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Nintendo Switch $379 | Xbox Live Subs 12 Mths - $63.96 | AC Odyssey $25 | 10% Price Beat Guarantee on Toys (In Store) @ Big W


20% off Xbox live subscriptions -
3 months - $23.96
12 months - $63.96

XB1/PS4 -

  • Mortal Kombat 11 - $49
  • Battlefield V - $29
  • Crash team racing nitro fueled - $49 (between 20-23 June)
  • Anthem - $25
  • Division 2 - $49

PS4 controllers - $59
PS Hits - $17

Nintendo Switch $379
Nintendo Switch Mario 8 bit or Zelda enhanced wireless controllers - $59
Super Mario Maker - $64 (released 28/6). Limited edition - $89

Big W are having a huge toy sale between 20/6 to 10/7. 10% price beat guarantee applies during this period.

Toy sale catalogues.

10% price guarantee applies to toy department items in store only and is not available for purchases online at bigw.com.au. Excludes electronic gaming, home entertainment, sport, clearance, liquidation and online-only items.

Competitor must have identical stocked item available at a lower price in quantity requested. Does not apply to competitor's advertisements of items available online only.

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  • Yeah good luck wasting time trying to get a price beat.

    • doesn't matter
      most people have plenty of time to be wasted either this way or another

      • +3 votes

        I mean, this is gaming. Not productivity.

        Fighting for a cheaper price is part of the meta-game.

  • Can't remember the last time I bought an Xbox Live subscription from a physical store! 🤔

  • I wonder how Big W are with buying the XBL gift cards with a Wish card

    • Recent reports are saying gift cards with a gift card is a no go.

      • Coles have been saying that for ages and I do it all the time.

      • Also hopefully this wouldn't count as a gift card. In the same way that if you bought a digital card copy of a game, it wouldn't technically be a 'gift card'

      • Really? Because every gift card i can ever remember using has said explicitly to "treat this card as cash" which should mean it cannot be discriminated against versus using actual cash to pay for something - ie. they should not be allowed to refuse it.

    • Can confirm it doesn't work with a Wish card. Tried it tonight and the terminal rejected it.

  • So for those now on Game Pass Ultimate

    3 months - $23.96

    = 50 days of Ultimate

    12 months - $63.96

    = 4 months of ultimate

    • How come the ratio is different for the 3 month and the 12 month?

      • No idea. The conversions quoted are from here though,

        • Thanks! I read through your link.
          "ratio based on the ERP (Estimated Retail Price)"

      • It looks like they are basically working it out based on the total RRP value of what you bought as opposed to the number of months.
        So if you bought 3 months x4 @ 29.95 each, then 12 months would cost you $119.80.
        You get a better conversion rate due to having paid more than if you bought a 1 year (12 month) sub at the already discounted $89.95.

    • I wonder, has anyone switched to Ultimate, regretted it, then rung up / emailed to cancel it… only to stock up on cheap Gold cards,

      Would the option to then switch to Game Pass Ultimate still be there?

      Also, so long as I'm here, if anyone does know, is this "switch up and keep your current months, but turned into Ultimate" deal gonna be around for a good long while? I'm all up until Feb/March next year, but I would buy 3 years at this price for the missus' account and activate them when mine's all gone if it does work.

      • That's literally what I did. They give you the option to cancel Ultimate in your Microsoft Account. and then you can re-sub for $1 and get the conversion again.

        • Interesting.

          Did you get your old amount of Gold and / or Game Pass back, or when you cancelled did you find yourself with 0 months of both?

          I will definitely be picking up 3 years of Gold at this price if I can convert it on over then. Cheers.

          • @TheDukeOfNukem: You have to forfeit whatever was previously converted. Which for me was only like 2 months. Worth it for cheap Ultimate.

            • @theguyrules: (profanity) that sucks. I had up to like November or so, and then used a couple of free month trial things to get me up to November.

              If I buy 3 years at 64 bones, that's 192 for 3 years of Gold, which in turn can be turned into Ultimate.

              When Scarlett comes out, I intend to buy as few games as possible, and was gonna buy Ultimate every month. Ultimate every month at 16 bucks is also 192.

              So I have 8 months right now left, give or take a couple weeks, and I hate to waste stuff, but if I cancel those 8 months and buy 3 years of Gold at this price to convert into Ultimate, I'll end up with 3 years of Ultimate for the price I would have spent to just get the calendar year of 2021's worth of Ultimate.

              I'm spewing I couldn't have kept my 5 or so months I had left, bought 2 years worth of Gold, then used those 3 free months, and come off with 4 months less for 64 bucks less, but shit, what can you do?

              I have hundreds in EB gift cards sitting around though, really hope they'll be doing the same deal too because that would make it a bit less annoying.

      • I switched to ultimate. I am now paid up 2021. As gold and game pass are added to ultimate separately. Eg 10 months of gold and 10 months of gamepass = 20 months of ultimate.
        But once that finishes I'll be back to just gold. I'm not interested in paying for games that I can't own.

  • $360.05 for a Switch (using WISH giftcards) is an okay price. Amazed there hasn't been a sub $320 sale on the console since Black Friday though.

    • I know. I’m not sure if I should pull the trigger now or wait for Black Friday or after v2 gets released. It’s for a Christmas present, so I’m leaning towards waiting.

      • I'm waiting for a V2 but worried it won't be a significant improvement and all the waiting is for nothing

      • wait until after nintendo e3 tonight to see if they show off v2 to see if it will be worth it. Since it's for a christmas present then i would wait. There will definetly be better deals closer to Christmas.

        • They have confirmed multiple times that their E3 direct is software only. Pretty much zero percent of a v2 being announced.

    • Wouldn't surprise me if they get a discount and/or bundle around November when Pokemon comes out.

  • Mario maker :))))

  • Mario maker limited edition is $89

  • Any comment on whether the "Nintendo Switch Mario 8 bit or Zelda enhanced wireless controllers - $59" are good or not? I see that the standard pro controller is $89 for comparison.

  • For those who have already saved AMEX Harvey Norman offer.Any chance getting price matched at Harvey Norman for Switch?Cheers

  • Very tempted by the price of the switch, but I’m hanging out for an updated version supposedly coming out later this year. Especially with the current game line up.

  • Totally going to buy Odyssey for $25, even though the copy of Origins I bought for $20 a year ago is still in its shrink wrap.

  • Is this deal for both online and in-store or just one of them?

  • Is ac any good? I found origins quite boring but enjoyed black flag

    • I haven't played it, but it looks like "AC Origins 2: This time in Greece" to me.

    • As an avid AC player since day 1 I found Origins rather boring. However, Odyssey was quite the game, the story is pretty decent and the combat is just so much better and more fun. However, it's still quite a lengthy game to finish making it feel repetitive at some stage.

    • A guy at my work hadnt played video games until two years ago, he is 55. He bought AC and put in over 250 hours and loved it.

  • Is the Xbox Live sub in-store only?

  • The normal price for Crash Team Racing is 48$ at JB Hifi


  • No deals on PS4 subscriptions. Missed out the last time :(

  • Keen on Crash Team Racing !!

  • HN refused to pm due to 'price is significant lower than rrp' poor harvey

  • Just found Overcooked 2 for Xbox $15!!

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