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50% off all ApexSQL Products


Got an email today from ApexSQL about a 50% off all products promotion.

I personally prefer the Redgate offering of products, but they charge a lot more and ApexSQL still have some useful tools in there that offer similar experiences.

I’m emailing to let you know that our summer campaign officially started! If you work on SQL Server, I’m sure you could use one of our 33 SQL tools… especially now, at a big discount of 50%

Whether it is a bundle of 13 DBA tools, or 20 developer tools or even all 33 of our tools, we can offer half of the listed price. Interested in just an individual tool? I can offer 50% as well

Take advantage of the 50% discount, on any value bundles or individual tools good until June 23rd. Simply reply to me and I’ll get you an official quote, good for 30 days or just use the coupon code 19-SUMMER-50 to order online

ApexSQL DBA Automate critical tasks for database administration:

ApexSQL Developer Integrate database changes and automate deployments:

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