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Batman: The Complete Animated Series $44.99 @ iTunes AU


A great price for Batman: The Complete Animated Series ($AU 44.99) and without the hassle of swapping discs.

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  • $0.41 per episode

  • batman batman batmaaaaaan

  • if you want to settle for SD version, it's cheaper on Google Playstore

  • Just bought this on Blu-Ray at the JB sale around a month ago for a few bucks more. Not sure which if I made the right move.

    • Physical > Digital

      • I used to think so. Until lil'uns came along and discovered their Thomas DVDs made good roundabouts for Thomas trains.

        You may still be right regardless, but for the pleasure of absolute convenience? Digital > Physical

        • The problem with digital is that you never truly own your copy, cannot resell and have to use it as they want you to use it (platform or device).

          I do agree that digital is more convenient, but with the trend of pricing digital the same as physical … which is costing them less … it’s my consumer’s view to buy physical until they charge a real difference between the two.


          • @Bubbleshark: I hear you, your points are very valid. However in my specific (younger family) use case, we transitioned to 100% digital about 7 years ago, and never looked back.

            So for us, while the financial aspect is important (can't resell digital Thomas titles!), the pros more than offsets platform lock-in and the real, but really low probability risk of non-ownership.

            Pros for us: select a title in seconds, near-immediate playback (even stream from cloud on fast broadband is acceptable), low time cost of change-of-mind-choose-another-title, entire library available on all linked devices, freedom to watch entire library from smaller devices in any room (or trains, planes, cars, horseback) or anywhere on the planet, and they can't be stolen, lost in fire, or misplaced. And one of the best: freedom from accidental coasters!

            • @Member 0230: Physical, and then rip and encode with handbrake. 😉

              • @Chenzo: We did that with our music CDs from the last 20 years! We did that for a few of our own DVDs too, but I think we upgraded every title already because the diff between 480P and 1080P is just so jarringly huge. (The big pixels. They hurt. First world problem 😄)

            • @Member 0230: I think if we were to put in flat, digital is definitely a better option. It doesn't pollute so much as less useless junk manufactured, it's convenient and it's accessible.

              Few reasons I'd buy physical is that I want to support mortar stores and create competition at a smaller scale. If you look at PC gaming, with Steam being a juggernaut, it kinda dictates what the market should be and what pricing (30% cut is enormous). Lucky for PC, Steam isn't that "evil" but take Apple for an example with all the DRM on your own purchase, it's typically what will happen for every market … you buy things but you don't own them. Maybe it's not totally bad because it comes with few benefits as I hate moving my ass to change disk on my ps4. Looking at the music industry, the last time I bought a CD was decades ago, that's why I don't mind spotify. For the price of an album, I would have access to thousands of tracks. That can be said for series or film but the disparity of offers make it hard to keep just one subscription.

              Without mentioning my internet that is so bad that it takes an hour to download a GB, the price of physical and digital being quite similar, can't lend to a friend or thinking that one day if the company I bought the digital copy goes under, all my purchases will go with it (probably won't use/watch them by that time).

              I do think that digital is actually better but I disagree with the way it's done

  • Tempted, are the stories good?

  • aren't these free on xbox?

  • Nice, definitely on the list of greatest cartoon series of all time.

  • Doesn’t seem to include Mask of the Phantasm which I think the physical set did.