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50% off ANY 4 or 6 Pack of Beer @ 1st Choice


Hi all, long time user, first time poster.

Title says it all, to receive the discount, do the following:
1 - Have a smartphone
2 - Download foursquare (an application used to 'check-in' to places, similar to facebook check in - facebook stole the idea from foursquare mind you)
3 - Check in at any 1st Choice, show it to the person at the check out counter and receive 50% off your choice of any 6 or 4 pack of beer.

Conditions are 1 4-6 pack per person, per day.

The only link I can find is on the foursquare website, but I can confirm I went in yesterday and got the deal myself.
Also via twitter: http://twitter.com/#!/1stChoiceLiquor/status/76448146741411840

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  • On their twitter page as well:


    Great to see companies recognising social media sites other than facebook

  • great first post! although, sometimes a carton of beer costs about the same as 50% off 4x6 packs

    • I don't really agree man. Can't really think of any cases where this is true.
      The cheapest slabs are what? $33? Those 6 packs would be maximum $15, therefore with the half off, it's $30 for 4 x 6.
      Nevertheless, it's somewhat irrelevant as you can only get 1 per day… Unless you visit the store each day haha

  • So I'm going through the 4square setup on my phone, and I can't work out what to do to NOT spam everyone with invites to 4square…

    OK. worked it out. Don't click on the email/"+" symbol next to anyone's name - if you do they get an invite.

    Also, don't sign in through headbook, just create a new account with email address - then no one will get the location updates.

    • Haha @ headbook. Unless someone stalks your foursquare page, you'll be fine ;)
      You can even delete the check in once you've been there if you really want to

  • hell yeah!! fantastic post! finally foursquare has a good special without having to be a mayor..

  • Just rang up my local first choice (NSW) and the guy confirmed that it was running

    • Also lads, was just ringing up dannies to see what they would do, and they had nfi… Coles having the leg up on woolies, this is a first

    • Some of the employees at 1st choice mightn't even know about it, all they have to do is check it and scan a special barcode they have

  • yep, i'd have to say that this is the best foursquare deal ever!
    Bought a six pack today. Will be buying more! Have the whole month of June to stock my beer supplies.
    Better than a slab , you get to mix and match! Plus it's cheaper for the more expensive beers.:)

  • This is so so so good. Just picked up a 6 pack of Schöfferhofer for $11.50. Good German beer, 500ml bottles. The deal is valid til the end of June. I'll definitely be gettin down there regularly.

  • Just bought a 6 pack of coronas. great deal

  • +6 votes

    hhhmmm, better buy a smart phone.

    I'm sure my wife will see the logic of having to buy a smart phone to get 50% off beer…….

  • how does it work? I've download the apps, what's next??

    • Go to your local store, and load the app. You have to check in to the venue with foursquare.
      Once you checked in, it will let you know that you have unlocked a special. Tap on that, and you'll have a phone voucher to show the cashier.

      • What does this voucher look like?
        They don't have application for my phone, so I tried checking in using their web-based service (m.foursquare.com), got message "Congratulation on your first check-in blah-blah-blah" and that's it..

        • Foursquare is a location-based app, you can't get the "voucher" unless you check in when you're within GPS range of the "venue". Having a smartphone is required for this deal; the web check-in is a limited service.

      • Ok, I found working application for Windows Mobile, after checking-in it displays "50% OFF ANY 6 or 4 beer with every daily check-in". Is this the voucher that I should show the cashier?

  • Does anyone know if this deal extends to cider?

    • It doesn't include cider, sadly - just beer. I secretly tested it when I got a 6 pack of beer and a 6 pack of cider at the same time - the code that the teller used only discounted the beer.

  • Awesome application - FourSquare!! Gonna get some tomorrow.

  • Hmm will need to get some to help with study. Cheers.

  • Pity the closest to me is 10km away, but damn this is a good deal!

  • this is such a good deal. It's too bad my local store at Toowong is closed still due to the floods :(

    • The one next to the Regatta? Bummer, that's where i was going to go. I think there's one near my work, at Oxley roundabout. Nice.

      • Yeah its still closed, its completely empty on the inside. I heard it would be done by the end of May but i think they are still waiting for insurance to come through. Yeah there is one at Oxley next to the tavern and officeworks.

        • There is a relatively new first choice on ann st at the valley next to the waterloo hotel.

        • i've been to that one before, for some reason the special doesn't show up on the foursquare map so i am reluctant to drive all the way there from St Lucia to be told it won't work. Has anyone tried it there?

        • yeah it does come up on foursquare specials, I live within range of it. and I have used it before for the previous special they had, so no worries.

  • Love it. There's a 1st Choice between my workplace and my house, so I'll probably be dropping in at least once a week on the way home! Works for ANY 4/6 pack of beer (even the spenny ones!), so fantastic. I picked up my first cheap 6er on Friday and it was the first time the 4sq deal had been used by my teller, but she was well versed with the 4sq deals system for the business. Excellent work, 1st Choice Cannon Hill.

  • This deal is locked for me. I`m in Morayfield and all other deals are unlocked but the 1st Choice deal is locked so I cant check-in there. Help!!…….dammit. Had a GPS error.

    • Are you physically at the location? I'm assuming not. With 4sq they have random GPS checks in place to prevent "cheaters" - 4sq's all about "checking in" at places when you are PHYSICALLY there. Try checking in again when you're physically at or near the location.

  • I was there when I tried it at first. It gave me a page without a check-in button but because of the GPS error (which was mysteriously gone when I got home) there was no green button. But all good now and have been down to get the deal.

