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Logitech MX Master 2s Wireless Mouse $71.20 | GoPro HERO7 Black $398.40 | Nintendo Switch $375.20 (C&C) @ The Good Guys eBay


Will be cheaper if you use your 10% off eBay gift cards.

NEW GoPro Hero7 Black 30L Dry Bag Bundle - $431.20 $398.40 (Price dropped further 15/6 755am)

Nintendo Switch Console - neon - $375.20

Original The Good Guys 20% off Storewide @ eBay (Excludes TVs) post.

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  • Is it only me but I'm getting this error message..
    Looks like this code isn't ready yet. Please try again later.
    didn't notice the start time…
    Starts 10am June 15, ends midnight June 19. T&Cs here(pages.ebay.com.au). Excludes TVs. Enjoy :)

    • I experienced a similar thing where the coupon code wouldn't apply.

      Signing out of my ebay account and completing the checkout as a Guest seemed to work.

      Might be something related to my ebay account that is causing the coupon to not work.

  • Yup, still invalid.

    At least 3 x MX Master 2S in my local store but can't click and collect. In-store price is listed as $149. Goodguys website is $89.

  • Is the middle button a click also like the normal move ?

    • Dosnt look like it. What a massive flaw!!

    • If you meant “does the middle button click like a normal mouse?”, then yes. The scroll wheel can’t be pushed side to side, because there’s an additional scroll wheel on the left.

    • The middle mouse free scrolls or ratchet scrolls, and has a onclick button in the wheel itself.
      There is also a scroll wheel to the side which cannot be clicked, but has two other buttons next to it.
      The decorative looking thumb rest is also an additional hidden button.

  • Must…resist…buying…Switch…backlog…too…large…new model…on…horizon…hhhhrrrrgghhhhh…

    • You can do it! Resist the temptation.

    • If you want it now, you might as well get it now if you don't want a smaller model or more powerful model. While new models are coming out, there's no new tech or hardware really in the current model (which will remain as the middle entry switch). So you're still getting really the same thing, maybe with some software or minor design changes. The revisions won't be major and won't affect hardware on the middle model. Sure there will be a price drop, but it probably won't be substantial as Nintendo intend to keep this model, and it probably won't be worth it if the price drop is only $50 and you have to wait 7 months to get it. There's also the possibility that Nintendo will release it next year, as they haven't even announced it yet.

      • hmm. you make a good argument. I too am trying to resist getting the current gen due to the likelihood of a new mid cycle refresh around the corner.

    • This price doesn't seem that great, I swear it was like $350 about a week after being released.

    • Amazon have the Switch now for $379 delivered.

      Factor in cashback will give the following prices -
      Shopback - $363.65
      Cashrewards - $367.06.

  • just got an MX master. Postage of $5.6

  • I got gopro black 7 + Charger and 1 extra battery + 1 3-way tripod. I saved $141 for all of this. I am going to pick up near the city to save up $21. Thanks so much.

  • Wow, great deal op! Anyone know if jb would price match? I have gift cards there to spend.

  • God damn that's a great price, paid $530 for mine last weekend :(

  • Finally bought the Master 2s after procrastinating for at least a year!
    Now to slowly sneak it in to the mrs. doesnt notice!

    • Me too. Have wanted the OzBargain mouse of choice; have been putting it off for a month or two.

      Thanks for the post OP

  • Harvey Norman price matched the master mx in store, happy days.

  • All time low for the GoPro. Got mine at the last deal for 399 but this one comes with an extra wet bag. Great deal.

  • Anybody know if TGG is great with refunds/repairs? My last go pro was a lemon and jb were so helpful and efficient- pretty much replaced it no questions asked. Would tgg be the same?

    And would this purchase be eligible for trs (invoice contains proper gst and abn details).

      1. I don't see why youd have any warranty issues

      2. Yes I believe the original invoice also reads the original price of the item too so you'll get a bit extra back from TRS

        1. Read some posts online. Just recall one being for a coffee maker that made coffee at 40 degrees, not 60 (not norm) . Tgg said item was used and refused to refund. However, manufacturer also said it works fine at 40 degrees.

        2. Oh wow, that's mad. I've read that someone purchased with gift cards from jb and the invoice did not contain gst details- that one seems a bit shady. I know paypal invoices don't contain much info at all. In fact, just bought the GoPro and it shows $0 paid, as I got a $498 discount lol (paid wirh gift cards).

        Just hoping the actual invoice upon pick up will have abn and gst details. If og invoice doesn't have both, trs doesn't accept reprint receipts that reveal the receipts are not original (eg the one at jb hi-fi that says REPRINT in large letters).

        If not, it's still a good deal, just a little more than I intended to spend.

  • Will Harvey Norman price match with TheGoodGuys ebay?

  • If I bought the mx2 on VIP night will they price refund the difference for eBay?

  • bugger bought it a few days ago from bing lee for 460…


  • Is it worth going for the Mx Master 2s now or would it be appropriate to wait?

  • Thanks for share. bought 2 sets of GoPro Hero 7 black with dry bag. I picked up in store. The staff there said it come with 1 year manufacture warranty.

    • mfr warranty claims of 1 year are BS. Sure, it might be hard to argue that a 5 year old camera should still work (which it kind of should), but if it fails after 2-2.5 years, they would still almost definitely cave and help you out. once you get stonewalled by the retailer, you can always contact gopro directly. imagine how much brand damage gopro would experience if they told you to get f'd if you came to them with a 2 year old camera that was perfectly cared for and randomly failed.

  • I am still waiting for my GoPro. Anyone else get theirs delivered? When?