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Melbourne to Seoul, South Korea $502 Return via Royal Brunei @ Skyscanner


Fly to Seoul in January 2020 for $502 return with Royal Brunei.

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    22 Jan - 13 Feb

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    Last updated: 27 March 2019. Still current at: 12 June 2019.
    From 3 April 2019 the full sharia penal code (law) takes effect in Brunei. It applies to Muslims, non-Muslims and foreigners even when on Brunei registered aircraft and vessels. Under this code some offences can attract physical punishment while others attract executions. Offences that attract the death penalty include blasphemy, sodomy, adultery, rape and murder (See Laws). We haven’t changed our level of advice - ‘Exercise normal safety precautions’ in Brunei Darussalam.


    A bargain is a bargain, but perhaps there are hidden costs in supporting some organisations…

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      Not sure why you were negged, all you said is true.. it is a Royal airline not worthy supporting if they have such horrible laws in place

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      Can guarantee you as someone who knows Brunei very very well that foreigners are subject to very different (lax) laws than locals. Shady and sad for locals, yes, but they're not going to even go near foreigners.

      It's a weird but wonderful country.

      Take your own booze on Royal Brunei and stop over for a night if you're so inclined. The mosques are great, the water village is great, the locals are lovely and the food is classic SE Asian.

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        While it is great that you have had a good experience in Brunei, it doesn't change the fact that these are their laws.
        It only takes one tired/upset/having-a-bad-day/rule-stickler law enforcement officer to ensure you end up having a life-altering experience.

        Ultimately, people should be aware of the situation over there (and even in Australia aboard their aircraft).

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      I guess I'll get negged too but it does seem like relevant information when you are talking specifically about the owner of this airline (the Brunei government).

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      I gave you an upvote as you appear to be only quoting directly from the Smartraveller site.
      No different than posting any other formal travel warnings / advice that are relevant to a posted deal.

      And the views of thrillho are equally valid, as they appear to be based on first-hand experience.

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      Just don't do sodomy for a few hours then?

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    Great price……quite cold in January but……… brrrrrrrrr

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    It's not a bargain when by flying with this horrid airline you are financially supporting a brutal dictator and murderer.

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