  • This is pretty awesome. Haven't seen many businesses pay attention to 4square, here's hoping this helps raise some interest :) It's a pretty fun social app to use with friends, not to mention a great stalking device :p

    Only other time I've seen a decent 4square deal is at this bar in Melbourne me and my mates frequent. I believe it was something like $2 off a jug if you check-in, and a free drink if you're the mayor.

    Good stuff =]

  • i picked up a 6er of carlsberg elephant. 7.2%, 1.9 standards per stubby for only $10 BARGAINNNNNNNNNNN
    Such a good opportunity to try some of the expensive boutique beers considering this lasts for a whole month! Great work Choice and Foursquare!

  • quick and easy to use, although it kept saying no internet conneciton when trying to show the voucher it worked after a little while! little creatures pale ale 6pack $8.40!

    will be going literally everyday and stocking up for my semester break!

  • No first choice within 5km of me, wondering if it's worthwhile traveling 40km for a case? (4 trips).

    Good deal if you work or live near a shop.

  • This is great! I'm not really a beer drinker, but will take this opportunity to try some expensive ales (couple of examples above noted).

    I also wonder if it would work with stout (looks like a beer to a lot of people). Also if I happen to be going near two 1st Choice stores, I'll test if it's one per day per location.

    Bummer I did not know about it yesterday as I was at Keperra yesterday but need to go tomorrow anyway.

    Thanks notout50!

    • I don't see any reason why you wouldn't get away with 2 different locations. Give it a go ;)
      I'd say yes to it working with stout.

      • if not just create two different accounts, hell i think you could get away with a screenshot and just showing them!

        • This foursquare thing is brand new to me, and I'm figuring that the "check in" will become self obvious once the GPS recognises I'm there.

          From your comment nickyyboyy, it sounds like there's no unique code created on check in, and the fairly generic screen would remain even when you leave.

        • A screenshot is all that's needed, or just keep the voucher up in the application and switch back to it once you're at the other store.

        • I tried checking-in to two different stores within few minutes yesterday (while actually sitting at home) and got two "vouchers". So I think it's displayed every time you check-in, not just once a day.

    • Thanks for the tips. So a mate & I went to Keperra, each armed with Android phones. Neither phone recognised that we were there so I spoke to a staff member showing him the pre-arrival screen. He said it should be OK, but quietly went off making enquiries before returning to us saying there'd be no problem.

      I chose the Carlsburg Elephant beer mentioned above, but next time will try an expensive stout I've not seen before (can't remember the name but around $22 or $24 for six).

      After all my long years of occasionally drinking stout, I now see Wiki clearly says it's a "dark beer". For anyone who has never tried it (or thinks Toohey's old is the same thing), please try a bottle (not can) of Guinness or a Coopers Extra Stout.

  • I checked in at my local 1st choice and even though I had checked in it still didn't unlock the special. The staff sorta reluctantly still gave me the deal after I showed them I checked in, but I wouldn't want to go through that every time. Anyone know why the special might not unlock?

    • I noticed sometimes i lost signal and it would not update, so i was given the greyed out screen. went to the other side of the store and it updated so i clicked on the special again and it came up orange.

    • Second time visit to Keperra today so I was feeling sure of myself, and unfazed when once again I could not check in. I did try walking to the four corners of the store without matters changing, so I still don't know what a checkin screen looks like.

      What I do know though was that all I had to do was wave the Foursquare screen in front of the cashier and she happily discounted the stout I was buying. I do wonder if Foursquare miss out on some sort of kickback for us not checking in, but won't be losing any sleep over it.

    • same problem for me too. says im 'checked' but the deal is 'yet to be unlocked' Really annoying.

  • Just looking at the iPhone app now. By crikey, you wouldn't give Foursquare access to your Facebook data in a flying fit! Talk about scary access privileges!

    I went the relatively safer email route and will be heading to the store when they open.

  • AWESOME!! Just scored a 6 pack Saltram's Pepperjack for $10!!

    Yeah baby!!

  • Fortitude Valley let me have the deal when I flashed a login of the adjacent Waterloo Hotel (my misunderstanding).

    At Lutwyche, I could not login (anywhere in the store) so flashed the pre-login screen to the cashier. He said he did not know what to do with it & I suggested he asked someone. He looked a little stressed and said there was nobody who could help him but no problem, he'd just put it through at 50% discount without the special code.

  • How do you get a 'voucher'? I checked in, showed the cashier my checked-in status, and they were adamant I had to have a 'voucher'.

    I see no vouchers avaiable to me on the foursqaure app on my Nokia, just that I'm checked in…

    They finally gave in and let me have the 50% - but it's a bit annoying having to haggle with a cashier when all they say on the site is 'check on for 50% off'.

    Anyone else had this problem? And where are the 'vouchers'?

    • Staff member did not know what they were talking about. Escalate it within the store, and if that does not work (and I'd be surprised), politely make a note of the shift manager's name and refer it to head office.

      I've not yet successfully checked in, yet easily gained the discount maybe 6 times now. Staff member reaches for a sheet of codes, one of which is entered to give the discount. No tangible voucher exists.

      I even noticed that the Foursquare logo was on the window near their entry today.

      • Noticed the foursquare sign up at my store for 4 months now, there's always monthly specials :) This is the best one though

    • Not too familiar with Nokia and the OS they use, but on the Android and iPhone apps, once you check in, it clearly says 'click here to redeem voucher'.
      Technically you need to show them that, but if I was an employee there, I'd accept the fact that yo'uve checked in. They don't need a code or anything from the 'voucher', the code they need is on a piece of paper behind the desk as ozguy said.