Hisense 65R5 Series 5 4K UHD Smart TV (2019 Model) - $912 + Delivery @ Appliance Central eBay


Not a bad price for the 2019 model

Quick Specs

Game Mode + Sports Mode
5 Star Energy Rating

Original 20% off 60 Sellers on eBay Deal Post

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    I do want 65" tv and many people says delivery from this seller is very pain in. My job is very strict. Cant take sick day then no delivery turns up. Love this deal price anyway.

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    I ordered a TV from these guys the other day and they delivered as promise. In fact I was out at the time (the only 20 minutes I wasn't home) and the driver left it around the back of my house for me (which wasn't an easy place to get to, so hats off to them).

    Your job can't be that strict if you can take a sick day to sit around and wait for a TV to be delivered! That is actually pretty alright!


      Thanks, i hope they would do the same like yours. I might pull a trigger tomorrow if it is still available otherwise getting a second hand one cheers


    So is this one a step below the P7 series from last year?


    This or the 55PX…

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      55PX is an oled…… and also only 55" not comparing the same thing.
      After seeing oled in person i can't consider anything less

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    Hows this compare to to a 65P6? Which would be a better choice since price is similar?