TOSHIBA 3.4kw Split System Air Conditioner $809.35 + Delivery @ The Polyaire Store


Get a TOSHIBA 3.4kW RAS-13N3K Inverter Reverse Cycle Split System Air Conditioner for just $834.35 minus another $25 when you use the code 25OFF at Checkout. Voucher code only available until June 30 for $25 off all orders over $500.

Combining high power with high efficiency is Toshiba Air Conditioning’s calling card and the Inverter hi-wall split systems are no different. Toshiba ‘s split system air conditioners provide you with the multiple benefits of energy saving, comfort and high power technology.

The hybrid inverter integrates two distinct compressor control modules to ensure constant natural comfort which is achieved with maximum energy efficiency. PAM (Pulse Amplitude Modulation) provides the highest levels of power for when you need to get cool (or warm) fast, while PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) ensures the desired room temperature and optimum energy efficiency. The Toshiba Inverter system features the best of both.

The Toshiba Air Conditioning DC Twin-Rotary Compressor

High efficiency

This compressor enables the adoption of a high-pressure refrigerant. High efficiency is evident in low speed operation ranges. It can reduce energy consumption when operated in long stable conditions. Rotating with two rollers at the same time makes accurate compressor rotation possible with less energy loss. As a result, it offers a great reduction in energy consumption with powerful operation.

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