a rental that will be effective at blocking noise. I would talk with your housemate and see if you can come to an understanding or look into some sort of silent alarm as others have suggested.

    Is it just general noise or is there something specific that wakes you up? I.e. housemate walking on wooden floors.

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    I use earplugs every night. I can hear my alarm and the baby monitor. The earplugs do block out all the other noise though. I think my body is just "tuned" to those sounds and as such can "hear" them.

    I have used ear plugs for about 10 years now, ever since I lived in China. They really do know how to make noise. Earplugs were the only thing that got me through.


    My last housemate 'tried' to be quite in mornings and at night, but still did the thing where they close doors without actually turning the handle so they make a nice loud clunk. I honestly don't think they even considered that when trying to be 'quiet'.

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      they close doors without actually turning the handle so they make a nice loud clunk

      These kind of people are the absolute worst.


    Can't you get one of those alarms that wake you up with a light? Then you can use earplugs. You will still hear an alarm with earplugs in anyway if you turn it up loud.

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    Leave your room and hang out with them in the mornings. Start forcing conversations that are either dull or poorly timed while they try to get ready.
    Ask them how their day was at work, yesterday, and try to get some detail out of them.
    Talk about how you are planning to visit your sister this weekend, and how she is considering whether to look for a new job because her current place is fine but she wouldn't mind something new, you know? And that you'll probably drive there because public transport is a little bit less convenient and you have the car for situations like this where you need to get somewhere.
    Tell them you are worried that the bathroom may have drainage issues and ask if they think you should get a plumber to check it out, because sometimes the shower is wet after they've used it and you're not sure how long it should take to dry.

    Maybe wear a loose robe the whole time. Keep trying to push into the bathroom while they are getting ready (bonus points if you leave a smell). Let them know the noise woke you up, but sound happy about being up bright and early.

    They'll start being quiet


    Make more noise at night.

    Come to an understanding that you'll be considerate and he be considerate too.

    Problem? No problem.


    You don't need to be able to hear the alarm if you use a fitbit, standard feature is a silent vibration alarm. I got one recently, $30 and I've never been late so far.

    Also went is this post only aimed at males? Can females not give you any good advice?


    Sleep with some in-ear earphones connected to your phone - set alarm on phone, then you will hear the alarm, and it will give you some noise isolation. Just a thought.

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    Thanks ladies and gents.
    Good ideas but expensive I end up buying "vibrating" pillow alarm that made for deaf people for 20$ and planning to use earplugs.


      Good choice. You can get massive packs of Howard Leighton earplugs on eBay, I recommend the max model for larger ear canals, or the laser lite model for smaller canals. Both have similar sound attenuation. Were talking 10-15 bucks for 50 pairs l, and each pair lasts weeks to months.

      Also, you'll still hear your alarm. If you don't, there are special aps that have even louder alarms than usually included with Android.


    Sound insulation is very difficult to achieve and will not be effective if you have doors and windows in the area affected.

    1. Try to reduce the sounds at the source. Place some rubber mats where the bowl gets placed on the bench, line the cutlery draw, offer to put the dishes in the dishwasher for them when you get up etc
    2. Try not to let it annoy you, the psychological effects of ‘oh that’s noisy it woke me up’ are only minor but are part of being woken up. People get used to living right next to train lines and major roads
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    If you have a fan ceiling or free standing both work, turn it on at night, it blocks out a lot of noise and you will still hear your alarm (years of experience with shift work) might need extra blankets on your bed. When I have mine on I can even hear the phone ringing in the lounge room.


    Do what I did, just go visit one those elcheapo rug places, got a 6x4 foot rug which got stuck up on one wall. Then stuck weather sealing foam tape in the door frame. You can also stick a door size rug on the outside of you door, if you want to go that far.


    Get a pair of Bose noise masking sleep buds, seems to work pretty well for my noise sensitive housemate.


    Hmm, interesting situation to think about. Pump up the jam, pump it up!!!

    Maybe play white noise through the night, like parents do for babies who have trouble sleeping. You can get a 10-hour recording from YouTube. Play it using your phone so you won't hear it, then the alarm will cut it off when it's time to get your ass out of bed.


    Simple answer….

    Since you dont want to to wear ear plugs….
    Change your habits or move out!

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