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Myown Health Insurance 6 Weeks Cash Back after 2 Months


May be able to combine with comparethemarket $100/$200 gift card deal. (it's listed on their website)

Seems like they're another GMHBA rebrand but the deal doesn't exclude GMHBA, Frank or health.com.au members.

Terms & Conditions

Offer is available for customers who are new to myOwn, join any myOwn health insurance policy between 13 May and 30 June 2019, agree to pay by direct debit and have not held a myOwn membership for the previous 12 months.

The 6 weeks cash back offer (six weeks premium) will be credited back into your direct debit account in your third month of continuous membership on the same or an upgraded policy after you’ve paid your first two months of premium. Waiting periods, sub-limits and annual limits apply. This offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other promotional join offer.

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  • Full AIA Vitality membership is the real hidden gem of thisdeal.

    • What are the benefits of that?

      • sounds too good to be true but it's as simple as it sounds:
        *12500 steps per day for 5 days and get $5 per week
        *$400 off ANytime Fitness membership per year (costs me $100/yr for gym memberhsip)
        *Do some quizzes online, visit the GP and get a few tests done (finger prick test), and get other stuff like up to 50% off Virgin flights domestically, $650 in WISH gift cards per year, 50% off Endota Spa vouchers

        I have made over $1000 per year/savings on this program

        • How do they track your steps? Do you have to get an app on your phone or something?
          Do you know if pregnancy cover is only available on gold or if you can simply add that on bronze with increased premium?

          I have never bought private health insurance before and never needed it, but the law requires age over 31 to get it or pay the LHC loading and hence I'm looking.

        • I have access to a free gym as part of the management fee I pay for the property so the $400 off Anytime fitness isn't useful for me.

          • @williamk30: You need a Fitbit it phone that tracks the steps and interested with aia app.
            You don't need health insurance being over 31 you just pay an additional amount if it when you do decide to get it. TBH you are better off not having health insurance if the only reason is to avoid the lhc.
            If you need it for pregnancy etc that's cool but you need to choose a policy that includes it, you can't alter the bronze product

        • I checked the website but couldnt see the wish gift card offers/ endota spa/ anytime fitness/ virgin

          Only saw fitness first and emirates and some random stuff.

      • Yeah I get a pretty good kickback as well.

        However you have to be pretty active to get a benefit.

        I am almost at the platinum level since I have maxed out the physical activity benefits but I am unsure about having scans and passing that info to my health insurance for the extra points.

        • Your health insurance premium won't change based on your results, it's safe to send to your health insurer. It would be life insurance that might increase based on the results

  • Yep it will combine fine with $100/$200 CTM gift card deal
    Agree with AIA Vitality - great program or you could buy income protection through RACQ just for this AIA Vitality program if you don't want the health insurance -approx $20/mth for IP.

    Get Silver AIA and get excess waiver with myOwn health - great feature if you are planning a hospital trip

    • Additionally REST Super offers AIA too for those that don't want to pay monthly for either insurance but get the benefits of AIA.

      • yes, but it is a " cheap" version without a few good benefits - but it is free with REST member

        • Would you mind elaborating on what the differences are? I want to get into AIA as cheaply as possible so that I can get an Anytime Fitness membership as cheaply as possible.

  • Note that if you don't value AIA vitality this is pretty expensive cover for what you get. I only get it because it comes with AIA.

  • I'm in with MyOwn already can I leave and rejoin to get the 6 weeks free?

    Can vouch for the above, AIA is a really cool program. And gives you money for being a little active. What's not to love about that.

  • Keen to give this a shot. Hopefully i get the email from CTM soon!

    • Got my email. Just a tip, you're better off not applying for the government rebate as a reduced premium to maximise the cashback. You'll still get it at tax time, and you can start claiming it after getting the cashback. I plan on churning to something cheaper or the next deal that comes along.

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